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Awakening Dusk

Bella and Edward's story after Eclipse. A new chapter in their relationship, Bella's change, a new treaty with the wolves. A conflict in the Volturi coven will make them choose a side. Canon. Not OOC "Bella" he called.I turned to glare at him. "What do you want Edward?He was in front of me in a flash. His eyes were on fire, they smoldered. One of his hands pressed on the small of my back and the other tangled in my hair. "You". His voice was low and husky. "All of you. Every part. Right now".Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!BellaandEdward4-1-1-1-1.jpg picture by bedazzledangel

This is my first story. It's sort of how I expected Breaking Dawn to be. I hope you enjoy it.

11. Savage

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Chapter 11


"It was night, and the rain fell; and falling, it was rain, but, having fallen, it was blood"

Edgar Allan Poe; Silence - A Fable-

"The window?" I asked a little confused.

"Scared?" Emmett scoffed.

"It's just as easy as using the stairs" Edward said shrugging "But if you prefer, we could go out the back door."

"No." I answered quickly. I didn't want to look like a wimp, and have Emmett make fun of me forever. "The window s' fine."

"Very well then, I'll go first." Edward said heading for the window. He took a casual step over the edge and fell sinuously two stories down, bending his knees as his feet touched the ground.

It looked easy enough; it's not as if I could get hurt or anything. I looked down at my feet visualizing how I would place them, and noticed the silly shoes Alice had put on me. I didn't think the strappy, high heels would survive the landing, so I took them off.

"Bella! What are you doing?" Alice walked over to me looking very annoyed.

"I don't want to ruin them," I explained

"But they complete the outfit" She stated, as such a fact would be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

"Yes Alice, but I'm going hunting, not to a beauty pageant. I'll wear them some other time." I held my ground.

"Ugh, fine, your sense of style hasn't improved with your change; we still have a long way to go..." She said taking the shoes.

"Bella? Are you coming?" Edward asked, as he waited for me.

"Yeah" I said hesitantly. OK here I go. I tried to mimic his casual stride out the window, and took a step. It didn't feel like I thought it would. I could see the ground coming closer but it felt as if I wasn't falling at all. I could see everything with such keen detail that it was incredibly easy to place my feet in the softest spot possible while avoiding the jagged rocks. It was just like taking a normal step down a flight of stairs. I touched the ground with my toes first, and then absorbed the full impact with the balls of my feet.

I looked at Edward, waiting for his comment, but he just stared at me with an awed expression.

"Well? How'd I do?"

"Bella," he said looking dazed. "That was amazing, even for a vampire." The corners of his mouth twitched up.

"Oh." So maybe I wouldn't go down in history as the world's only clumsy vampire. "Thank you." I said pleased by his compliment.

"Follow Me," he said taking my hand and leading me towards the river. We stopped at the edge. "We have to jump," he stated

"Jump over the river?" I tried to say matter of fact, but it came out sounding more like a question.

"Yes, just watch me." he said cupping my face with his hand.

He took a few steps back and then ran forward, clearing the distance in two long bounds. He placed one foot on a flat rock by the waters edge, and used it as leverage to propel himself over the riverbed. His jump only took a matter of milliseconds, and he cleared it making a summersault as he reached the other bank.

"Show off." I mumbled, but I could hear his silent laugh coming from inside the forest.

I guesstimated the width of the river to be about fifty yards. I took a few more steps back than Edward did, because I didn't want to underestimate the length of my jump and end up taking a dive in the water. I curved my knees a little and bent forward as I sprinted. Just like my jump from the window, this leap felt like second nature to me. It was easy to plant my foot on the flat rock Edward had used, and push myself forward. My muscles reacted with uncanny precision as I brought my legs to the front; preparing to land on my feet.

