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Awakening Dusk

Bella and Edward's story after Eclipse. A new chapter in their relationship, Bella's change, a new treaty with the wolves. A conflict in the Volturi coven will make them choose a side. Canon. Not OOC "Bella" he called.I turned to glare at him. "What do you want Edward?He was in front of me in a flash. His eyes were on fire, they smoldered. One of his hands pressed on the small of my back and the other tangled in my hair. "You". His voice was low and husky. "All of you. Every part. Right now".Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!BellaandEdward4-1-1-1-1.jpg picture by bedazzledangel

This is my first story. It's sort of how I expected Breaking Dawn to be. I hope you enjoy it.

14. Division

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of it's characters. They all belong to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 14


"You think that a wall as solid as the earth separates civilization from barbarism. I tell
you the division is a thread, a sheet of glass."

-John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir-

Now that I had become a vampire there was no reason to worry about them. I had kept my end of the bargain, so I shouldn't be afraid of the Volturi coming here to annihilate my whole family; still, the mere mention of their name inspired unparallel fear in me.

"What is it Edward?" I asked.

"We're not sure," he said, slowly looking at Alice .

"I don't know," she said, anxiety coloring her voice. "I just can't understand what could've happened. It's a blur - one second they're in Volterra," she said, shuddering delicately, no doubt remembering our brief but horrifying visit to the castle. "And then, it's like they don't exist - they're just... gone." She pressed her fingers to her temples and scrunched her eyes tight. It looked like she was in pain.

Jasper rubbed her shoulders gently and kissed both of her closed eyelids. He was trying to soothe her, but underneath his calm façade I could see his worry.

"Edward, I don't understand. Are they dead?" I needed for someone to explain things fast. I hated seeing my sister like this.

"No. Well, at least we don't think so. Alice just can't see them all in the castle. She sees flashes of some of the members of the guard and Marcus running off on their own." He paused and looked at Carlisle . "Oh - I had no idea," he said, apparently commenting on something Carlisle had thought.

Emmett sighed. "What?"

Carlisle smiled a little at his impatient son.

"Edward was referring to a random thought I had. You see this is not the first time Marcus has wanted to part from Aro. While I was living with them I always found Marcus' demeanor to be kind of confusing. First I thought that maybe he was feeling adverse to their way of life. I thought that like me, he was not happy about the total loss of his humanity and perhaps he would join me in my quest to overcome the evils of our existence. I tried to talk to him, to see if there was a way of convincing him that killing innocents was wrong, and that we could survive from the blood of animals."

"So you're saying that your Italian mafia might be turning vegan?" Jacob had remained quite all this time, but now moved closer to listen.

"No, that's not what I'm saying," Carlisle chuckled at his comment but continued. "When my efforts proved ineffective, I asked Aro about it. Marcus' story is a very sad one. You see, when we are changed, our bodies are not the only part of us that remain frozen in time. Our attitudes - our beliefs, at the time of our change also remain permanent. Only the most powerful of feelings can change us. This actually happened to Marcus. A long time ago he was a very different man. He was in love."

He paused to softly caress Esme's cheek, and continued.

"His wife's name was Didyme. She was Aro's sister. Aro changed her in hopes that her power would be similar to his, but he was disappointed. She did have a great skill, but her power was to bring happiness to those around her. It was not what Aro had hoped for. Eventually Marcus fell in love with her; after all, who could resist such a winning personality? Marcus was not the only one to fall for her, but the difference was that Didyme returned his feelings. They were happy - at least that's what Aro told me. They were thinking of going away, off on their own. Aro wanted them to remain by his side, but he did not try to stop them. One day unfortunately, Didyme fell victim to a werewolf attack; Aro is convinced that it was actually meant for him."

"Sure, blame the wolf," Jacob interjected, full of hatred.

Carlisle smiled at him. "No Jacob. Not one of your kind, but one of the real Children of the Moon."

We all looked at Jacob. "Huh?" was his brilliant comment.

"You see Jacob, the Children of the Moon do exist, but you are not one of them." Carlisle patiently began his explanation.

"What? But I am a wolf. I don't want to scare you, Doc, but I've seen it happen. I've felt it happen - and from what I know, none of us has ever morphed into ‘My Little Pony.'"

Edward laughed. "Yes, we know Jacob. What Carlisle is trying to say is that real werewolves are more like the Hollywood version of the creature. They morph into wolves that very much resemble your own transformation, but they can only do this at night. And like us, the only way for them to continue their species is by infecting others."

