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Awakening Dusk

Bella and Edward's story after Eclipse. A new chapter in their relationship, Bella's change, a new treaty with the wolves. A conflict in the Volturi coven will make them choose a side. Canon. Not OOC "Bella" he called.I turned to glare at him. "What do you want Edward?He was in front of me in a flash. His eyes were on fire, they smoldered. One of his hands pressed on the small of my back and the other tangled in my hair. "You". His voice was low and husky. "All of you. Every part. Right now".Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!BellaandEdward4-1-1-1-1.jpg picture by bedazzledangel

This is my first story. It's sort of how I expected Breaking Dawn to be. I hope you enjoy it.

8. Dusk

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Chapter 8


"Did you stand outside yesterday at dusk? Heaven burned green and washed purple to the Earth. All things were charged with the electricity of sun beneath the thickening coolness of sleep. Thunder tumbled across the cosmos bouncing from wisps of rainbow to clouds painted with hellfire as trees receded into silhouettes. All things were there, all things as close, as distant, as inseparable as day and night. In these fleeting moments when dark velvet night and fiery red day touch, all things are almost possible, or almost inevitable?"

-Paul Cantrell, Dusk -

After I said goodbye to Charlie, I got in my truck to head home. I jammed the key in the ignition: click nothing click still nothing. I popped the hood and got out, what was I looking for? I couldn't tell, maybe a flashing arrow pointing to the problem. Urg! I got my phone out and called Edward. I didn't want to go back inside, afraid Charlie would try to fix it and damage it beyond repair, so I sat down on the curb and moped.

Edward showed up a few minutes later and gave the innards under the hood a quick glance. He said that he would have Rosalie take a look at it. I gave it a little pad on it's rusty door and went home in the Volvo, I pouted all the way.

When we got home we sat on the porch steps to chat for a while.

"How was your day?" he began

"Good, Charlie seems to be taking care of himself" I told him about how Sue had been making diner for him and how I thought that maybe there was something more to it than friendship. It took me off guard when he chuckled.

"I ran into Seth today" He said

"Oh, and what did he tell you?"

"Not much, well not intentionally anyway, I did ‘hear' that his mom and Charlie have been seeking each others company more often lately. Sue's recent good mood seems to be connected to Charlie's visits. Seth is happy for them, he's a good person, his mind is a great place to be" He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"Did Seth tell you Jacob is back?" I didn't think he would've ‘intentionally' tell him, but neither did I think it was a secret because Charlie knew, Jacob wasn't hiding, he had no need for that.

"Yes, he did mention it" He looked a little evasive, but I could see something like the trace of a smile fighting to form in the corner of his mouth.

I bit my lip.

He sighted. "I'm not sure if I should be the one delivering this news, but I know how stubborn you are and you won't relent until I tell you" he said rolling his eyes at me and smiling. "Jacob is in love. Not only that, he has imprinted"

Imprinted! "Is he happy?" I asked fighting to swallow the tight ball that had formed in my throat.

"Yes, he's happy" He said sweeping my hair back and kissing me sweetly on my cheek. "Her name is Lizzie. He met her in a park in Tacoma, he had changed back to his human form because he had intended to come back but the voices from the pack where to overwhelming for him at the moment so he just ran trough and when he got close to Tacoma he phased back. He started walking through the park, that's when he saw her, the pull of the imprint is amazing."

He stared at the sky, his brow furrowed in wonderment.

"Do you think he'll want to talk to me? If I call him. That he'll forgive me?" I said so low it was barely more than a whisper.

"Bella, he has nothing to forgive. I think he understands now, things could be different between you two, perhaps you could regain the friendship you shared once" He had placed his arm on my shoulder and gave me a little squeeze holding me closer to him.

"Lets go inside it's getting very cold and I don't want you getting sick" He said taking my hand and lifting me of the porch steps.

I got ready for bed and when I got out of the bathroom my own Greek god was waiting for me in our bed, his arms wide opened. I still had to remind myself to breath every time I saw him like this, I took a deep breath and laid beside him to nuzzle his neck.

"So if Rosalie can't fix the truck tomorrow would you like to go look for a replacement with me?" He said stroking my hair.

"If. If Rosalie can't fix the truck" I clarified.

"Right" he simply said.

"What makes you think she won't be able to fix it? It's a very sturdy truck" I stated unworried.

"It's ancient" he mocked widening his eyes.