I could see the river running over the rocks, about twenty feet under me. The feeling was exhilarating. My jump was a little longer than Edward's, but as the trees started getting closer it was easy to hold my arms out and grasp one of the conveniently placed branches to slow my momentum. I swung from the limb a couple of times and let myself fall down, landing again on my toes and absorbing the impact with the balls of my feet. Although I didn't need air, my breathing had sped and I couldn't stop smiling from excitement.

"Bella?" Edward called. I heard the faint rustling of sticks and branches as he ran to my side.

I stood still, savoring the joy of my success.

"Wow." he said joining me. His eyes were bright with admiration. "That was quite a jump."

I just laughed as he pursed his lips in a teasing lopsided smile, and ran his eyes over me.

"Let's see how you fare off running with me," he said rushing forward, making my dress ruffle around me from the force of his movement. He stopped about ten feet from me, and looked back at me; giving me a full smile. "Try and keep up!" and then he was gone in the blink of an eye. I couldn't see him, but I could hear his hushed laughter as he ran.

"Watch me." I whispered to myself, while smiling as I sprang forward.

I ran, letting the full force of my new immortal self take over every step. My hair swept back from my face, and my dress flew behind me. I laughed too, entranced by the feeling of flying past the speeding green all around me. The forest floor felt like suede under my bare feet. The thorny branches that broke against my face had a tickling sensation; like soft feathers caressing my skin. My strides became longer, and soon I overtook him. We ran side by side, both of us breathless from joy. He veered to the left closing the distance between us, making me smile even wider. I knew that I could outrun him - he was very fast, but I was stronger right now- but I didn't want to. I was exactly where I wanted to be, by his side. Even if we didn't know where we were headed, we would go forward together. I could finally keep up; we were equals.

Suddenly, he leaped, wrapping his arms around my waist as we went flying across the forest, the sound of our laughter mixing with the noise made from our bodies rolling around the floor when we hit the ground.

"You're quite fast little gazelle." he said when we came to a stop, sweeping my tousled hair from my face.

I smiled up at him, caressing his face. I couldn't stop touching him. His beauty was just so unreal. I gently glided my fingertips on his luscious lips. He closed his eyes and exhaled, washing my face with his sweet scent. I moved both my hands to the back of his neck and brought his face closer to me. His mouth found mine, making a small moan on the back of his throat as our lips met. Our breath became ragged, and it felt like an electrical surge was running through me when his hand curled around my knee, making its way up my milky white thigh; gliding my dress back as his fingertips stroked my skin. My fingers tangled is his hair and his hand grasped my hip; pulling me closer to him. He rolled to his back pulling me on top of him. His hand never relenting the grasp around my hip as we rolled around the forest floor. His other hand knotted on my hair. Moonbeams filtered through the canopy, spotting the bare skin of his face and neck. I kissed every speck of light on his throat.

"Um...Bella?" he said breathlessly

"Mmm?" I moaned

"Um...I think we've gotten a little off course." he whispered, his eyes still closed. I couldn't concentrate on what he meant.

"We're supposed to be hunting." he murmured still panting, but I felt his hold loosen around me.

I groaned, but pushed myself off him, rolling onto my back again. Now that he mentioned hunting, my thirst flared up again. He moved to rest on his side and placed his hand on the side of my face.

"Don't worry, we'll have time." he said, while gently moving his thumb across my cheekbone.

"We will?" I answered, completely mesmerized by his eyes.

He smiled "Only a whole eternity's worth." He took my hand and got up, pulling me with him. We stood in front of each other.

"Now," he began "Close your eyes. Concentrate on your other senses."

I followed his instruction and shut my eyes, willing my other senses to heighten. I could feel a faint breeze rustling the ferns around us. I could taste the moisture in the air, it mixed with the flavors from the earth and vegetation; and with other flavors, I had no name for, but that had sort of a tangy taste. I could hear the soft murmur of a stream, as it moved across rocks and collected in a shallow pool. It was close by, I could make out little drops of dew falling off a leaf, and hitting the surface of the water. There was also a lapping sound of tongues, dipping in the surface. I concentrated harder on that sound. The beat of three strong hearts reached my sensitive ears; it made my throat ignite on fire. My eyes flew open.

