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Sirius Rising

This is the story of Jacob's transformation to a werewolf from his POV. It begins with him leaving her house ofter the movie with Mike.

Teen rating for language.

1. Chapter 1 - Explosion

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Bella sure knows how to pick lousy movies. I guess I get it. Blood and guts won't eat her up inside like some chick flick would. Still, couldn't it be a decent blood and guts movie? I'll look for one we can go to - without that Mike joker. She probably wouldn't go with me anyway, wouldn't want me to think it was a date. Whatever.

I hope I didn't upset her too much with all that "I'll never hurt you" crap. But damn, I'm crazy about that girl. And she needs me. I bet she didn't smile once after that jerk left her until she brought those bikes to my place. She can't even see me because of him.

Stupid Cullen. What does she see in him anyway? Sure he's good looking and rich but you don't fall apart because some pretty boy leaves you. Besides, I look okay, right? Bella thinks so, she said I'm beautiful, sort of. Of course no one on the rez has that kind of money. Stupid Cullens probably have more than the whole rez combined. Bella doesn't care about that... does she?

Don't all girls? And it's not like I'm going to college, I'm too dumb. Bella's real smart. She probably thinks I'm too dumb for her. She'll probably go off to some fancy college and never come back while I go to PCC and fix cars the rest of my life. Betcha Cullen's real smart.

Man, I'm feeling strange tonight.

Wouldn't it be funny if the stories about the Cullens were true. That would make the doctor like what, 2 or 3 hundred by now. Yeah, right. Superstitious old folks can believe what they want. Still, they're all kind of creepy with those weird gold eyes. And too good looking. It's not natural. They're not even blood related but they all freakin' supermodels with gold eyes. I don't know if I'd want that doctor touching me even if Billy didn't care. Besides, I saw him once and he smells funny. Kind of like ammonia but sweeter. Blech. Probably just hospital smell or something.

What was that? One of those freaky wolves in the woods again. Why do I always feel like they're watching me? I must be going crazy. But no one else sees them so much. It's like everywhere I go there's some wolf lurking in the woods. Man are they huge. I can see why people keep saying they're bears. A giant bear is easier to explain than a horse sized wolf. No one seems to have noticed that there are more than one. Everyone talks about that big black one but I've seen others.

Funny how they don't scare me. Feels kind of like they're watching out for me. Huh, can't tell anyone that or they'd lock me up in the loony bin. I wish I could tell Bella but it would freak her out something fierce. She worries about me enough without thinking that giant wolves are after me. What would I say anyway, "Oh, hey Bella, you know that giant bear everyone's talking about? Well it's a wolf, actually 3 or 4 wolves, and they hang out in the woods watching me." Right. She'd lock me up too.

What's really weird is that it feels like deja vu or something. Maybe it's the watching. Feels like everyone's watching me these days. Billy's watching, Sam Uley and his gang are watching, now even the wolves are watching from the woods. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

At least Bella doesn't watch me funny. I can just be me around her, I don't feel like I have to be special. Maybe if I were special she'd like me better. At least she likes me best. I knew that, but it was nice to hear her say it. I'm glad Mike got sick. Waiting for him to finish puking was the best part of the movie. I wish I could just wrap myself around Bella and never let her go... mmmm. She smells incredible. I wonder why I never noticed that before? I bet her mouth would taste delicious.

Don't go there, Jake.

Strange how being around Bella calms me down so much. I've been so antsy lately, like I'm about to bust out of my skin or something. Not with her. If not for her I think I might have popped already. I feel like I could explode now. Thank goodness I'm almost home. I think I'll lie down a bit until I calm down. Maybe I'll stop by Quil's, it's still early and I haven't hung out with him for a while. He's gotta be lonely what with Embry hanging with Sam's crowd now and me chasing after Bella like a puppy.

Yeah, I'll stop by Quil's. Let me just tell Billy first. And I'll call Bella so she knows I'm home.

"Hey, Dad. Bella's friend got sick so we left the movie early. I'm gonna stop by Quil's tonight."

"Are you sure you're okay Jacob? You look kind of funny."

Funny? Funny HOW?!?


What the hell just happened?

I hurt Billy! Why would I hurt my dad?
Why does everything look weird? Why can't I move right? What are those noises in my head?

Calm down, Jacob.

Who the hell it that?

Jacob, it's Sam Uley. I need you to calm down now.

Sam Uley? Right. Fuck. Now that bastard's gotten to me too and I don't know how. What is that creep doing to everyone?

I didn't do this, Jacob. Now I need you to look at Billy, see if he is okay.

Dad, right. I hurt him, didn't I. What is wrong with you old man? Why are you sitting in that blasted chair smirking at me when I just ripped your face off? Why is your face still there?

"Tell Sam I'm okay, son. Go find him in the woods behind the house."

Crazy. Why do I know where he is? It’s like I can see right where he’s standing.