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Symbols of love

Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.

HERE"S CHAPTER 3 NOW!I own nothing but my characters that i made up, and the plot. Stephenie meyer owns the rest.

9. Jane

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“Jane.” I whispered. “What are you doing here?” looking into her evil red eyes I saw pain and anger, and she was staring right at me.

“You Killed Alec! My brother, you will pay!” She screamed at me. I made an ‘o’ Shape with my mouth. I didn’t know what to say. I actually felt bad for her. But that went away real fast when I heard Edward scream out in pain. Then one by one all of the Cullen’s were on the ground in pain.

“Killing your brother doesn’t give you the right to hurt them. I’m the one who killed him, NOT them!” I yelled at her.

She just shrugged her shoulders. “I can’t use my powers on you so how am I supposed to hurt you?” She asked in an innocent voice. I shrugged my shoulders. Then I ran up to her and punched her in the jaw, and kicked her in the stomach. As soon as I broke her concentration on the Cullen’s, they were ok. But I was too busy looking at the Cullen’s to see Jane get up and Kick me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain.

And while I was doing that the Cullen’s were back under Jane’s stupid power. “I’m not using my full power on them, but if you move one muscle Bella, I will!” She screamed in my face, and I lay perfectly still. And I just happened to be looking at the Cullen’s. I wanted to look away, but I knew if I did they’d be even more hurt than this.

So I watched and watched as they squirmed and cussed and screamed in pain. I hated every minute of it because I did still love them, even if they did leave me…twice. I saw Kate and Kyle looking at each other, probably having a conversation in their minds. And then I saw Kate nod.

~Kate’s P.O.V.~

A vampire called Jane with red eyes had come out of the woods. She and my mom yelled at each other for a while she hurt the Vampires that helped my mom save me and Kyle. Then my mom punched her and kicked her, that worked on getting the other vampires out of pain until, when my mom wasn’t paying attention and Jane kicked her in the stomach. And my mom doubled over in pain and didn’t get up, because that Jane person who seems to be no older than me, threatened to use her full power if she did.

I could feel Kyle trying to send me a message, but my mind was still blocked, because earlier Aro, I guess that’s his name, tried to use his power on me. I quickly unblocked my mind and me and Kyle looked at each other straight in the eye. We didn’t have to do that for our telepathy to work, but the messages are a lot clearer if we do.

Kyle: Do you want to try and use the power again?

I knew what he was talking about, the one where I could use the vampires powers against them, only to 100 times their force. But it was an undeveloped power. And it seemed like Kyle and I were the only ones left who could help.
Jane was too busy watching Bella and the other Vamps. To notice me and Kyle. So I nodded to Kyle once. I counted to three and on the three I ran up at vampire speed, to Jane I was right in front of her face. Our eyes were locked, and I only thought about her power and her in pain. I heard the Cullen’s all fell silent, every thing went silent. And I could feel everyone’s eyes on me and Jane. Kyle quickly explained what I was doing.

And then I blocked everything out of my head, I just stared directly into those vile red eyes of hers. It was sickening. But I did it. We glared into each other’s eyes for what seemed to be forever until I felt a small trigger of pain, it was big enough to make me yelp though. A small smile was on Jane’s face the second I did so.

I never broke concentration, even thought the pain was still there, I ignored it. I just kept thinking of how much I wanted her to be in pain. How I wanted her to get a taste of her own medicine. And the pain in me grew. I screamed out in agony, and I heard my mom gasp behind me. But I ignored it all. I still looked deep into her eyes and the pain started lessening. Instead of thinking about her in pain. I remembered what she did to my mom. I remembered the other vampires screaming out in pain and squirming. And it seemed to be working.

All the pain was out of me now, and I saw her eyes widen. She was starting to feel some. Yes! I thought. I kept remembering the squirming, the screaming. And soon she was squirming and screaming right in front of me. I didn’t smile like she did when I was in pain. Instead I sent a message to Kyle. Which was hard considering, I was weak, and I was still using a power. But I told Kyle to rip her to pieces while she’s down.

I know he got the message because he ran over to her and ripped her up. I gasped, and fell to the ground. I was still conscious, but that took a lot out of me. I closed my eyes and relaxed.
Someone picked me up and started running.

~Bella’s P.O.V.~

When Kyle ripped Jane to pieces Kate gasped and fell to the ground. I ran over to Jane’s pieces and set her on fire.

“Kyle, can you get Kate for me please?” I whispered. He nodded in response. We all took off running. We ran to my house in North Dakota since it was closer than theirs in Maine. Kyle took Kate up to her room and laid her on her bed. He went to his room. And I went to mine. I fell to my bed, and sighed. What a horrible day! I thought to myself.

I heard a bunch of people running to my room. And knocking. I whispered. “Come on in.” And I sat up as seven vampires came into my room. “Hey, I wanted to say thank-you, for helping me. Even though I lost, Eric. I still got both my Children back. Safe.” I whispered.

“No problem. It was awesome! We totally kicked butt!” Emmett yelled. Rosalie hit the back of his head but I wasn’t even paying attention to him. I saw a note on my nightstand. I got off the bed, and I felt seven pairs of eyes stare at me, and grabbed it. I let out a sob as I read the note. It was from Eric.


I just wanted to say. Happy ‘Vampire birthday’. And changing you was the best thing I ever did. I love you so much. I hid you a present in my closet. At midnight you can go see it. But no sooner. I would give it to you myself, but unfortunately, right after Italy and the football game, I have work. I hope you like it!


“Oh my god!” I said dropping the note, I leaned against the wall and let myself slide down. I curled in to a ball, just like I had when Edward left me, and started rocking back and forth. I was shaking with sobs. I really wished I could cry.

Then an idea came to me and even though I knew it would probably hurt even more, I knew I had to see what he got me. I got up and ran to his closet which was on the other side of the room and yanked open the door. Seven vampires were still looking at me, probably wondering what I was doing. I climbed my way over shoes and under hanging clothes to find a present. All wrapped in blue sparkling wrapping paper. I picked it up and crawled out of the closet.
When I got out I took a deep breath and opened it. Inside was a picture of him and me on our wedding day, We had it outside, and only invited a few of his vampire friends. We were both sparkling. The picture was framed, and It looked beautiful. I walked over to my bed and laid down. With the picture of him and me face down on the bed.

I couldn’t take it anymore. If I didn’t have my two kids, I would be begging some other vampire to kill me, or a werewolf. It was too much. I wished I could sleep. I felt someone pick up the picture on the bed and heard someone else pick up the note. They all gasped when they read it. I was still shaking with sobs.

Someone laid down next to me and picked me up. I let him. He held me close to his chest, and started humming my lullaby.

I looked into his eyes, and felt a little better. “Thanks.” I whispered.
“No problem.” He replied, and kissed the top of my head. I sighed and he rocked me. I had loved Eric. But I could never love anyone, as I do Edward. Everyone that was in here, left. Besides Edward. They had wanted to talk to me, but they knew I wasn’t ready, just yet.
And even though Edward was making me feel better, I knew I needed to sleep for a while. I got out from his arms, and went to Kate’s room. She was sitting on her bed listening to music. She felt a lot better, even after just a few hours of sleep.

“Kate, I want to sleep for a while. Could you please…?” I asked kindly. She nodded her head, and I lay down. “Just for a few hours. Because the Cullen’s really want to talk to me.” She nodded again, and began to sing Avril Lavigne ‘Keep holding on’. And by the end of the song I was in a dreamless sleep