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This is a one-shot companion piece to my story 'Many Secrets' it's Bella training with Enid, BPOV Instinctual banner

This goes with my other story 'Many Secrets'. It's basically the day that Bella spent with Enid discussing Bella's powers, what she can do how to control them etc. It's kind of short but thought I would put it out there! Please review! oh and by the way you pronounce Clodagh as Clo+da. Enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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I had just left Edward a few minutes ago and now was in the car with Enid, I mean grandma. I still can’t get used to that… at all. I was in the passenger seat of my truck and she was driving with a bright smile on her face as she stared out the windshield. I cleared my throat; it felt like I couldn’t speak, I was so nervous

“So, um…Grandma” she beamed, I would have to call her that more if it made her that happy “where exactly are we going?” I asked as my gaze shifted to the woods surrounding the road. She turned to me smiling and said

“Oh it’s just a small little place I found for my duration here; it’s really quite cute actually. It’s a little cottage, on the beach but not on the Indian reservation don’t worry. This is going to be so much fun Bella, I’m so happy that the gene passed onto you, I know you’ll do wonderful darling. You all ready seem quite powerful, once you fine-tune them you’ll be amazed everything you can do.” I assume that was supposed to calm me or at least get me a little excited to try these new…powers, out. It didn’t. In fact I was even more nervous now; why? Why did these things happen to me? I just want to marry my beautiful Edward, have my final human act, and be changed. But, no, I have to be this witch…thing, and have powers! Wonderful, just great, my life really sucks sometimes. No pun intended.

As we drove the woods thinned then disappeared and Enid pulled into a small gravel driveway that went under a large willow tree that loomed over a tiny cottage, like it was protecting it and behind the whole estate was a quiet beach. It was beautiful. Enid cut the engine then looked at me and smiled quietly at my gaping mouth, she tugged on my sleeve and said

“Come on” she stepped out and I stumbled out as I followed her inside the grey stone house; I was instantly hit with the perfume of herbs, dried flowers and candles. It had a very good calming effect on me and I breathed deeply, enjoying the different floral scents. I looked around seeing that it was slightly dark inside, but not gloomy or depressing. There was light streaming in through all the windows and Enid led me through the small hallway and turned into a small kitchen. There was a small wooden table in the center, a stove to the left wall and a window over a sink on the next wall that made a right angle. She went over to the stove and asked graciously

“Would you like a cup of tea? I brew it myself.” I nodded my head “Sure” I continued examining the room; on the counters there were glass jars filled with dried herbs, and vases filled with fresh flowers but there were framed pictures of dried and pressed ones hanging about the walls. She had candles scattered all over the house it seemed, it made it feel cozy and inviting but also made it wonderfully mysterious. I felt the strangest sensation, it was as though I could tell what the flowers were…for lack of a better word, thinking. It felt like I could sense surprise and wonder off them, almost like they were thinking

Who’s the new girl?

I got up and picked up a small metal watering can and gently watered them…a peace offering of sorts. I was offering peace to flowers…I am going insane. I set the can down and sat back down stiffly. Enid just looked to me and smiled

“What?” I asked defensively. She chuckled and said

“It’s nothing dear, just your abilities starting to show. We, as enchantresses are much attuned to nature and Mother Earth. We can commune with it, correct me if I’m wrong but did you not just… sense the flowers, and their needs?” I looked at her, my eyes widening, well at least I wasn’t nuts. Or we both are. She poured out the tea and handed me a cup

“Thank-you” I said, accepting it. I took a sip, letting the warmth spread through me and calm my nerves. I set down my cup and sighed

“So I’m not crazy, this really is happening?” I asked, resigned to what I … am. She nodded her eyes and smile soft and caring.

“Afraid so dear, but really I do think you will learn to love and enjoy your gifts, because that’s exactly it, their gifts. Not to mention quite fun too.” She added smirking slightly. I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath before asking

“So what now?” Enid set her cup down and looked thoughtfully out the window before turning back and saying

“Well how about I explain everything you can do a bit more thoroughly first?” I nodded, and for the first time during this whole ordeal, I felt the small spark of excitement go through me and I listened hard to each word.

“Well, like I said you can commune with nature, we all can, that includes animals too by the way. They trust us more than humans, they feel…drawn to us so to speak. We can also influence weather patterns slightly, make the day brighter, darker, cause rain, snow, whatever but only to an extent. We don’t choose what the weather will be everyday, we just can…tweak it ever so slightly. We can also, obviously, see auras.