"Whatever, it's a classic" I said sticking up my nose proudly

He laughed "Fine. But you promised to let me buy you a car once the truck gave out" He said tapping my nose with his index finger. "I was thinking maybe a nice sturdy SUV. The new Mercedes Benz has gotten great reviews."

"Ugh! Edward, I don't want an SUV, I'm not running around Kenya to bag a cheetah" I whined.

"OK. OK" he was enjoying this way to much. "How about a little Audi coupe or maybe a comfortable Mercedes sedan?"

"NO. Nothing expensive. I don't...." He didn't let me finish. He planted a kiss on my lips making it impossible for me to speak. But I did try.









I climbed on his stomach and held his arms at his sides glaring at him. I knew that not even in my wildest dreams was I strong enough to hold him down, but I just wanted to get m point clear. Something about my expression must've been funny to him because he started laughing very loudly, shaking the whole bed and making my head bob up and down.

"You are so adorable" He said with some effort. "Like a kitten that believes it's a tiger"

I couldn't be mad at him. I loved when he laughed like that, so I wanted to prolong his laughter. I bent down over his chest and pressed my lips to his shoulder.

"Bella?" he said surprised

I sat back up looking at him innocently. "What?"

"Did you just bite me?" He said amusement written all over his face.

"Yep" I answered smugly.

"Why did you do that?" he said smiling.

"Well I figure if I turn you into a human; you wouldn't be so strong and you wouldn't be able to get away with half the things you do now" I said crossing my arms across my chest defiantly.

It worked, he began laughing again, the vibrations shaking the whole room and I laughed with him. He took my face between his hands and pulled me to him, kissing my lips as a smile played on his.

"I adore you" He said kissing me again, this time slower and more seriously. My heartbeat picked up instantly. He angled my head up and started kissing my neck. Already I couldn't breath right.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, I jumped and would've fallen of the bed if Edward hadn't been holding me.

"Go away Emmett" Edward growled. He held me tighter and gently rolled over to hold himself carefully on top of me, his lips never leaving my skin.

"Is everything OK in there? We thought we heard a bear choking and Bella seems to be having a heart attack" we heard him say from the other side of the door. I felt blood color my face and Edward direct a more feral growl at the door. Emmett must've gotten the hint because I couldn't hear him anymore and Edward kept kissing me trailing his hands on my shirt and starting to undo the buttons. But I hadn't gotten over my embarrassment and I caught his hands as they moved to the third button.

"Edward, I can't"

"What do you mean?" He started skimming his nose across my jaw line all the way up to my ear and back.

"Everyone can hear us" I whispered. I was suddenly hyper aware of the six vampires downstairs and their super sensitive hearing.

"So?" He said sending a gust of cold breath against my skin as his lips moved in the hollow at the base of my throat. "You're my wife and I your husband. We're not doing anything wrong"

"Yes I know, but I feel a little exposed" I said trying to make him understand.

He growled but rolled off me to lay by my side. "Thanks a lot Emmett" he said pinching the bridge of his nose. We heard laughter from downstairs.

"Sorry" I murmured.

"It's fine love" He said cradling me to his chest. "It's not your fault I have an intrusive, blithering idiot for a brother"

"HA" Emmett retorted from downstairs.

Edward sighted "Good night love" He started humming my lullaby and I quickly fell asleep in his arms.

First thing in the morning I went looking for Rosalie to ask about my truck.

"Sorry Bella, but the ignition is not working and having the part built would cost more than the whole truck" She said matter of fact.

Gasp, my truck!

"It's alright love" Edward said coming up from behind and wrapping his arms around my waist. "I have something that I think might cheer you up"

"Really? Do you have a new ignition for my truck?" I answered sarcastically.

"No" he chuckled. "I have something better, come outside and see"

Oh I could only shudder at the thought of what that something could be. As we passed Alice I couldn't help but notice the meaningful look she gave Edward. He sighted. I braced myself. There parked in front of the house was a shiny black four door sedan and although I didn't know anything about cars I could bet this thing cost more than Charlie's house.

"What the hell is this?" I said pointing at the car as if it was insulting me.

"It's a Mercedes Guardian, and it's yours" He said with a sheepish smile trying to conjure up a positive reaction from me.

"When did you get this? My truck stopped working yesterday, and I told you I didn't want anything expensive, this thing must cost a fortune!" I was flabbergasted.

"I had it tucked away in the garage, just in case. Good thing too because I don't think you were too keen on the idea of car shopping, and I didn't buy it; it's a loan. I did buy you a car but that's for after you are changed, this one is safer for now"

"Gah!" Was my only answer as I turned around to go back inside. I did hear Alice mutter an ‘I told you so' and Edward heave a sigh with frustration. Emmett was standing by the door laughing.