"Let your senses guide you." he said taking a step back "Don't fight it, give in to your instincts."

I turned, and took off running at full speed towards the sound that promised to quench the fire in my throat. My legs carried me with mysterious accuracy, moving me over fallen trees and leaping over moss covered rocks. I felt the wind rush around me as I dashed through the forest. I was closer to the sound now, I could also smell them. The smell by itself was off, but joined by the wet sound of the beating hearts; it was delicious. I slowed my pace to a crawl, and crouched down behind the ferns. I could see them now, their dark tan coats reflecting the light of the moon, the antlers of the bull covered in a velvety fur, their breath condensing every time they exhaled. However, most of all what had my attention was the pulsing of the warm liquid I craved, right underneath the surface of their skin. I went for the big one. Their heads shot up as they saw me flying over the stream towards them. They took off, but they were no match for me. I dug my hand in the elk's back, grasping the protruding bone of its spine and stopped his frantic run. It tried to fight, but his attempts were feeble against my strength. I grabbed his antlers with both hands and jerked his neck back, his collar made a snapping sound and it fell to the ground; laying completely motionless. But I could still feel the warmth coming from the palpitating vein in its neck. My mouth filled with venom and my lips drew back from my teeth, a low growl erupting from my throat. I knelt down and lifted its neck; bringing it to my mouth. I sunk my teeth where the warmth concentrated and drank eagerly, the warm blood soothing my flaming throat. It ran dry too quickly and I dropped the carcass to the ground, I stood up and swiped the blood that had dribbled down my chin with my forearm. I still felt thirsty, the flames had diminished but they were not gone.

"Nicely done." Edward said leaping from a huge rock where he had been watching me. Crossing his arms over his chest he said, "That one must've been about eleven hundred pounds; very big bull. How do you feel now?"

I felt like a faint buzzing was running through my veins, But my throat was still parched.

"I'm still thirsty, I think." I admitted a little embarrassed.

"That's normal, newborns are always thirsty. Would you like to continue?"

I agreed, nodding my head. We followed the elk that I had scared away when I attacked the male. Now that I knew what I was doing, Edward hunted with me. It was an incredible sight to watch him hunt. He stalked his prey, moving lithely without making a sound; like a ghost. The animal's heart sped up when he approached, like a siren call beckoning its victim. Only in this case the prey was calling for its killer. His movements were precise. His grip was firm and sure. He was truly dangerous; dangerous and glorious, like a warrior angel.

The wind tousled his hair, just as his perfect lips parted over the neck of his prey. The breeze carried a scent I had not experienced before. My head bent back and I closed my eyes, inhaling deeply the most appealing scent that had ever existed. I ignored my own prey, letting it drop to the ground still undrained. I saw his head snap up to look at me with weary eyes. My body tensed as I crouched down and prepared to spring. I ran like I had never ran before; like a lightning strike blazing through the trees. Small branches cut across my dress and tangled in my hair. I heard footfalls following me, but the force that was pulling me forward was much more powerful, than my curiosity to know my pursuer. I pressed ahead, the sweetness of the scent was unbearable to resist. The bloodlust was overpowering. More footfalls echoed behind me and gathered speed. My sense of self-preservation kicked in. I had to defend myself from my attackers. I turned and leaped for the one nearest to me. A feral growl coming from my chest as my hand curled around his throat. I wanted to rip him apart.

"Bella!" he said with his eyes closed, as he attempted to break the hold I had on his neck.

The others reached us. "Bella!" a voice commanded "Put him down! You are hurting him!"

I tightened my hold, another growl thundering from inside me. I looked at his face and he opened his eyes. Amber pools of liquid gold held my attention.

"Bella, love?" his words were almost indiscernible.

