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Cullen Family Karaoke

It's funny, It's karaoke.


3. Awkward!!!

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Carlisle POV

I truley do love my children.

Even though sometimes I wish I hadn't changed some of them.

For example:

Alice; for having the bright idea to buy a karaoke machine, even thought she new that Bella would not appreciate it.

Emmet; for having another bright idea, and singing "Like a Virgin", in a maid suit. Just the thought of that makes me shake head in shame.

Jasper; for not helping. He was sending off waves of fright, due to the fact that Alice had taken him shopping two hours ago. Poor Boy.

Rosalie; well.... she was an angel today. She and Bella are getting along now.

Now that I think about it, the scene Edward walked into must have been quite weird.

24 hours earlier

Edward POV

As I walked through the door, I had to step back and smile.

Carlisle was reading in his chair, Rosalie was sitting cross legged, playing checkers with Renesmee. Emmett, was singing a rather annoying song, while dancing around in a maid outfit. Is he wearing a bra? Holy hell. Alice was enjoying this a bit too much for my liking. She was jumping up and down, with a wide grin on her pixie face.

Man, my family is weird.

Back to the present.

Bella POV

We were all gathered in the family room. Rosalie was making out with Emmett, Jasper was still crouched up in the corner, sucking his thumb. I myself was cuddling with Edward.

Carlisle was standing in the middle of the room, suddenly we were all staring at him.

"Well, children...and grandchild," said Carlisle, looking over at Nessie, who was at the moment staring at Jake with a funny look on her face. Great. Note to self: give the "Talk" to Nessie.

"It seems that we have found a new source of entertainment." He continued. This caught my attention. What could it possibly be?

"I feel that we should use Bella's birthday present." He said.


Edward POV


Bella started on choking on nothing. I patted her back.
"That's not a present!" she argued.

After two hours of arguing, it was settled, we were going to sing.

"Daddy, what does this mean?" My angel asked.

Ah, and just like that...

The Cullen's are having a Karaoke night.