"Didn't like the car. Huh little sis'?"

I glared at his pleasure from my annoyance, but he continued.

"Well, you know you could punish him for sneaking behind your back like that. Rose does that to me all the time. You could get back at him by not having....."

" EMMETT!" Edward shouted from outside before he could finish. My face flushed red like a stop light.

Emmett was bent over with laughter. "Oh no wait" he said between peals. "Too late, you already did that! I must say you're using all your ammo too quickly" The big idiot was about to start rolling on the floor. So I headed for the stairs but I caught a glimpse of a white blur as it knocked him to the floor.

"Ow! Yeesh. What a grouch bro. I think someone needs to get some...."

Another thud.


I ignored them and went up to our room. Edward gave me some space to cool down and didn't join me. Smart choice.

About a half hour later he poked his head around the door. "Still mad?"

"Yep" I said keeping my eyes on the book I was pretending to read.

He came to kneel in front of the couch, facing me. "Please, please forgive me. It wasn't my intention to cross you" He said unleashing the full force of his eyes on me. My heart skipped a beat.

"Fine, I won't be mad."

He smiled triumphantly.

I held up one finger before he could call it a victory. "With one condition. You promise to inform me next time you intend to give me something that's value surpluses the national debt" I tried to sound firm but failed miserably.

"Ok. I promise" He conceded kissing my hands. "I also came up here to tell you that if you don't have plans for today; Rose, Esme, Jasper, and I, were thinking about going hunting"

I traced the dark circles under his pitch black eyes. He really needed to hunt.

"Of course, go ahead. You haven't hunted in a while. My husband needs to be better fed" I said encouragingly.

He kissed me again, this time on my lips. "Very well then, we'll be back before twilight" He surrounded me in his strong arms, pressing me against the couch and delivering a most passionate kiss. "Look after my heart" He said as he left the room.

I was surprised when I heard music floating up the stairs so I went down to investigate. Emmett and Alice were twirling gracefully around the living room where the furniture had been pushed back against the walls, to make an improvised dance floor. The beautiful sound of their laughter was mixing with the music. I was having a wonderful time just watching them from my position by the newel post, when Carlisle suddenly appeared next to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Ah" He said "Sinatra" The way you look tonight started playing on the expensive sound system.

"Join us" Alice screeched with excitement.

I just nodded my head and cowered behind the post.

"May I have this dance?" Carlisle said taking my hand.

"Oh Carlisle I'm a terrible dancer" I protested.

"Nonsense" he said leading me to the impromptu dance floor. "You just need a good teacher"

He started leading and I had to admit that I was actually having a great time. Dancing with Carlisle was as easy as dancing with Edward, he did all the work. I saw a light flash and turned around to catch Alice aiming at us with a silver digital camera. Emmett stood behind her attired in what I could only assume was some kind of very old smoking jacket and top hat. I started laughing and Carlisle dipped me, bringing on another flash from the camera.

Emmett came up to us with a saucy grin in his mischievous face. "May I cut in?" he said.

"Of course" Carlisle responded taking a step back, ever the gentleman. But as Carlisle released my hand, Emmett grabbed him around the waist and proceeded to try to spin him. Alice and I shook with laughter, and she snapped another picture.

We spent the rest of the morning goofing around like this as Alice and Emmett took countless pictures. After I ate lunch, we went back to the now normally arranged living room to look at the pictures in the huge plasma TV. Just then the rest of the family arrived and joined us. There was a picture of Alice and I hugging each other, with the sides of our faces pressed together. One of Carlisle, with his arms around Alice and me. We all laughed at one where Emmett had Alice and me sitting on his flexed arms, one on each side, me wearing the ridiculous top hat and Alice beaming from the inside of the smoking jacket that seemed to be drowning her.

I looked at my Greek god of a husband. His cheeks slightly flushed and his eyes the most beautiful shade of honey gold from the recent hunt. He was beaming with joy as he looked at me.

"I'm happy you had a good time while I was away. Although, I have to admit I'm a little jealous; you never want to dance with me" he said with mock indignity.

"As long as we keep the dancing inside the house and between us; I have no problem with it" I said jokingly.

"I might take you up on that offer" he said brushing my lips, but before he could kiss me his phone started vibrating in his pocket. He looked at the number before answering.

