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Phases of the moon

Bella's life during new moon, in poetry! actually some of these reflect my own feelings. i get very depressed sometimes. :(


8. Enemies in the woods

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Running through the forest, hidden in the trees.

Circling the prey, howling in the breeze.

Eyes like moonlight, spilling in the dark.

Lips drawn back, releasing a fearsome bark.

Russet colored fur, standing by my side.

Protecting me from danger, and making me want to hide.

Snarling in the clearing, scaring me to death.

Making me wonder, is this my last breath.

Eyes a burning red, but also black as tar

Reminding me and revealing my scar.

Pale glowing skin, preparing to attack.

Makes me wish, wants to turn back.

Life is no existence.

It has no point. As I heave a sigh,

I wonder,

Does it really matter if I live or die?