Jacob seemed confused at this revelation - and he wasn't the only one.

"So what are we then?" Jacob asked, his forehead creasing.

It was Carlisle who answered. "I think a more accurate name would be shape-shifters. The choice of the wolf form was purely chance."

"If you knew this all along, why didn't anyone tell us?" Jacob said, now looking directly at Edward.

"It just never came up. I didn't think it was very important. The true Children of The Moon have been hunted to near extinction by the Volturi. I didn't think it would matter to you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you," Edward answered sincerely.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "No, it's...I just have to rethink my whole pedigree now. New paperwork."

Of course he would make a joke.

"So you think Marcus has gone away to seek revenge? Maybe he wants to take out the werewolves that remain?" Emmett asked.

"Perhaps; there aren't many more left though. Aro made sure of that, especially after Didyme's death." Carlisle pondered.

Alice's head snapped up, her eyes unfocused and glassy. Jasper took her face in his hands and whispered her name over and over. She finally came out of the trance and her eyes met Edward's.

"What is it Alice ? What happened?" Esme asked worriedly, stepping closer to Alice and placing a hand on her shoulder.

It was Edward who answered. "Chelsea is dead."

I had heard that name before, but it was a foggy memory. Edward had mentioned her when he was explaining how the Volturi guard worked, how they were able to lay down the law even when they were outnumbered. I tried to remember what Edward had said about her, but I couldn't.

"So is Afton," Alice spoke in a voice that was merely a whisper.

"Do you know who did it?" Carlisle asked.

"I think," she said the word unsure, "I think it was Marcus."

Carlisle gave an involuntary gasp. "Why would he do this?" He took a step closer to oversized window that nearly reached the ceiling and appeared to be lost in his thoughts as he looked out over the forest.

" Chelsea was the one that could influence the emotional ties between people, right?" Rosalie asked to no one in particular. "So now we know why some of the guard took off on their own. Without Chelsea there to bind them to Aro, they were free to go."

Edward scrunched his eyebrows digesting what Rosalie had said. "Yes, that makes sense. And Afton was Chelsea 's partner - Marcus must've killed Afton so he wouldn't follow him...I just don't understand the reason for all of this."

A horrible idea suddenly dawned on me. I could see the headlines already forming in my head, and the words just slipped through my lips. "Oh no!"

Edward immediately put his arms around me, gazing intently at me. "What is it Bella?"

"With the Volturi gone, who will make sure our secret is safe? Who can guarantee that the war for territory will not ignite again? Edward! My mom, my dad - they won't be safe!" Hysteria was slowly overtaking me and I had to fight hard to regain control.

He gently took my face and held me to his chest. "I know love, but don't worry. It's too early for that yet." He took a step back to look into my eyes as he whispered, "This could be nothing."

I wasn't fooled - I could see it in his eyes, he was worried. He knew I was right.

"Don't worry, sis. We'll make sure your parents are ok. This might be fun, actually - a fight with a bunch of newborns," Emmett commented, full of enthusiasm.

"NO!" Rosalie's scream made us all jump. "I will not let you take part in this! This is not our fight." She was livid.

Wow. She looked so...vulnerable. I had never seen her like this. Of course, I could understand her perfectly. She wanted to protect the reason of her existence - she loves Emmett more than her own life. Even Rosalie Hale could be vulnerable - go figure - when faced with the chance of losing her love.

Emmett held her chin up, and spoke softly to her. "Rosie, I'm sorry. I'm not going anywhere. I promise."

"I need to go," Jacob said as he took a step back towards the door. He looked older again, his expression guarded. "Lizzie is waiting, and I need to let the others know about this. We should be on guard. You'll let me know if anything changes." He directed the last sentence to Edward, who nodded in agreement.

I waved an awkward goodbye to him as he fled through the door. I wanted to say a proper goodbye, but I could feel his anxiety to leave and I didn't want to keep him away from Lizzie.

I sighed after he was gone. "So what do we do now? Shouldn't I start training? You know - just in case it comes to that?"

Edward immediately tensed at my suggestion, his arms tightening even more around me.

"What we need to do right now is concentrate on your ability to control your thirst," he said, but then sensing my disbelieve he added, "We don't know yet what all of this means, Bella. We just have to wait. We might as well do something useful with our time while we do so. Perhaps we you and I should go for a quick hunt?"

I considered fighting him on this for a minute, but I relented. I knew it was a little immature of me to have these urges at a moment like this, but looking up into his golden eyes, I suddenly felt an intense need to be alone with him. So I agreed.