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Symbols of love

Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.

HERE"S CHAPTER 3 NOW!I own nothing but my characters that i made up, and the plot. Stephenie meyer owns the rest.

5. Chapter 5

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It had been thirteen years since I named my children. 13 years since I moved in with Dr.Green. Whom I now call Eric. It had been 13 years since Edward left me again. It no longer hurts me to think about him. Actually I barely think about him. For when I do think of him I am consumed with guilt. In the last 13 years, I have changed diaper after diaper after diaper. And potty trained two little infants. And played with them. And gone shopping for new clothes. And fed them, from bottle to food. I had Eric right along with me for that. And he was never lonely. We were good for each other. Because he jad lost one he loved too. And we did eventually fall in love After ten years. And we married.

I got out of the bath tub and grabbed a towel. I dried myself off and quickly got dressed. I wore a pair of Angel brand pants that I bought at kohls, and baby blue tank top I also got at kohls, with white skater shoes with baby blue designs on them, I got the shoes at-you guessed it-kohls. My favorite store ever! I left my hair down and put in some earings and I put on my engagement ring and my marriage ring. I was all ready.

Today was a very special day. Kyle and Kate's 13th birthday. They were very special, and they act so different, yet they get along so great. I think in the 13 years that they have been in this world they have only gotten into one fight with each other. And that was when they were both 3 and going through that faze, the "mine" faze. Where they go around and call everything "mine".

And for a long time I didn't notice that they acted like their names definition. Kate's name means "Free". And she is free. She does what she wants when she wants. But that also worries me. She has so much power. Eric can tell a vampires power even before they develope it. She has much power. She can set things on fire, also she can sing people to sleep with very soft music. And she can wake them up singing rock music or Hip-hop. And one time she lost her hair brush, she was so mad but all she had to do was calm down, close her eyes and think really hard about the hairbrush, and she saw where it was. She actually saw. She told me she has done that with me before. She didn't know where I was, because I was late home from work. So she closed her eyes and saw where I was, in the grocery store checking out. She told me she also heard the conversation me and the cashier had.

That power reminded me of Alice. Alice was able to see the future. But Kate is able to see the present. The final power Kate has, has not been developed yet. It is..she can block other vampire powers...and use it against them, but she can put it 100 times as much power.

And Kyle...Kyle's name means careful. And he is. infact, he is the one who keeps Kate from getting lost in her own power I guess. Although he has alot of power himself. He can talk to animals, and insects. And he can also see the present. He cannot set things on fire, but on ice. And he can block other vampires as well as using it against them, only 50 times as much.

They have a few powers that they can only use together also. Like when they come in contact with each other, like hold hands they are able to make a shield. That could come in handy if we ever have to fight someone. And they also have real, twin telepathy. They can send each other messages in their head.

my powers, are to block vampire powers. Although I cannot use it against them. And I can lift things with my mind. Telekinesis.

And I told you...Eric can sense what the other vampire powers are.

Since it was the twins 13th birthday, me and Eric decided to do something very special. We are taking them both to Italy, to shop, and stuff. Then we are going to the world cup football game. And the kids got presents. ahh yes, tons of presents. But before we do anything I promised the kids, I would tell them all about their real Dad. Edward. And they are in the living room right now, waiting for me to come down and begin the story.

So I ran into the living room and sat down on the rocking chair. They were sitting on the couch.

"Happy Birthday kids." I yelled with glee at them. And smiled hugely at them.

"Thanks mom...But we aren't kids anymore, And we want to know about our Dad. Please?" They said in unison.

"Ok...It all started when I first moved to Forks to live with my Dad Charlie..." And I told them everything. From the first time I saw him, to the first date to the 2 times he left me.

"Wow." Kate said. "He seems really great to me, Except for the leaving you parts."
"I agree!" Kyle joined in.
"I agree also. I expecailly like the fact that he can read minds. That could really come in handy. But he wont join me, and my coven." A voice that was not mine, nor Kyle's, nor Kate's, nor Eric's. No it was Aro.

I quickly jumped up. "Aro. So nice to see you." Although it wasn't. I could tell he came here for something, and he was determined to get it.

"Ah. Bella! As it is nice to see you aswell. And I can tell you are a vampire and you have been for a while. So you followed your part of our little deal we made some years ago."

"Yes Aro I did. But unfortunately, I am not with the cullens anymore."

"Ah, yes I see. You didn't like their diet or something?"
"Well i don't follow their diet now, but They are the ones who left me."
"So bella? You drink from humans? Cause if you do, why aren't your eyes red?"

"Me and my kids, don't drink from animals. But we also don't drink from humans! we would never do such a thing.We eat fruit." I spat at him. How dare he accuse me of drinking from a human!

"Aw! so thats how you got green eyes." he stated, not showing that he heard the fiercness in my voice.

"Well, now you know I am a vampire, and I don't mean to be rude. But can you please leave? It's their birthday and we were about to go shopping and to a football game."

"You don't expect me to leave without asking all three of you to come and be apart of the Volturi, do you?"

"Well, I guess not. But we are not joining you. Now that thats settled let me show you to the door."

"Now wait a minute" He cut in. "Your kids have a say so in their lives."

"Nope. And even if we did we'd say no. We like it here." They both said, once again in unison. I knew they were talking in their heads, because they kept glancing at each other.

"Alright. i gave you a chance to come on your own free will. but you didn't so...I'm just taking you." Aro screamed evilly as every member of the volturi that i know of came through windows, and doors, and through the ceiling.

I quickly ran over to Kate and Kyle and stood in a protective stance.
"YOU WILL NOT TAKE THEM!" i yelled at the top of my lungs.
When I said that Jane stepped forward. Now i was able to block her powers, but only for myself. She got kyle instead. And the pain of seeing him in pain was much worse than if it were me in pain.

Suddenly Kate stepped forward, locked her eyes with Jane, and tried to use her undeveloped power, to use other Vampires powers against themselves, only 100 times worse. But it backfired. And both Kate and Kyle were knocked out.

They grabbed them before i could say anything. I started using my telekinesis and throwing stuff at them, while at the same time i was fighting, Actual fist fighting any vampire i could get to. Where was Eric when I needed him?

Suddenly, right as i thought that, Eric came running in and started fighting along with me. But Jane got him. And now they had Kate, Kyle, And Eric.

i can't let them catch me. if they do i would be no help. but if they don't I could go get help. Maybe...Edward.

Yeah, Edward and his coven could help. And Then i could tell Edward about Kate and Kyle, they could meet and i wouldn't feel this much guilt when i think about him.

So i flew out of there. And yes i actually did fly. Using telekinesis. and The Volturi had already made many holes for me to choose from.

I flew out of there and started my search for Edward. And the other Cullens.