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Cullen Family Karaoke

It's funny, It's karaoke.


1. Femur the cat

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Edward and I were cuddling on my couch as normal.
I was wrapped around in a blanket, which was very unnecessary. But, what Edward wants, Edward gets.
I battling my eyelids. Alice had decided to take me to do some pre-marital shopping.
4 hours of nonstop shopping. I shuddered. I will never be able to look at another shopping bag without puking ever again. I lost the war with my eyelids, as sleep overtook me.

Edward POV

My darling fiancee was fast asleep.

Since she would have to move out of her house soon, I felt the need explore it.
I slowly unwound my grip on Bella.
She had an attic. I've never been in one before. Despite the many decades I've lived.
Attics and vampires don't mix.

There were cobwebs in the corners of the room.
I wonder if they ever scared her? Sure , a bloodthirsty vampire, who was going to take your virtue and life, is not scary at all. But a spider ?
She never ceases to amaze me.

There were many cardboard boxes, labeled with rather unusual labels.
For example, the first on was labeled “Clumsiness recordâ€

What could that possibly be?
Wait. I carefully opened the box.


There was a huge pile of papers. Medical bills.

It totaled over 3 million bucks.
About thirty cast fines, at least twenty five E.R fines, and so on...

But at this particular moment something else caught my attention. There was a object covered with dust, lying in the corner of the little room.

I slowly took one of my hands and wiped the dust off of the little machine. 'The Sing Star 1000.'


There was a presence in the room.

"Edward?" Bells asked. She sounded sleepy.
"Yes, love?" I answered. A hint of a smile in my voice.

Suddenly a look of horror crossed her face. I rushed to her side. "What's wrong?" I asked, getting worried. She was still silent. I sighed. I scooped her up into my arms, and carried her onto the couch.

The minute I sat her down, she started sobbing. I cradled her , trying to make her feel better. My Bella was involuntarily knee. I was completely confused. Hmm? Something in the attic made her upset. Could it be the fact that I'm a monster?
No. Bella's to selfless to realize that. Maybe because I saw the medical bills? Not likely. She already knows that I'm aware of her disastrous magnetic abilities. Hmm, what could it be?


I started laughing. Not just chuckling, but full out hysterics.

Bella POV

I think Edward's gone nuts.

He's rolling on the ground. I'm scared.

Edward POV

Silly, Silly, Bella.

"Are you okay, Edward?" My love asked. I've seemed to have scared her.

"Never felt better." I said with a smile. She wasn't convinced. "Okay, please explain why exactly you started crying." I said. Just trying to start it off.

"Well, when I turned ten, my mother bought me the machine. We tried it that night, I was at Charlie's house. While I was singing, I tripped, and landed on my cat, Femur. She said.

"Kind of a weird name for a cat." I said. I feel bad for the poor feline.

"After I broke my femur, my parents got me a cat as a gift." she said. Sounding very annoyed.

"Oh, sorry, continue with the story." I told her apologetically.

"Right, well, Femur screeched really loudly, and ran away. He knocked over a lamp, it landed on my knee. While the light bulb landed on my head, causing my hair to catch on fire. So, I had to wear a baseball cap for the next two years. My angel told me, holding back tears.

"I''m so sorry." I told her. I brought my arms around her, and started kissing her.

About half an our later, there was a knock at the door.


"Well, love. It's time for our daily Wedding garbage." I said to my wonderful Fiancee.

"No!" She said. She pressed her lips to mine harshly.

"I know you're making out in there." Alice said. So annoying.

She walked through the door.

"Good thing we don't have a cat!" She thought.

What was that little pixie planning.

Bella POV

Stupid, freaky, hyper, jumpy, vampire pixie.