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If Looks Could Kill

Jane of the Volturi - a vampire with a... unique ability. Not many have been able to look past that. So why should anybody start now? Entered for the Jane One-Shot Challenge. Honorable mention!Weaver of Souls


1. If Looks Could Kill

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She was always in the dark, watching, waiting.

She was always hidden in the shadows, watching as humans passed by, disgusted by her own thirst as she struggled with the bloodlust, the evil intent that seemed to be ingrained into her brain.

She was always envious, even of humans. As she watched them, she saw how each human had such small, such petty worries - as if any of that mattered. None of those insignificant sheep-like humans had any of the problems she had to go through every day.

The numb, terrified expressions, the flinching, the recoiling the minute they realized who was passing by them in the halls. She was used to it by now, but each time she noticed it, it still stung.

Even with all those trivial dramas that humans and their day-to-day lives went through, she still envied them. After more than half a century, she still envied them.

A human passed by her hiding space, the wind blowing the scent towards her. She sucked in a breath and clenched her fists in an effort to stop the monster that always took over. The ignorant human, startled by the menacing sound, reflexively glanced in her direction and cringed away as soon as his eyes settled on her face. The sound of his quickening footsteps seemed to pound into her brain, reminding her.

They never knew why they should be scared of a short, tiny girl with the boyish features and strangely beautiful face. They never knew, even as they noticed her blood-red irises, but their instincts were enough that they avoided her.

Not even knowing her secret, they still cowered away from her.

Her nails bit into her palms, but she didn't feel it as her eyes zeroed in on a heavyset male, comparatively skinny female, and a small infant cradled in her arms. They were far away, so far that they were blurry in her sight. They were laughing as the small human giggled and poked her mother in the mouth. The mother winced, but continued chuckling as she and her partner strolled off, oblivious to the girl in the darkness, watching.

She was careful to keep a short leash on her mind, careful not to let her feelings overwhelm her and force a reaction out of her. Careful not to risk exposing herself to the outside world in which she was an outsider, a stranger.

Even so, the humans seemed to realize that danger lurked. A few glanced uneasily over their shoulders, but none saw the girl in the darkness, watching.

Aro had always known how she had felt from the moment he'd shaken her hand. But instead of his throwing her out in the streets, contrarily, he'd seemed delighted. And without stating why, he'd allowed her into his household, in exchange for her unique gift.

Unique. That was a way to put it.

It twisted inside of her, struggling to get out. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. Now was not the time.

At first, she had been... thrilled. Thrilled that her special power placed her above the others in this new world. Thrilled that she had the ability to cause fear wherever she went with just one glare from her. Just one glare, and they shrank back as if she had burned them. Which she had, in a way.

And then, after a few decades of the same routine, over and over and over again, she'd begun to recognize her own stupidity. Her own ignorance.

No, this power was not a gift - it was a curse.

For almost a century, she'd been alone. Nobody would dare get close to her, lest they be the victim of the horror that lay inside her. Sure, they pretended it, like Aro did, but that wasn't the same. She longed for someone she could confide her secrets in, someone she could trust.

But there wasn't anybody. And there was no trust, coming from her or from anybody else.

And so she hid behind her own tough exterior, hoping that nobody would realize her true feelings. Knowing that if she acted as if she was actually glad about having such a powerful ability, she followed Aro's orders, hoping that although he knew her real intentions, the others of the guard would become closer to her.

But nobody did. So she dealt with this brokenness, this longing for a regular, human life.


She whipped around, a scowl forming on her face effortlessly. It was almost second nature to her, after acting out the same role decade after decade.

The vampire in front of her cowered instinctively, lip rising slightly to show her his teeth. He inched back. As if she had a range.


The word came out harshly, thrown out so fast that it seemed like she was shouting them in his face. He paused, taking the time to back away into the open. His dark grey cloak covered all of his face.

"Heidi's back. It's - it's feeding time."

Those simple words froze her, and she remembered the family of three she had been watching so intently.

Even through the bloodlust, even while the venom pooled up in her mouth at the thought of feeding, the idea of quenching her thirst now of all times revolted her. Disgusted, she fought to hide her emotions and settled with a stony warning face that was so familiar on her. She nodded tersely.

Instantly, like she'd expected, the vampire fled. There was no sign as to show that he had been standing there only moments ago.

She welcomed the pain that brought her, the mindless fear that always accompanied her presence.

Pulling up her hood and hunching her shoulders, she stepped out of the shadows and felt the role she played coming onto her again. Breathing in and feeling the aches in her throat the simple action brought her, she trudged out into the sun.