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Symbols of love

Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.

HERE"S CHAPTER 3 NOW!I own nothing but my characters that i made up, and the plot. Stephenie meyer owns the rest.

7. Telling the Cullen's

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I knew I had to tell them...But I didn’t want to. I mean, yes I wanted to find my children. But I didn’t want the Cullen’s to hate me. The need to find my children is larger, than not wanting them to hate me. But even still I didn’t say anything. I just stared at all of them with wide eyes. I guess Carlisle guessed that I wasn’t going to start my story anytime soon, because he started asking me questions left and right.

“Bella, where have you been the last few years?” was the first question he asked me.

“In North Dakota. I moved there about three months after you left, again.” I answered that one coolly.

“ok…How long have you been a vampire?”

I had to think about that one. If today was Kate and Kyle’s birthday, I was changed right on this day. So exactly thirteen years. And that’s what I told him. To which he answered with another question.

“Who changed you?”

“Eric Green.”

“Do you know why he changed you?”

I remembered that day perfectly now. It had been the first day that I met him. I was telling him about Edward, and that was too much stress. I almost lost the babies. But they are very strong. Always have been, Always will be. That’s why I knew they were ok for the time being. I was staring off into space, before realizing I forgot to answer his question. So I snapped back to reality.

“Sorry. Umm…Why he changed me? Oh-Yeah. I almost died giving birth.” I answered still half staring into space. I was thinking about where they were. Or what they were doing, right now. But after I answered the question, I heard everyone gasp. That brought me straight back to reality. What had I said?

“Ummmm….Bella? How?...Who?...When?” I heard Edward ask.

“I’m sorry. But what did I say, I wasn’t really paying attention.” I told him sheepishly.

“You just told us you almost died giving birth. And that’s why, Eric Green changed you.” Alice squeeled. That’s when I knew she knew the babies were Edwards. But the question is how long has she known. Could she have known the whole thirteen years and if she did, why didn’t she tell anyone? But since I knew what I said I decided to answer Edward’s questions.

“Well…I don’t know how. Considering the father is basically dead. But the father is…you Edward. And ummmm….two months before you left, I do believe.” I answered in a whisper. But I knew they could all hear me, because A)They are all vampires. And B)They all gasped again. I stared at the floor not wanting to meet their eyes. Then suddenly my cell phone started vibrating. I picked it up, and on the caller I.D was Eric’s name.

I looked at it confused. But decided to answer it. “Hello?” I asked into the phone.

“Bella sweetie. I can’t talk long. The guards are fixing to come back. I just wanted to tell you. Kate and Kyle are fine. Although I can’t see them. I can hear them. They are putting up a huge fight. And I’m fine too. But you got to hurry up and get here. I don’t know how much longer they can fight. There’s way too many of them. The last I checked, we were somewhere in Montana.” I heard Eric’s voice, And my heart about exploded. Kate and Kyle were fighting. That could mean they could be dead anytime now. And I was sitting here wasting time trying to ask for help in the slowest way possible.

“Ok. Hang in there. I’m getting some help. And I’ll be there soon. Do you know where in Montana?”

“No, Sorry. And I got to go. But man it was good to hear your voice. I lo-“ I heard the phone fall to the ground. I heard stomping and a voice, a man I couldn’t recognize talking to another man.
“Good job! Now what was by his ear a second ago?” I heard the phone being picked up.

“Hello?” They said into the phone at the same time. I said nothing. I held my breath. No matter how badly I wanted to yell at them and scream and tell them I was going to kick their butts for taking away my children. I kept my mouth shut. If they knew Eric was talking to anyone. They might tell Aro. Then they will move out of Montana. And then It’d take way longer to find them. After I heard the click and a dial tone, I knew it was safe to close my phone.

After that I looked at all the Cullen’s with fury. I wasn’t mad at them. But I was pissed at the Volturi.

“Look. If you want to be mad. Fine. Just please do it after you help me get my babies back. See today was their birthday, and we had all this fun stuff planned. We were going shopping in Europe. Then to a football game. And all the presents we got them, are ruined because of the fight. And- And…Now there fighting for their lives!” After I ended I started to break down in sobs and hysterics. Then the front door slammed open, and Jacob ran in. He started trying to calm me down, to no avail.

“This doesn’t make sense…Who has who?” Emmett asked.

Jacob sighed. “Bella and Edward’s kids were taken today by the Volturi. And she came here to ask for your help. But, what did ya’ll do to her?”

“We didn’t do anything. She just got a phone call and started going into hysterics.” I heard Alice say. Suddenly I stopped sobbing. I stood up. I had realized, the guards knew that someone knew where they were, because they found the cell phone. So we had to leave now.

“Look you guys. They are somewhere in Montana. We have to leave now. If I can I will explain my whole life on the way. But if not…When we are done. Please?” I was close to begging now. I looked at everyone, they all stood up. And Carlisle spoke. “Bella…Explain after we get them back. Because on the way there, we need to make a plan.” Everyone nodded in agreement. We all ran outside to be greeted by the werewolves. I looked at them, still in their human forms.
“Before you guys go into werewolf mode or whatever, give me the clothes. I just bought them!” I said holding out my hand. Luckily, I had a huge purse type thing, so I put their clothes into it, and we were off to Montana.

I could hear everyone behind me making a plan. And I tried to listen. But all I could hear was “Your almost there, soon they will be in your arms again.” So after a while I just stopped trying. And I soon realized I was being watched. I turned around to see Edward staring at me. I gazed into his eyes for a few minutes, and turned around just in time to swerve free from a tree. I heard laughing behind me, but I ignored it.

When I saw the sign ‘Welcome to Montana’ I stopped. I turned around. And the Cullen’s knew to stop too. “You guys stay here. I am going to look around and call you when I find them.”

“Why can’t we just follow you. We can keep up pace. We can all run with you Bella!” Emmett whined.

“Who said I was running?” I said mischievously. I handed Carlisle my cell phone so he could put his number in it. I put him under speed dial 4, so I could easily call them.

Then I started going up towards the clouds. I searched everywhere until I came across Kate’s scent. I looked around until I got closer to it. They were in a house away from everyone. Got far enough away to where I knew they couldn’t hear me, and took out my cell phone.

After hitting the number four, I only had to wait one ring. “Hello? Bella? Where are they?” I heard Edward answer instead of Carlisle. OH- Well.

“Ummm….Go about twenty two miles west, and you’ll come across this small town. You’ll See a hair place, at that place turn East into the forest about sixty miles. Then just wait and I’ll come get ya’ll and we can go get our children!” I yelled with enthusiasm, I was excited. Soon they would be back in my arms.

I lay on the clouds, just looking down, getting really impatient. I was about to go start the fight myself when I saw Edward, and everyone else. Yelling with glee like a child waiting for the presents on Christmas. I started to let myself fall. Just like I did earlier.

I was falling right in front of them. And they started to panic thinking I was really falling. I just started laughing. And caught myself right before I landed. I stood on my feet, and started to lead the way to the house. What I saw there bothered me.

Kate and Kyle were outside, covered in bruises and scrapes. They were surrounded by Everyone in the Volturi. And lying on the ground next to them, completely unconscious was…Eric.