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Phases of the moon

Bella's life during new moon, in poetry! actually some of these reflect my own feelings. i get very depressed sometimes. :(


11. I thought he didn't care

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I thought he didn’t care,

Whether I lived or died.

I think about the pain he cause

And all the tears I cried.

He broke me into pieces,

And three them on the ground.

Then he went to hell itself

To face the demon hound.

As long as he lives on,

I can survive.

But if he ceases to exist,

I will take a final dive.

They say the world is full of trials,

Of misery and pain.

I never understood but the day we met,

I knew life would never be the same.

And now as I race on,

To the gates of hell.

I know I will fight to the very end,

Just to keep you well.