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Cullen Family Karaoke

It's funny, It's karaoke.


2. The Wrath Of The Newborn

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Ten years later.

I love Edward. He so dreamy, and sexy, and..well...so...Edwardie. We were completing the task of gathering our cloths after, well, you know what. He looks gorgeous in his khakis, but he looks even better with them off.

Anyway, as we were driving home, his face dramatically changed. He was laughing, seriously, if he didn't read minds, I'd swear he was bipolar.

"Love?" He asked.
"Yes?" I said back, batting my eyelashes teasingly.
"Whatever happens today, please promise me you won't kill Alice." He told me, barely being able to keep back laughter. Great. More stuff is going to happen today. Bow chicka wow wow. Said the newborn in my head. Gosh, will it ever shut?

Edward and I walked through the front door. I was shocked.

Edward POV

HA . HA.

Way to go Alice!

Bella POV




Edward POV
She ran. She really ran. I rushed after her, all the way up to my old room. Once I finally got my arms around my beautiful Bella, she started crying. Well as much as our kind can. Why would they do this, does their heart not beat for her?
Okay, well not literally.

And then she was gone.

What the hell !?!

Bella POV

no no no no no...

I need alone time.

I sat up on the large bed. Why the hell would they do this?
I mean, I have never done anything wrong. I've only slipped up two times... but Edward doesn't need to know about that.

"Bella." Edward said firmly. "I don't want to have to knock down the door." he said. I had a feeling he wasn't kidding.
But my brain was in a state of shock. So, I did the only thing I could. I let the newborn out. "Hey, Edward" she said seductively. I could almost here him panting.
What happened next my vampire mind couldn't comprehend.

Newborn Bella's POV


Now is my time for revenge.

"Come here, hot shot." I begged, using the sexiest voice I could muster. I ran full speed to the closet.

Edward POV

Oh. Holy. Mother. Of. God.

Thank you God.

3 hours later


Bella POV

Thank you newborn. Thank you.

Nessie POV.


"Mother! Innocent minds over hear." I shrieked.
"Uncle Emmet!" I yelled. He was there before I finished.
"Yes, sweety." He said, a little to enthusiastically for my liking.

"Mommy and daddy are making funny sounds!" I said. Using my best little kid voice. Even though I've been an adult for about three years. But my father won't accept that fact. I haven't even kissed Jake yet. Stupid, overprotective, obnoxious, papa vamp.
"Thanks Ness, I really appreciate it." He said from upstairs.


"Clean up your thoughts." He said. Using his big scary papa vamp voice. Mommy growled seductively. EWWW!

"I'm not the one who was yelling profanities, and moaning, for the last 3 freaking hours! And yes, You are on my bed."I yelled. Letting my teenager instincts take over.

"Don't worry, Ness. I'm sure the stain will come out." Alice said.

Wait. Stain?



I bolted for the door. Dragging Jakey with me.

Two can play at this game.

Jake POV

What the hell is Ness doing?



Bella POV

I finally woke up from the shock.


"Edward?" I asked hesitantly. How much trouble had I caused? He was just lying there. Smiling widely at the ceiling.
I poked him. He squirmed slightly, but thats all. I guess I'll just leave him here for a while, to just chill. Something tells me he hasn't been chilling this whole time. Taking in my surroundings, I was shocked. There was a pile of ripped up fabric in the corner. Is that my teddy bear? No it couldn't be.

I went back to the cottage.

As soon I opened the door, I was shocked.

Back away Bella. You don't want to hurt him. Or do you? Said the newborn. SHUT UP!

I ran all the way back to the house.

"Alice!" I shrieked. She was in hiding.

Carlisle was reading a book in his chair beside the fire.

"Carlisle?" I asked. He turned his head."Why is Nessie doing inappropriate stuff to jake?" I asked. His eyed went wide.

"Um...Well, she heard what you and Edward were doing, and well.. He trailed off.

Oh. My. God.

Someone will pay for this. I'm not sure who yet. But I will figure this out.

Whoo! You go girl! She said.