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The Next generation...

all about renesmee!


1. Chapter 1: Nomad

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Chapter 1: NOMAD

I had gone out hunting with my mom. I was approaching my prey when I saw a dark figure in the distance. “Mom, look,” I said.
“What is it?” she asked. It started coming closer and closer to us. I stood cautioned because no one came to these parts of the forest. I let my prey slide by, which was a mistake.
“Hello,” it said. I could then make out features of the figure. He was one of us. Another vampire.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“My name is Gavin.” He stepped closer as I stepped back. I darted home and Mom followed. I could feel him following us, but at least we’d be safer with Carlisle, Alice and Dad. Emmett, Esme, Rosalie, and Jasper were out hunting too.
“Dad!” I said when we arrived back home. “Someone is following us.” In a second, he was there too.
“Stop following us,” Mom told him.
“I think we have a misunderstanding here. I do not mean you any harm. I was just looking for a place to settle and I heard more of my kind live here. Am I correct?” he asked.
“Yes,” Carlisle answered. “I am Carlisle, this is Edward, Alice, Bella, and Renesmee.”
“Gavin,” he said. “So may I stay here?”
“It is okay with me. But you will have to ask when Emmett, Esme, Rosalie, and Jasper come back.”
“But yes at the moment,” I added in.
“I’ll come back. I have to go out to finish up hunting.” And he was gone just as fast as he came.
“Can he stay, Dad please?” I begged.
“Sweetie, you have to learn how to call me Edward and Mom, Bella,” he explained, “We may have to move soon. People are getting suspicious and Bella and I are supposed to be in college now.”
“Does that mean I have to – to leave Jake?” I asked. Jacob had become my best friend since I was born.
“Yes,” Edward admitted. “We all have to.”
“We’re back!” Rosalie called coming into the house.
“’Sup.” Emmett said.
“Hello all.” Jasper sat down. “Good day of hunting.”
“We have a question to ask you all.” Carlisle began. “We have met an interesting vampire today. His name is Gavin. We do not know where he came from, but he wants to stay with us. We told him it was up to you so we can make the final decision.”
“Cool with me. It’s good to have a new family member,” Emmett answered.
“Okay,” agreed Rosalie.
“Yes,” said Jasper, “Esme?”
“Sure. When do we meet him?”
“He should be back soon,” Alice told them

I went to look out to see if Gavin was back yet. I went further into the forest. “Gavin?!” I called. He appeared behind me in seven seconds. “They are here to meet you.” I took him back to the house and introduced him to Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper.
“Hello Gavin. Nice to meet you,” said Esme. “We all have come to a decision about letting you stay here. The answer is yes.”
“Thank you very much.” Gavin replied.
“So…where are you from?” I asked him.
“I did not have a permanent residence before this. I am an American nomad – a vegetarian American nomad.”
I looked over at Edward and by the look on his face he didn’t like where Gavin came from. “May I speak to my family in private?” Edward asked through clenched teeth. Gavin nodded and went upstairs.
“What is wrong Edward?” Bella asked.
Edward stayed silent. “I believe what Edward is trying to tell us is that he doesn’t like Gavin.” Carlisle explained.
“Do you remember James?” Edward asked. I tried to remember everything I could since I was born. I remember many vampires at a meeting six years ago. I remember different covens, nomads, wolves, and the Volturi, I believe is what they called that large group of vampires.
“Is he one of the Volturi?” I asked him.
“No. He was a nomad.” Bella answered instead.
“You mean like Gavin? What do you mean by was?”
“Yes. Precisely Renesmee. But he wasn’t a vegetarian like us. He was a nomad until we – well mostly I killed him.” said Edward.
“You killed a vampire?! When was this?”
“Before you were born – when Bella was still human. He tried hunting her. We all tried our best to keep Bella alive, so we had no choice, or else Bella would be dead.” Edward explained. The thought of Bella being dead was unbelievable. Someone as strong as her couldn’t be killed so easily. “He was so close and I don’t want that to happen again.”
“It’s okay, Edward. If it happens, we’ll be on our guard.” I assured him.
“I guess we are finished with this family meeting. You can come back down Gavin!” Carlisle called up.
“Gavin,” I started, “Did you know anyone named James?”
He thought back for a second. “James…yes I did know him. Not such a good guy…he survived on human instead of animal…I remember. He was with a girl…Victoria and another man, Laurent.”
I touched Edward’s face. Who were Laurent and Victoria? I didn’t want to ask this question out loud, thinking about the possible responses from Gavin.
“They were nomads too. Accomplices of James actually. They were also non-vegetarians. The wolves killed Laurent and we killed Victoria because they continued the hunt after James had died. Victoria even made an army of vampires to help her.” Edward whispered to me. I nodded.
“But I promise. I am not like the others. If I act out or perform any irrational behavior feel free to kick me out.” Gavin informed us. I looked at Edward with pleading eyes begging to let him stay.
“Alright,” Edward finally said. “You can stay.” I smiled at him.


It was still early, so I decided to pay a visit to Jacob. “Jake?” I said.
“Nessie!” He replied. “It’s been awhile since I saw you.”
“Yeah. Good news! We have a new member of the family – well, he’s living with us at least.”
“Who did Carlisle turn?!” He asked excitedly.
“Carlisle didn’t turn anyone. He was already a vampire.”
“Oh,” Jacob looked a little disappointed, “Who is he?”
“His name is Gavin. He’s an American nomad. He was looking for a place to stay.”
“So you guys just let him stay?! He could be scum like James!”
“Relax. He’s cool. I might even like him.”
“Nessie?! You just met him! He might not be safe.”
“I said might and he said if he exhibits any James-like behavior, we can kick him out.” I told him.
“Make sure I’m there if you do.” We both laughed.
“You can come to meet him if you want to.”
“Sure.” We headed off back to the house.
“Gavin, this is Jacob. He’s my wolf-friend.” I said. Jacob waved silently. Something that Gavin thought must have been upsetting because it made Edward hiss. Bella glared at him and he stopped. I touched Edwards’ face. What did Gavin think?
“He thought the word ‘mutt’ when you mentioned ‘wolf-friend’.” He explained softly.
I saw in the look on Jacobs’ face that he felt awkward in front of an unfamiliar vampire. He kept staring at Gavin and analyzing every move that he made. I tapped Jacob on the shoulder and said, “It’s okay.”