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Edward Never Came Back-Alternate Future Ending Rated-R (Talk of Suicide)

Edward never came back so Jacob and Bella have fell in love and moved in Bella's child hood home n forks after charlie has died, they have been married for a long time and living together even longer. Bella decides to install a new floor in her old bedroom and finds Edwards things he never intented for her to find.

I do not own any of these characters or stories it's all stephanie meyer's.

1. Chapter 1

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I had not lived here in 10 years. I had not been here in one week. I had not slept here in two weeks. The last two weeks of my fathers life, the home of my childhood.

Our home now, the memories stung but it had been Charlie’s time to die, his death in the end had been happy, in a small way-in that it had relived him of his pain. The pain that had altered him into a man that was not my father. Though I had grown used to looking after Charlie throughout my teenage years, and through my married years also, nothing could have prepared me for looking after my father on his death bed.

This house would always be my true home. This room would always belong to me, but never to my children. How ironic, was the fact that I couldn’t bear children, not because I had ever particularly wanted them. But because a future that could have been mine, was taken away from me so I could grow old and have children. Grow old, that I had done, but I was not to think of these memories, for my own sanity and my husbands sake.

The yellow kitchen cupboards stood out to me in my old, or new as it was now kitchen. The cupboards filled with dried foods, the kind where you had to “just add water” the only ones Charlie had been able to make. I smiled to my self as a silent tear rolled down my face. I smiled for Charlie. I felt a familiar pair of strong, warm arms slide around my waist and pull me close. “Welcome home Bells.”

It would be strange to not live close to the first beach, to the tribe, to the other wolves, to my family. But Jacob and I needed space, this house was ours, and we would be as happy here as we were in our smaller house in La Push. This was my home. Our home.

Charlie and Sue had re-decorated a long time ago, I had wanted to tell him, many times, how I hated it, how it just wasn’t my home anymore. But it was precisely that. Not my home anymore. But now I wanted more than ever for my room to stay how it was when I had lived here in my teenage years, the way that it comforted me. Subconsciously I knew that my old room was a reminder of him, and that was comforting.

I liked to pretend he still cared, but the reality of it was that he did not, time had taught me that. Being broken had taught me that.

I was still very much broken, to an extent, I was so lucky that that Jacob was the remedy to all my pain, otherwise I wouldn’t still be here. In this house. On this earth. So lucky that Jacob unwaveringly loved all my broken pieces, didn’t mind that I was damaged goods, that my heart and soul would always be another’s, even when it got really bad, when I was beyond reconciliation. Which I became every time my birthday came around .

My room was a safety hazard now, the floor desperately needed replacing, the damp wooden planks was clearly rotting in most places. Charlie never came in here, and so it was left neglected. I would get around to it, one day. No, I would do it tomorrow, I would take the bull by the horns. The sooner I fixed it all the sooner I would remember all the happy memories that were imprinted on me in this room, his voice has stopped long ago, that was unhealthy. It was safe for me to remember some memories, not too painful. But painful nonetheless, however I could handle them now, I had grown strong enough.

The next morning as I prepared mine and Jacobs breakfast ready for a hard days work regenerating my old room.

“Jacob” I shouted upstairs “Breakfast” I had shouted this many times to my father before me and Jake had gotten married. “Coming. . .” A dismissive voice drifted from upstairs.

“Too right you are” I mumbled to myself as I ran as silently as I could upstairs. Not silently enough, one of the advantages of being a werewolf I too often overlooked, super hearing. I Threw the door open to the master bedroom, ready to pull the sheets off my lazy husband. I stopped in the doorway puzzled, our bed was empty of everything but pillows, things clicked into place a second too late. I tried to duck but as always, I was much to slow. My familiar bed sheets were pulled over my head as I was swiftly pushed on to our bed, Jake’s throaty laugh was all it took to spread a huge smile across my face even if the smile was wasted underneath our bed sheets. He yanked the sheets from over my face and met my grin with a huge smile, then planted a huge kiss on my welcoming lips. “Good morning Mrs Black”

“hurry up before your breakfast burns, Mr Black” he sniffed the air, no doubt smelling what I had made, then was gone from my arms at his speed that never failed to shock me. And I was in his racing towards the kitchen. “You ready for today?” I asked excited at the thought of being able to safely walk around my room. “Today?” his features creased in confusion.

