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banner_nightfall (Post-BD) A few years after Renesmee is born, the Cullens are ready to leave Forks. Too many questions are being asked: What happened to Isabella Swan? Who's that little girl? How did she grow so fast? When Carlisle finds the House of Night, an exclusive Vampire Finishing school, the family packs their bags for Oklahoma. When they arrive at the school though, they find Rosalie's new friend has a troubled past. And the High Priestess isn't all that she's pretending to be. A crossover with PC and Kristen Cast's House of Night series (AU). Contains spoilers for books "Chosen" and "Untamed" (Though I'm not sure about "Hunted" yet, there may be some later on, but it's pretty unlikely.)


2. Welcoming Committee

Rating 5/5   Word Count 713   Review this Chapter

Clutching Renesmee’s hand, I slowly walked down the halls with the others. Students turned to stare at us. What was with all the moon tattoos? We came to a pair of doors. Beside me Edward stiffened. When the doors opened I found at why.

As soon as we stepped into the room I felt something probing my shield. Quickly, I pushed it out to surround my family, though I had no clue how much the person had already seen. I looked around- who was it? Nobody else seemed to have noticed any difference, except for Edward.

A woman swept into the room, followed by a girl about my age. Their faces were covered in beautiful swirling tattoos, like blue henna. The first woman’s skin was covered in swirling knots, but the eyes between the sapphire patterns held a look of disappointment. I turned to Edward, confused. He took my free hand.

“Merry meet. I am high priestess Neferet, I run the House of Night. This is Zoey Redbird, the leader and head prefect of our student council group, the Sons and Daughters of Darkness. She will lead you around, be your guide for today. I will show Carlisle and Esme to the professor’s dorm. We can meet in the dining hall later, to discuss anything you need to know.” Neferet seemed warm and inviting, but I couldn’t help thinking of Aro. He acted friendly, but you could never know what tricks he had up those flowing black sleeves.

“Come on Nessie,” Esme called, as her granddaughter jumped into her arms. “Say bye to Momma and Daddy! We’ll see you at lunch. Have fun!”

I waved, and stretched my shield as far as it would go, until it snapped back like an elastic.

The girl smiled at us, intricate lace-like shapes swirled around her eyes. “Merry meet. I’m Zoey. Welcome to the House of Night.” She led us out of the room. We were shown the goddess Nyx’s temple, the dining hall. “I’m sorry about the time. The sun is painful for us, so we live oppositely, sleeping through daylight. Classes start at 8:00 pm.”

“It’s fine,” Edward said. “We don’t sleep.”

“Oh.” She said blushing.

Our tour ended at the dorms. “These are our other prefects. Meet Stevie Rae, Damien, Erin and Shaunee. Aphrodite was unable to be here…”

“Hag-bitch!” Shaunee interrupted.

“I’m with you Twin,” Erin added. “Thinks she's too good to meet the new vampires.”

Zoey glared at them. “As I was saying… This is Jack, our technician, and his dog, Duchess.”

Jack giggled and waved.

“These are you schedules,” Zoey continued, fumbling with the papers on her clipboard, “and you’ll each need to choose a roommate.”

Instantly we split into couples: me with Edward, Rosalie and Emmett and Alice and Jasper.

“Ummm…” Zoey faltered. “We have separate dorms for girls and boys…”

“Oh.” I dropped Edward’s hand.

“Jack has space.” Edward told Japer. “And I can board with Emmett.”

“Sweet.” Emmett said, and put Edward in a headlock, ruffling his hair.

Jasper nodded, and walked over to Jack.

Jack jumped up and down and clapped. “Cool!” He grabbed Jasper’s wrist. “I’ll show you around! You see, my old roommate completed the change, but he teaches drama now, after Professor Nolan had her…” He fidgeted. “Accident.” He picked up again with as much enthusiasm as before, as if nothing had happened. “Anyways, after that, we can go get your stuff. I’m really getting into interior decorating and that feng shui stuff…”

Jasper managed a quick wave to Alice, before Jack dragged him out of the room.

Alice and I went to stand beside each other, until we noticed Rosalie glowering at us from Emmett’s arms.

“Oh…” we both stammered. “Well uh… we could… if you want to…”

“Whatever” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Rosalie!” Edward exclaimed.

She put her hands on her hips. “What? Its true.” she smirked.

A low hiss escaped his throat. “Don’t talk about Bella like that.”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t be prying into other people’s thoughts!”

I tugged his sleeve. “Edward…” The Sons and Daughters of Darkness were all staring at us, looks of bewilderment on their faces. Then, suddenly, Zoey smiled.

“Rosalie, come with me. I know the perfect roommate for you.”