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Symbols of love

Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.

HERE"S CHAPTER 3 NOW!I own nothing but my characters that i made up, and the plot. Stephenie meyer owns the rest.

4. Babynames

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I was a vampire. I've wanted this for-like-ever! But that was when Edward was still with me.So if I am a vampire...and i am not pregnant anymore...are my babies alright? Oh my gosh what if they died? I mean they were preemies. But they are all I have left...and I haven't even got to hold them. I heard babies crying. Babies..as in plural...so they both are still alive.

I jumped up and followed the sound. It led me into this room that looked like a nursery. It had a dresser...and a changing table..and toys..and a crib with my precious babies in it. I looked at them, and as soon as they saw me they stopped crying.

The girl looked just like Edward. She had his bronze hair. And his Topaz eyes. She also had his nose and his lips. But you could tell she was a girl. She was the girl version of Edward. And the boy was the boy version of me. He had my brown curly hair and my big brown eyes. And my nose and lips. And I could tell that they were half vampires too. They had the perfect angles. I immediately picked them up, one in each arm.

I kissed them all over and hugged them tightly. I decided to look around the room and house a little more. I remembered I was still in Dr.Green's house. I looked at the dresser first. There were six drawers. 3 for the boy and 3 for the girl. They were all filled with cute baby clothes. And on top of the dresser was a baby name book. Thank-god! I was wondering what I'd name them. I saw a door that I thought might be etheir closet. But man oh man was I off.

I opened the door and stepped into the most beautiful room ever. It had a huge bed with blue and green striped comfoter. And a expresso colored back board. And an espresso colored dresser..along with a matching bookshelf and matching desk. On top of the desk was a laptop. And the bookshelf only one shelf was filled..and it was filled with books that helps you raise children.

And then I saw the bathroom. I quickly walked into it and saw how beautiful it was. It had a huge bathtub that was almost a Jacuzzi. and a shower if i preferred that I guess. And a sink..with a huge counter. The counter was filled with stuff..make-up and hair products and stuff to totally make me over. But when I looked in the mirror I almost dropped my babies, yes I was still holding them still I just couldn't put them down. But that is besides the point.

I was drop dead beautiful. My brown hair was wavy and went all the way down to my butt. And I was skinnier, and taller, and all my features had been beautified. Of course my shirt and pants were blood stained. So I decided to take a bath and change. But where do I put the babies..whom I still need to name after my shower...while I am in the shower? Right as I thought that Dr.green startled me by appearing by my side.
"Oh there you are. I have been looking for you. How are you feeling?" Dr.Green said looking very worried.
"I feel great. But I want a shower and to change my clothes.Could you..maybe watch them while I am doing that? I wont be long."
"Of course." He said holding out his arms.

But I didn't give the babies to him. I just couldn't give theses precious things up. But finally..and reluctantly I handed them to him. Then before he could even get out of the room I was done with my shower. I ran to the room that was connected to this bathroom and threw something cute on. A mini skirt and a babydoll shirt. And I put my hair up and ran back to Dr.Green taking the babies from him.
"I'm sorry I just love them so."
"Have you figured out names for them?" he asked kindly.
"No...I was going to do that after my shower, so I guess thats now. You wanna help?"
We ran back to the nursery. And Before I got the book Dr.Green wanted to talk to me about something important first. So I set the babies down carefully into the crib. And noticed that they were asleep. How cute! I ran back to the other room. and sat on my bed..where Dr.Green was sitting.
"yes?" I asked him kindly.
"Well...I wanted to say that I had these two extra rooms, and I kinda re-did them and I made one a nursery and another room. I was kinda hoping you'd stay with me. I am so lonely and-"
I cut him off. "Of course!" I said happily.

He wouldn't have to be alone anymore and I would have help with the babies. For I know I could easily find Edward now...But who says I want to? He doesn't deserve those precious little babies.I ran back to the nursery and grabbed the baby name book, and ran back into..my room all in a second. I flipped through and through the pages. Stopping occasionally to say a name that I liked to try it out. I was doing the boy first. And I decided I wanted both of their names to start with the same letter.

The finally I found one that I LOVED. "Kyle" i said out loud. "Kyle" I said again. It's perfect. And I looked at what it meant, "careful". it said.

Then I looked through girl names. "Kate". It meant pure. And one definition of pure is free. I liked, no, Loved those names. So I ran back to my babies and they were awake. I told them their new names. I pointed to Kyle and said "Kyle." I did the same to Kate. "You are Kate and Kyle. Kyle and Kate." And they seemed happy about the names.

I was so happy that they were alive and healthy. I guess they didn't need any special care due to that fact they are half vampire.