“We’re ripping up the floor boards in my old room, so we can put a new floor in you silly forgetful wolf” I grinned at him.

“I totally forgot Bella, I promised Quil we could-.”

“Don’t worry about it. Man stuff” I smiled dismissively “I’ll do it. I still remember how to do it from when we did it at our old house”

“You sure? I could cancel, I’ll help-” I cut him off mid sentence.

“Don’t be stupid, when are you going?”

“In about” he looked towards the kitchen clock, oh man, ten minutes-I’ve got to get ready!” He wolfed down his breakfast, and ran in a blur upstairs and came down two minutes later ready to go out. I heard a beep outside, I opened the door to wave at Quil in his truck. Jacob sped past me and reached his hand out for the car door, he deliberated for a second then rushed back to me and kissed me goodbye. “Have fun!” I shouted to no one in particular after their car had disappeared down the familiar street.

I got to work straight away, taking out unwanted frustration on the mouldy floorboards beneath me, I stared out the window and thought back when I first came to stay with Charlie in Forks.

I was doing well, half way through the day, I was half was done. I stopped briefly to have some lunch, but I was becoming obsessive and quickly returned to the mouldy floor boards. I was surprised when I came to a particularly lose floorboard in the middle of my room, lose enough for me to not use my sturdy tools. I reached my fingers underneath the floor board trying to block mental images of huge spiders and quickly ripped it from underneath me, scared in case my mental images came true.

Nothing could have prepared me for what lay underneath this particular mouldy piece of wood, at first I was curious to what this small plastic bag was lurking dormant under my floor. Images filled my mind of treasure, other darker images filled my mind with terrible things this package could possibly be. I shook off the images, I read to many murder mysteries, I reached about a foot down to get the package. My eyes looking through the clear plastic saw a face, that haunted me. A face that I loved. A face that did not love me. A face that left me in Forks to rot. Edward‘s face. It had been so long since I had allowed myself to even think his name, and yet here his picture was staring at me, a reminder of the past, of the life I had once known but never would again. His promise made many years ago. One of the most painful memories of all it will be as if I never existed it had been broken from the moment it escaped his lips, it was broken now more than ever.

I ran my fingers over the pictures that had been untouched in so many years, my only reminders of him, of our time together. The happiest time of my life. I had thought he had taken them with him, and probably disposed of them, what were they to him-he didn’t care for me. His beauty still did not fail to stun me even in a picture, he was more beautiful in person even more impossibly perfect. For a short time, more than I had ever deserved, he had been mine. I had been in love.

I looked towards a photo with a huge crease down the middle Edward on one side, me, the seventeen year old me by his side smiling awkwardly. Another photo of Edward in my kitchen smiling and looking mildly annoyed at having is photo taken. The last photo was the hardest to look at, his face. Blank. Emotionless. Bored. Bored with me, with us, had he already decided to leave when this photo was taken? already decided to shatter my heart into tiny unrecognisable fragments?

I felt the fault line ripple in my chest, and the hole that Edward had personally carved out burst violently back into life. It shocked me so much I fell on to my back gasping for air, the hole had been dormant for to long I had not felt pain of this magnitude for to long, now it seared me, burning revenge. My lungs, my heart. All gone, gone with him wherever he was. Enjoying his distractions, the hole burned and I felt like I would die right there on the floor of old room. I tried to stop the memories but they flooded me, the break up, the rejection. He didn’t care. He didn’t want me. After all we had been through he didn’t even care if I lived or died. He never loved me at all. He had lied his way into my life and left without a trace. Until now.

