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Symbols of love

Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.

HERE"S CHAPTER 3 NOW!I own nothing but my characters that i made up, and the plot. Stephenie meyer owns the rest.

8. Eric...

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Kate and kyle were surrounded by every single person in the Volturi that I knew. And a few more.And lying next to them was Eric,completely unconsious. I wanted to run over there and wrap my arms around both of them, and make Eric wake up. But I couldn’t. Because according to the Cullen’s we have to go by the plan. Stupid stupid plan!

I looked behind me and saw no one there. I must be too fast for them, Ha! That’s one of the very many great things about eating fruit as a vampire. You go even faster than regular blood drinking vampires.

But about two seconds later, They were all here. Ok…The first part of the plan was to get Kate and kyle away from the fighting. I shrugged my shoulders. I could levitate them behind us.

We walked closer to the house, but none of the vampires turned around from their fight with Kate and Kyle. Even though we were only like ten feet away from them. Oh-well. Rosalie and Emmett started to go forward..they were the ones who were really supposed to go get Kate and Kyle, but I wasn’t paying attention when they made that part of the plan.

I held up my hand to say to keep back. I got this. And they understood. I concentrated really hard on picking them both up and bring them over behind me. I squeezed my eyes tight. It was very hard to get them levitated because I usually only do one object at a time. But if I got one at a time here the volturi could take the other hostage.

I opened one eye and saw Kate and Kyle looking at me while they were in the air. Perfect. I now concentrated on getting them to land right behind me. And a second later they were. I turned around and hauuged them both tightly to me, never wanting to let go.

“Never do that to me again!” I whispered into their ears.

“Not like we had much of a choice” Kate said back, laughing.

“Alright, stay over here and only jump into the fight if you see someone really really needs help. Or if someone comes over here and tries to fight you. Got it?”

“Got it.” They both answered in unison.

I stopped hugging them and turned back around to see all the Cullen’s aready fighting along side the werewolves.

Carlisle was taking on Marcus and another vampire I didn’t know. And Esme was fighting Felix. Emmett was taking on about ten vampires I didn’t really care about. Rosalie had one vampire to fight. And Alice and Jasper were working together to take down about nine vampires. And Edward was fighting Ciaus and Aro.

Aro was the one I wanted! I ran over their and tapped on Aro’s shoulder right before he could take a swin at Edward. He whirrled around just in time to meet my fist.

“Never! Never! Take my children away from me again!” I yelled.

He stood up and hit me in the stomach, It hurt l but I’ve had worse, so It was easy to ignore.I kicked him a little below the belt. If you know where I mean. He doubled over in pain, and I punched him on the . head as hard as I could.

Before I could wrip him apart I heard. “One of the masters is going down! Help him! Help him!”

I twirrled around and saw fifteen vampires that could retreat from their fight come over to me. I was scared, But I didn’t show it. And soon I didn’t need to be scared because help came over to me. Kate and Kyle.
I know I made them stay out of the fight. But that was just because I just got them back and I didn’t want anything happening to them. Because really, they are awesome fighters! I smiled at them. And they nodded once with very serious expressions on their face.

I went back to just fighting Aro because he wasn’t in pain anymore. Kate and kyle could handle the fifteen other vampires easily.
I saw bits and pieces of their fight. Kate and kyle made a shield for only a few seconds. But that was enough to make a few vampires that collided with it crumble to pieces. And then there were only ten vampires left for them to deal with.kyle made two turn to ice, and Kate kicked them and they crumbled to pieces. The last eight vampires they just fought normally.

Back to my fight. I was kicking Aro over and over again in the stomach. And suddenly I was being thrown to a tree. I got up and ran back over to Aro who was now accompanied with Alec. I ran over to them in fury and smacked them both to the ground. I wripped Aro apart and then I turned to Alec.
I picked him up and started slapping him. And I kicked him and punched him in the stomache then I wripped him to pieces too. I put his body parts and Aro’s in a pile and took the matches from my pocket and set them on fire.

I decided to look at how everyone else was doing. Carlisle was only fighting Marcus now, and he was deinitly winning. Jasper and Alice were burning the remains of the nine who made the mistake of attacking them. Emmett was fighting about five vampires still, And he looked like he was just having fun, Like he could take them down any second but he was just having fun. Rosalie was helping Esme and they were helping the werewolves look around to make sure they got all of the remains of every vampire taken down. And Edward Was still fighting Ciaus, but winning. Kate and kyle were wripping apart the last vampire.

And within a few minutes every single vampire of the Volturi that was here, was in pieces. So Everyone was working together to make sure we got every piece of every vampire we fought. And that’s when I noticed Eric still lying in the same spot. Still unconcious.I ran over to him and shook him. “Eric..Eric you gotta wake up. Please? The fights over everything is fine.And Everyone is fine.” I said still shaking him.

I heard footsteps behind me but I didn’t get up. I still shook Eric. “Please! Please.” I said crying into his shirt. I looked at Edward and he shook his head. I knew what that meant. Eric was…Dead.
“NO! NO!” I screamed. I got up and started beating on tree’s. I had to get all my frustration out somehow, and I couldn’t cry, So I started beating tree’s.
I heard someone come up behind me. I turned around and saw Kyle. I collapsed into his arms. I wished so badly that I could still cry. “It’s …not…fair.” I managed to say in between sobs.

“Shhhh. It’ll be ok.Shhh.” I felt someone hug me from behind, and I knew it was Kate. I stopped sobbing and looked at them.
I couldn’t respond to that. I knew everything thing would turn out fine. But Eric, My Eric was gone. Why did this happen. Why do I always lose the men I fall in love with? First I lost Edward because he didn’t love me anymore, and now I lost Eric.

“It’s not fair!” I sobbed into Kyle’s shoulder. “Why do I always lose the ones I love?” I didn’t even realize I said that out loud. Oop’s.

“Mom….The wolf’s want to say bye to you.” I nodded my head and slowly got up. I saw Jacob in wolf form. I ran over to him and hugged him. “Thank-you. Thank-you so much.” I said to every wolf there, and I hugged all of them. Then I stood there, staring at them until I couldn’t see the anymore.

I turned back around. And I saw Kate and Kyle staring at the Cullen’s, and the Cullen’s staring at them. I walked back over to them. “Maybe…We could all come to your house and ya’ll can get to know each other?” I suggested. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Now come on, ya’ll wouldn’t want to leave without fighting me would you?” I heard a very familiar voice behind me. And I knew who It was before I tuned around. Jane…