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Symbols of love

Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.

HERE"S CHAPTER 3 NOW!I own nothing but my characters that i made up, and the plot. Stephenie meyer owns the rest.

3. The transformation

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I woke up from the Hotel 6 feeling horrible.

For one thing my stomache hurt, and for two I needed a shower bad. I felt so dirty. When I looked at the clock it said 5:30 a.m. I couldn't fall back asleep, so i decided to get up now. I ran to the bathroom, and after puking my guts out, i found myself in the bath tub. Relaxing in a hot, steamy bath. I felt great now. Like something good was supposed to happen today, I just don't know what.

I was daydreaming about how I would tell Edward about me being pregnant, and how he would react. When A thought came to me.

I don't know where the Denali Vampires are. I mean I know they are in Denali, but where in Denali?

This is not good! I'm not going to get to find Edward, I have to take care of the Baby by myself and when it is older it will ask where it's Daddy is. And it will be half Vampire. What are half vampires like? What if they need blood too? What am i going to do?

I finished my bath and went into the hotel room, i put my maternity clothes on fighting tears the whole time.

Something made me turn the T.V on. i don't know what made me, but I turned it on.

Right when I turned it on though I saw a picture of Charlie, on the news.
The woman was saying
" We don't know what killed this man, but it bit him and apparently drained his blood. Are we dealing with a deranged loon, or mythical creatures? more on this terrifying mystery at ten tonight."
Then when it went to commercial I turned it off and just stared at the wall.

what was i going to do now? I can't go to Charlie, because he was killed by most likely Victoria. I guess i am going to Renee.

I gathered what little stuff I brought into the hotel and decided to go check out.

But when i got to the front desk, no one was there. instead a radio was saying " A death in Florida has occured. Like the one that happened in Washington today, this person was drained of blood by what appears to be a bite on the neck. We have confirmed the person's name is Renee, and used to be married to Charlie Swan, the man who was killed in Washington. The deaths were on the same day, and the two people knew each other, detectives are trying to find out anymore information that could help. if you have any please contact us at."
then it gave an 800 number.

I can't go to Renee. and i don't have Charlie. I really do have to take care of a half vampire Baby on my own.

I guess my feeling about today being a good day was horribly horrribly wrong.

"Ma'am may i help you?" A man had finally come up to the front desk.
"Yes, I need to check out." I said very softly.
When i got to my truck i started crying and when i started i could not stop.

I am going to have to get a job, and a house. I am not living in Washington, but i do want to stay up north. I like it up here. Is what i told myself, but the real reason is that Maybe if i stay up here Edward might find me. Or one of the other Cullens.

~2 months later~

I am now 6 months pregnant. Today I get to see if it is a boy or a girl! And I have three months to go. I know it is bad for the Baby but i can't help the amount of stress i have on me.

Charlie is dead. Renee is dead. Both possibly by Victoria. Edward is gone and this is his baby. And today i go to a doctor i have never even met before. Talk about awkward.

But this baby is all I have left, so I try to put all this behind me. I can't let this stress get to me.

When i decided to start over, I found an apartment with two bedrooms in North Dakota. And right next to this Apartment is a restraunt, where I work as a chef.

Now I am sitting in a room with a hospital dress on, waiting for my doctor to come in. Part of me does wonder what it would be like if Edward were here.

"Hello. Ms. Swan, I am Doctor Green." A man said as he closed the door.

When looked up to say a hello of my own I was mezmerized into two butterscotch eyes. With pale skin and dark circles. And lets not forget the inhuman beauty.

Before i could even utter a sound to him, the hole in my chest ripped open. And i found myself holding my chest for dear life.

Dr. green was kneeling beside me, worry written all over his face.

"Ms. Swan are you ok?" he asked me, in a worried voice.
"Y-y-y-you're a vampire." I said when i could finally speak again.

He just stared and me. then he stood up. and when i stopped clutching my stomache he said, "lets find out if your having a boy or a girl, sha'll we?"

He took a sonogram and wouldn't let me see it until he confirmed the gender of the baby.

Then after waiting for what seemed like eternity he said "your having a boy and a girl."

one of each. Oh my god! How am i supposed to take care of twins, half vampire, on my own?

Dr.green studied me for a minute, then he asked "Where is the father?"

For some reason I felt a need to tell this guy, who i just met the entire story. All about me and Edward.

About half an hour later I was in tears, clutching my chest.

Dr. Green said " so thats how you knew I was a vampire."

but I didn't get to answer because we both noticed blood on the chair i was sitting in.

"OH NO!!" I yelled. I couldn't loose the babies, they are all i have left, of anything.

Dr.Green immediatly picked me up carried me to his car and sped off to the hospital.

Or so i thought the hospital.

No instead we went to his house.

When we got there he put a ton of needles in me, and said " Your babies have a chance if i take them now, if not ya'll will both defiantly die."

"Take them." I said in a very weak voice.

The next fourteen hours were absolute hell. After the babies were out, i didn't even get to see them. because i fell unconcious.

I could feel life slipping away. Very slowly. Then i felt something bite me, in my neck.

And oh my gosh! What was after the bite was pure hell! I thought that giving birth was bad, but this was 100 times worse.

I couldn't stop screaming, even though it hurt even more to scream. It felt like I was being burned, from the inside. I remember this feeling from pheonix. But this hurt way worse.

Then after what felt like forever, all the pain stopped.

I opened my eyes very slowly. And i could tell all my senses were heightened.

I realized what happened. Dr.Green bit me. I am a vampire now.