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banner_nightfall (Post-BD) A few years after Renesmee is born, the Cullens are ready to leave Forks. Too many questions are being asked: What happened to Isabella Swan? Who's that little girl? How did she grow so fast? When Carlisle finds the House of Night, an exclusive Vampire Finishing school, the family packs their bags for Oklahoma. When they arrive at the school though, they find Rosalie's new friend has a troubled past. And the High Priestess isn't all that she's pretending to be. A crossover with PC and Kristen Cast's House of Night series (AU). Contains spoilers for books "Chosen" and "Untamed" (Though I'm not sure about "Hunted" yet, there may be some later on, but it's pretty unlikely.)


4. So did you hear...

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 512   Review this Chapter

“Oh my gaaaaaawwwd!” The twins squealed.

“Those Cullen boys are mighty fi-ine!” said Erin shimmying her shoulders.

“I’d like to get my hands on some Emmett.” Shaunee agreed.

“He is sooooooooooooo buff!” They whooped and started their famous bump and grind.

“Guys!” I protested. “Get a grip on yourselves.”

“You have to admit,” Damien pointed out. “That Edward is absolutely dreamy.” Jack giggled and fanned himself.

“So, who got stuck with Rosalie?” Stevie Rae asked.

I smirked. “Guess.”

“Oh, come on Zoey.” Damien said. “We can’t read your mind.”

“Well…” I was enjoying this. “Who does she remind you of?”

Jack was the first to understand. “You didn’t!” He gasped, placing his hand over his heart dramatically.

The twins erupted into peals of laughter. “Oooooooooh, hag-bitches!” They crowed. “Cat fight!” Erin shouted.

I frowned. “I thought it would be fine. I mean, they’re so similar and everything…”

The twins laughed again and Damien shook his head. “Zoey, Zoey, Zoey. You silly innocent little fledgling. Don’t you know anything?”

“What?” I crossed my arms.

“Two Queen Bees never, ever, mix. It’s like in a pack of dogs. You can’t have two Alphas. They’ll fight until someone surrenders or dies.”

“Ah, hell.” I muttered.

“Pffff. We’ll watch the drama unfold later.” Shaunee said. “For now, let’s get the DIRT.”

“Well, we know they’re all together.” Damien pouted.

“So what? Erin retorted. “That’s not gonna stop me.”

“When we were unpacking Jasper’s stuff,” Jack said, “he had, like, nothing! He had clothes, a chair and a bookshelf, but nothing else. No bed, no food, no pillows.”

“Edward said they didn’t sleep. I don’t think they eat either.” I told them.

Stevie Rae’s eyes widened. “I saw them coming in, and I swear, they, well,”

“Spit it out girl!” Shaunee pushed her shoulder playfully.

“They sparkled.” She whispered.

“Some very odd vampyres indeed.” Damien nodded wisely. “And that scene before? It was if he was reading her mind.”

“Maybe they have affinites.” Jack piped up.

“Should we tell ‘em twin?” Erin nudged Shaunee.

“Sure. Okay, so here’s what we heard.

These vampires don’t age. Most of them are hundreds of years old, except for Bella. She’s only been a vamp for about 3 years. And almost all of them have affinities. Edward can totally read minds.”

“The little pixie chick?” Erin added. “Alice? She has ‘visions’ like the hag does, and Bella is a shield from any sort of mind tricks. Jasper can manipulate emotions,”

Had it been my imagination, or did Stevie Rae perk up and the sound of his name? The twins’ list went on and on. Some were absolutely ridiculous- the Cullens turned into giant cats at the full moon!- but the twins knew their gossip well.

“Jasper used to be in the army- He’s from Texas by the way…”

Stevie Rae brightened. “Really?”

“Oooooh,” Erin teased. “Is widdle Stevie Wae in wuuuuuuuuuuuv?”

“Well he’s such a good-hearted country gentleman.” She gushed. “He’s so sweet, and handsome. Oh, and that accent.”

“And you know what they say…” Erin waggled her eyebrows.

“Everything’s bigger in Texas!” The twins chorused.

Stevie Rae turned as red as the tattoos on her forehead.