I spent along time on the floor, the sky grew black. I was decided. Absentmindedly I wondered why Jacob wasn’t back, Jake, this was going to hurt him so much. I was selfish, but I couldn’t live like this. It had to end. There had to be a way out, to escape this pain. I had to get up, he couldn’t find me like this-he would suspect something, I put mine and Edwards things back underneath the floor boards and carefully replaced the wooden beam.

“Bella!” I heard a frantic voice shouting, I raised out of bed sleepily. Did he know already?

“Bella” I heard clear undiluted panic in Quils voice, Quils voice? Why was Quil shouting my name in panic? I jumped out of bed, running down stairs as quickly as my weak human feet would take me. I reached the bottom of the stairs, Jake fell onto his knees in front of me. “Is he hurt?” I question Quil urgently. “I’m so sorry. So sorry Bella, I didn’t mean to I couldn’t help it” silent tears streamed down my husbands face, looking like they were bleaching it in the moonlight. Jacob hugged himself to my stomach “what’s happened?” I asked Quil. What could have happened, what could affect Jacob like this? “He’s imprinted Bella” Quil looked down to his feet. Excellent Jake wouldn’t be in pain for long. “Ahh” I bent down to look Jacob in his black deep set eyes “what are you waiting for Jake. Go to her. WE both know you need to be with her”

“I can’t leave you Bella.” Jacob sobbed.

“We knew this would happen one day Jake please leave I understand, I forgive you. I love you, but you have to go” I felt some pain, but Edwards pain over shadowed Jake. It would be over soon I reassured myself. Jake and Quil left I was alone, finally.

I woke to bright sunshine, pain washed over my shaking body, shaking from my nightmare. It was soon replaced by relief, it would soon be gone. There would be no more dreams for me. Not in this world. Today was my last day, I would soon be with Charlie, I would soon be free of Edwards latent hold over me. I put on my best dress, and walked to my room the hole threatening to rip me apart the whole time. I reached down to his things and walked to my bathroom, I reached into the back of my cupboard and my finger searched until they found my goal. My Mecca. My haven, the only relief this life could offer me anymore, the pills from my cliff diving accident so many years ago.

I walked into my old room to my familiar bed, the same bed me and Edward had lay upon where he so many times had told me he loved me. So many times he had lied, it wasn’t possible to hurt someone you loved as much as he had hurt me.

I opened the plastic bag, and put his CD into the same stereo I had the first time I listened to it. My lullaby played in the background I put it on repeat, this was the song I wanted to die to. I laid out the photos of him in front of me, I wanted his face to be the last thing I ever saw in this world. All my thoughts were consumed by him now, happy memories. I pretended he still cared and then I popped the top of my bottle of pain killers.

I counted out ten in the palm of my hand, and slowly swallowed the first one. Then the second. Then the third, I raised my hand to pop the fourth. Officially overdosing. When suddenly my pills were knocked out of my hand, which did not shake. I was not afraid of death, I welcomed it.

“Bella please stop this” A perfect voice uttered, it really did sound like he cared. Like he was in pain at the thought of my death. I should have known my hallucinations would make a last minute appearance. “Give me a reason why” I humoured my broken mind.

“Because I love you. Because this will kill me” I turned my head to my pills my lullaby playing softly in the background. “Let me enjoy my last minutes Edward. Please, have you not hurt me enough in my pathetic life?” I spoke to thin air answering myself.

A cold white hand stole my pills, then it dawned on me. I was already dead. How else would he be with me. He had no incentive or reason to be this was my dream. “I feel as if I have lived a thousand years loving and living without you Edward. And yet here you are. I have missed you. Now I am dead, will you be with me always as you should have been when I lived?”

“You are alive Bella, I need to explain everything to you” I stared into his perfect eyes. Ran my hands across his beautiful face, there was no crooked smile I loved. My smile.

“If I’m alive please give me the pills because you leaving again will kill meI pleaded imaging how overwhelming the pain could be.

“No, I will never leave you again Isabella Marie Swan.” I was most definitely dead.