"Seth?" he said. He tensed, his expression turning to a mask of fake calmness automatically. I felt my body turn rigid like I had been dowsed with ice cold water. "I'm so sorry" he continued, looking away from me "Yes, I will tell her"

I was already felling the panic building up. "What is it Edward?"

"Calm down" he said placing his hands on my shoulders "Jacob called Seth. Billy passed away"

I felt as if a frigid string had wrapped it self around my insides as was now being pulled out painfully trough the skin of my midsection. "Oh! Edward. Poor Billy. And Jacob. Oh! And what about Charlie? Does he know?"

"Charlie doesn't know yet. Seth thought it would be best if you told him. But if you don't feel well enough, I could call him"

"No, I'll tell him. But first I must see Jacob. He must be devastated" I said desperately trying to reach for the door.

"Love, are you sure you'll be able to drive in this condition?" he said blocking my way "Maybe I should drive you"

"No" I said "No Edward, I must go by myself it will be easier this way"

"I don't know" he said doubtfully, examining my face to make sure I was stable enough to drive.

"Edward please! He's my best friend, I owe him this much"

"Fine" he surrendered quietly "But take the Volvo you're not familiar with the Guardian yet, and promise to call me as soon as you get there"

"I promise" I said taking the keys he was offering me.

He kissed me. "Be safe"

"I will" I said going out the door before he had a chance to see the tears I had been holding back start falling down my face.

I couldn't even find the buckle for my seat belt before I started bawling as I made my way through the winding drive way. What would happen to Jake now? How would he be able to take care of himself? I could barely see the road as I took the 110 to La Push, the tears streaming down like waterfalls; blinding me. I hated the thought of Jake living in the old house all by himself. I lowered the window hoping the fresh air would help me clear my head. I needed to be strong for him. I couldn't let him see me like this. If he want to see me at all. The thought of his anguished face brought on a new wave of hysteria. I wiped the tears from my face with the back of my hand. I saw an orange flash come out of nowhere. It crashed on the hood of the car, instinctively I stepped on the brakes. The whole right side of the car seemed to lift in the air. It only took a second. I had tried to go around the orange object and suddenly I was flying, the whole world turning upside down over and over again. I felt myself going out the window as if an invisible force was pulling me from the car. Something collided with me, knocking the air out of my lungs. As quickly as it begun; it stopped. I felt the wet ground under me but I couldn't move! I couldn't breath! All I could see was smoke coming from somewhere close by.

"Bella?" A familiar voice screamed from afar. As the voice got closer I recognized it. Jacob.

"Bella! Oh Bella. Oh no!" I could see him now, his face contorted in agony, his eyes red rimmed with the tears already shed and new ones wearing a path down his face. I wanted to comfort him, to hold him in my arms like I used to do when he still regarded me as a friend, to tell him everything will be alright. But, I couldn't. I couldn't make the air travel to my lungs so that I could form the words I so desperately wanted to say. It was as if the very air that surrounded me had materialized into a huge boulder pressing on my chest. I could faintly make out dark silhouettes around us and heard someone say ‘Edward come quickly' but I couldn't make out the rest of the words. Edward my love, what had I done? I had to keep trying to breath, for him! I couldn't loose him now. I would not give up. He counted on me and I couldn't let him down, but the air was so thick, I couldn't inhale it in. I was so tired. Keep fighting! The pain was fading. I heard another sound. The sound of my angel calling me.

"NO! Oh no, BELLA, no!" he cried in horror "No, PLEASE! Bella, my love, my LIFE! NO" Edward sobbed tearless broken sobs as he knelt over me. "Carlisle!" he called "Do something!"

I felt cold hands probing me, momentarily flaring the pain. "I'm sorry son" I heard him whisper. "There's nothing I can do"

"NO! There HAS to be something! Try anything!" He said screaming in torture. "Bella love! Please. Please! DON'T LEAVE ME! I love you." His voice broke with his lamented wails.

I couldn't take it any more. His anguished pleas where breaking my very soul apart. I tried to tell him to stop, to calm down everything was going to be fine. The sound got caught up in my throat making me cough, it tasted like blood.

"What are you waiting for LEECH?" Jacob shouted "Save her!"

"Son, you must do it! Before it's too late" Carlisle pressed urgently.

"I'm sorry Bella! I'm sorry!" Edward said in a mournful cry.

But I couldn't see him. Dusk was setting in my eyes sending everything into darkness.

"BELLA, PLEASE!" he called from far away "Keep your heart beating. My love. My life. My SOUL!" he begged in a lamented scream.

Then all was silent.