Edward! I released him at once. I felt movement coming from around me, and my body was tackled to the ground. I fought with all my strength against my captors, but there were just too many of them.

"Bella! Stop!" Edward said kneeling in front of me.

I threw my head back and dug my fingers in the ground, unable to control the shrill wail that shook my whole frame.

"Bella, THINK. That is the scent of a human. You don't want to kill humans. Don't let the monster take over. You have to fight!" Carlisle said with authority, he was helping Emmett and Jasper keep me down.

I shrieked in agony.

"Bella." Edward said looking intently into my crazed eyes "think about what you are doing. It could be someone you know. Think about Charlie."

Charlie! My dad. He used to fish not very far from here. Images from my previous life started flooding my mind. They were not clear; it was like watching them through a fogged glass. But my reason started coming back. The fire still blazed, but now I understood. I had almost killed a human!

"Oh!" I said "I have to get away from here." I said through clenched teeth. I held my breath trying to keep the scent away. The memory of the scent still haunted my thoughts but I was able to control it.

They looked at each other with confused expressions, but released me. I took off as soon as I was free, running away from the scent that had possessed me; like a demon runs from the Croix.

The others followed close behind in a semicircle. They must've thought I might try to turn back, and were making sure I had no escape. I didn't blame them. I had acted exactly like a savage, like the monster they had warned me I would be. It wasn't that I hadn't believed them; I had seen the monsters firsthand. I had just thought that with the knowledge I had gained by being around them, I would be different; that I would be able to control the urges that came with being a newborn. I was wrong. I had been overly confident and even arrogant about it, and now I must pay. I had endangered the life of a human, and most appalling of all; I had attacked the people that had tried to safe me from myself. Edward! I had turned against him and tried to harm him. How could I've done that? I would never forgive myself for that.

We reached the river and I jumped over it without breaking my step. I turned away from the house; I didn't want to face my other family members right now. I stood under one of the huge cedars next to the house.

"Oh, Edward. I'm so sorry." I said as soon as he came near. I buried my face in my hands; I was so overwhelmed with shame.

"It's alright love." he said removing my hands from my face and hugging me to his chest.

I had a prickly feeling in my eyes, and my breathing became erratic. I didn't understand the feeling.

"Shhh. Don't cry, it's alright." he cooed.

Now I understood...so this is how it felt to cry. My body heaved with tearless sobs, and he held my head tenderly against his chest.

"Don't worry, it will pass. It will be easier with time. Actually you did very well."

I didn't answer, I just looked at him in disbelieve. How could he call what had just happened, doing well?

He sensed my doubt. "No, listen Bella, you did well. You were able to reason and you stopped your hunt. You imposed a control that I've never seen on a newborn before. We are all very impressed by you."

Was I using control? Well, the fact that I had not killed anyone tonight must prove that. Nevertheless, I had been so close; if they hadn't stopped me....I didn't even want to think about the possibility.

"What made you stop, though? You were struggling to get away from us, and suddenly you just stopped fighting. What changed?" he mused.

"Charlie, you mentioned him. I hadn't even thought about him since my change. Though when you said his name, his face just flashed before my eyes. I remembered him. Oh, Edward, he must be so worried about me! But I can't even see him. I can't let him see me like this. I could kill him! What are we going to do?" I said agonized, my voice breaking.

"We have a lot of decisions to make." he sighed. "Let's go inside, so we can explain everything."

I didn't want to go inside and face the reproachful stares of my family, but I wanted to know how we were going to deal with my transformation. What were we going to tell my family? I missed them already. I could imagine their tortured expressions brought on by my disappearance.

"It will be fine, Bella. I promise."

"The others will be disappointed." I said regretfully.

"Ha! If you knew the things they did when they were newborns, you wouldn't think that way! They understand better than you think. Besides they weren't able to have the same self-control you show now, until after years of practice. Don't worry, you're way ahead of the game." he said leading me to the house.