That can help us to sense a person’s character, and what their motives are. You instinctually know what each color is, but just to tell you, black means that the person is going to…die.” She finished quietly. So I would be able to see a person and that their death was looming over them, and I would have to ignore it? How could I do that? I would just … have to help them…wouldn’t I? Enid laid a hand on my shoulder and I looked up, I had been staring at my hands

“It’s not our place to play God Bella. If it’s a person’s time to go, it’s their time.” I nodded, I would have to get used to that part of the deal. Enid continued quickly saying

“Auras are also only around people with souls so-“I cut her off sharply asking

“What did you just say?” She turned around confused, she had been standing at the window looking out but now looked at me concerned while she said

“Just those auras are only around those with souls…why?” I jumped up excited

“This is perfect! I finally have proof for Edward and everyone, that they DO have souls; still have a chance at Heaven! Oh this is great, I could…I could kiss you!” I ran to her kissing her cheek and pulling her into a hug, she laughed and said

“Well I’m glad you’re so excited about it! Did they really doubt their souls?” she asked a curious glint in her eyes. I nodded exasperated and said, as I sat back down

“Yes, well only Edward really, Mr. Pessimism, I swear I just want to ring his neck sometimes, but now I have proof for him!” Oh this was going to be a good conversation, ha, I was right he was wrong; I loved the sound of that. Enid just chuckled and said sitting down as well

“Anyway, we also have to work on certain…um, qualities so to speak. You see we naturally…send out a…vibe for lack of a better word, it’s inviting. Now that’s fine and dandy but sometimes the…male population takes it the wrong way. Ok so only hormonal teenage boys do but still it gets really annoying. To every other sane person it’s just welcoming and warm. So just be careful around, especially when you start up school again, I would say stick to Edward like glue. Not that you don’t all ready.” She said smirking; I of course blushed and muttered

“Moving on…” She giggled but consented

“Yes, yes, moving on…I would suggest you start a garden. Different herbs and flowers, they all mean different things and can even influence people. For example, lavender” she picked up a sprig from the many on her table and gently held it

“has a calming effect and also creates a feeling of faithfulness, and trust. Vanilla, can soothe, it’s creates a realm of … hominess. Its makes you feel happy and loved. Lilac humbles you, and reminds you of loved ones. Roses and their petals, quite obviously, ignite the feeling of love.

It doesn’t create it though, just brings it to light, and helps you see it again. There are many more though as well.” I just sat there, shocked. How on Earth was I supposed to remember all this? I looked to her helplessly and repeated the question and she jumped up saying

“Oh I have just the thing!” She scurried out of the kitchen and around the corner but hurried back, handing me a thin dark leather journal, with an embossment on the cover. It was of a tall majestic tree, barren of its leaves. It was lovely and antique looking, I opened up the book gently, the pages were yellowed and had elegant script written in it, on the opening page it stated

For the Enchantresses of the Swan family, may this forever help them in their lives, and provide guidance when in need.

-Clodagh Swan, 1607

“1607?” I choked out. She nodded and said “we go back further than that; Clodagh was the first smart enough to actually record everything. Keep it, I have everything memorized. Just keep it safe, don’t want it getting in the wrong hands or destroyed. That would take a long time to rewrite…it basically tells each meaning of every plant imaginable and tells of ways to take care of your garden and there are recipes of different herb mixtures, calming aromatherapy, ways to make candles, all sorts of things. It’s an interesting read.” I nodded my fingers gently skimming the ancient and cracked pages.

“Now, let’s go over your unique ability shall we?” She asked, taking another sip of tea. I set the book down reluctantly; I was very curious about it, and nodded.

“Sure, you said it was pretty rare?” I asked. She nodded and waved her hand to my cup

“Drink, drink, I don’t serve my special chamomile tea to just anyone!” I chuckled and took a drink before asking

“So, what’s with this…ability? What can I do exactly?” She replied “Well…obviously you can, simply put, heal. You know the effect you have on your vampire family, but you will have to remind them to hunt probably, when you are not around them the thirst comes back full force. You can help dead plants re-grow, and strengthen. You can heal both human and animal alike. Usually healers are very compassionate beings before the powers come into maturity. Do you understand?” she asked me. I nodded and said

“I think so, basically I can heal everyone? People, animals, nature, the whole shebang?” she laughed and said

“You could say that.”

“So…how do I? Heal I mean.” I asked. She pointed to the book and said

“You will have to look in there, I’m not a healer so I’m afraid I can’t help.” She finished apologetically. I shook my head and smiled

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll probably look at it later tonight.” She nodded and took a drink before exclaiming

“Oh! I forgot something; you know how vampire’s venom works I presume?” I nodded and she went on

“Well, you are immune to it, it can’t change you or harm you, and it will just…break down in a way. Our blood rejects it, and will destroy, and break down the different qualities in it that change a human’s blood. I could guess that if you were to have a person somehow take in our blood after they have been bitten, it could counteract it.” I sat there, dumbfounded.

“Well that’s … good to know I guess.” I supplied. She nodded and took our now empty cups to wash. She spoke to me over her shoulder as she cleaned up

“There really isn’t all that much that I have to teach you, most of it is instinctual, you just know what to do. And if you need help look to the book.” She wiped her hands off and came to stand behind me,

“You see the tree on the cover?” I nodded. “Well that’s our…crest of sorts. I um, made this for you, you don’t need to wear it I just thought…” she trailed off as she handed me a beautiful silver pendant that was an oval, about an inch long that had the same tree on it, the rest was carved out to showcase the tree. It was on a thin silver chain as well. I stood up and gave her a hug, she seemed surprised at first but returned it

“Thank-you, it’s beautiful, and it means a lot to me.” I kissed her cheek and pulled back to see her eyes shining, she smiled at me and sniffed before hastily saying

“Well go on, get home to your man, I’ll see you soon Bella dear.” I smiled, kissing her cheek once more before grabbing the leather journal, necklace, and headed out. I had a lot to tell Edward that was for sure.