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Ten things

Ten things about the Twilight characters. Reviews are really apreciated, they help me remember to update!! Breaking Dawn spoilers!


1. Emmett

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1) Ever since he was little, he loved to fight. Not big, huge, life-changing fights, he didn't really like hurting people. It was just a really great way for him to let out all his emotions. All those rough emotions that he was embarrassed to feel; anger, pain, hate, jealousy, because he thought they made him weak. He thought it was probably because he never had any real, close friends or a bigger brother or a little sister or anyone he could talk to. So he really loved fighting because it was easy and he didn't have to think about it and it worked. It was an escape and he always loved it.

When he first realised he had been changed one of his first thoughts was about how great the fights would be from now on. But then he got to know Rosalie and he realised (during their first really huge fight together) that he could also fight for love, for happiness, for her, his Rosalie. And he thought that he had only realised this now, after being changed and after Rosalie, because before all this, there hadn't been anyone to fight for, no one, no love or happiness to fight for. But now that he had her, now that he had his Rose, all that had changed.

2) Jasper was his favourite brother. And maybe that was mean and horrible of him, that he loved Jazz more than he loved Edward. But the thing was, Edward could read his mind, and no matter how many times Rosalie or Alice or Carlisle explained that Edward didn't try to see into his mind, Emmett had always found it really weird. Plus Jazz was so fun, so unlike the brooding Edward, Jasper was the best one to place bets with, the best one to play-fight with, the best one to laugh with. Jasper was just the best. And sometimes Emmett found himself wishing he had had someone like Jazzy when he was human, because maybe he would have made it more bearable.

3) He never regretted being changed. Mostly because it had brought him to Rosalie, and to Jasper and little Alice and Edward and Carlisle and Esme. But also because it had sort of given him a reason to live. Which was probably the most ironic paradox ever; that he had found his reason to live, now that he wasn't really alive anymore. But no matter how many times Rosalie apologized and asked him if he was completely sure that he didn't regret it he always responded the same; he always said that he couldn't ever regret this because it would be like regretting her, regretting them and because he had finally found a place where he fit right in, found a family.

4) He had one secret from Rosalie, only one. He had seen her before, before the bear incident, the angel and god incident. Once when he was about six, he had been out walking with his mom, they had turned the corner of a completely nondescript road and she had been right there. Emmett had turned slightly after they had walked past and pulled his mom's hand and whispered she's pretty. And his mom had nodded without looking and then pulled him further along down the road and that had been that.

But Emmett never forgot the beautiful woman from that day and he had promised himself that one day he was going to marry someone like her. So when he realised, after all those years that he had gone and landed himself that exact same woman, he let out a loud laugh and then asked her to marry him. That was the reason they had been married so many times; if he had promised himself to marry a woman like her, well then he just had to marry her over and over again.

5) He really did want children. Not with that same thirst and needthat Rose and Esme had, but he really wished that he could have a little kid of his own. And he imagined a little boy with his mother's blond hair and his father's smile, a little boy who would love to fight and wrestle with his dad and love it when his mom and his aunt dressed him nicely. He imagined a tiny girl, precious and fragile and completely theirs, a little girl with Rosalie's eyes and mouth and almost Rosalie's everything, except she would have long curly brown hair and she would put up with her mom's endless shopping but what she really loved best was a good bet with Uncle Jasper or an arm wrestle with her dad.

He imagined Rose holding their baby tenderly and both of them watching their child grow old, and he felt hollow and it felt like his heart had not only stopped beating but had also been torn out and stomped on. So when he found out that Bella and Edward were going to have a baby and that Edward didn't ever want it, well he hated his brother for awhile. But afterwards, after the baby was born and when he saw Rose with the baby and then he got to hold her and it was almost like she was theirs. So he really couldn't hate Edward for giving them just a tiny piece of the thing they had always wanted.

6) Sometimes, during those long nights when he actually lay down and just thought, he felt a bit of hatred towards Carlisle. Not for changing him, not for taking away hishuman life, but for taking all that away from Rosalie. He hated that Carlisle could have done that to her, that he could still live with himself seeing that she wished he had never changed her. How could Carlisle not hate himself, for doing this to Rose, to his Rose.

But maybe he could never know how much that human life meant to Rosalie, only Emmett could truly know how much she missed being human (he could read her so easily, and she was more open with him than with anyone else), how much she missed being able to cry (she would cling to him and shudder and whisper it over and over again: "I'm crying, please let me be crying"), missed being able to feel cold (she use to get him to press his hands everywhere just to see if they would make her feel anything, and he always felt horrible when it never worked), missed all those trivial things that any normal human would carelessly throw away, she would kill for. But then he remembered that Rosalie had been dying when Carlisle had found her, she had just been raped and even if she had survived, her life would have never been the same, turned brutally upside down. So then he thought that he should probably thank Carlisle and not hate him, because now Emmet had Rosalie, and that was all that mattered.

7) When Edward first told them about Bella, about everything he was feeling and everything he had done, Emmett had laughed. Not because he had found it humorous (although that might have been part of it) but because he was in complete shock. Not in shock that Edward was going around kissing a human, a human with a nice pulsing heartbeat, not in shock because finally Edward's power didn't work on someone. He was in shock because, well, who in their right mind would ever choose a measly, mediocre human, when they had been offered Rosalie. He thought Edward must be crazy, but didn't care much because it meant he got Rose.

8) Emmett used to wish for a power, a power like Alice and Jasper and Edward. He felt sort of cheated that they got to be all cool and powerful and he got nothing. But then he started noticing Jasper's pained looks anytime anyone else nearby was feeling grumpy or angry and he was grateful he couldn't feel moods. And he noticed Alice's pain when she saw the future and it was horrible, or even when she couldn't see the future, and he was glad that he wasn't trapped inside his own head like she was sometimes. He also noticed Edwards pain (though this came much later) when he could hear every single thing that people were thinking about him, or about Bella and how he couldn't even do anything about it, and he was glad that he didn't have to hear everyone's thoughts about his Rosalie because he was sure that he wouldn't be able to hold himself back if they thought something out of line. And so he was grateful not to have any gift at all, and to just be a normal teen-aged vampire.

9) He loved Rosalie more than anything. And he was exceedingly happy when he realised that she loved him back. Because it meant he could call her angel and Rosie and Babe and all those ridiculous pet names he had secretly been calling her in his head (which had made Edward laugh and gag simultaneously), and it meant he could finally touch her hair, her beautiful long, blond, wavy, hair, and it meant he could be allowed on those shopping trips with Alice and Jasper (which were only fun because Jasper was there and because he loved it when Rose picked out his clothes) and it meant he could just be with her, forever and ever.

10) He didn't think Jacob was that bad, and he would never admit it to Rosalie, but he was actually sort of friends with the pup. Only because his stupid smile and his huge growth spurt and how he loved to annoy Rosalie, well that sort of reminded Emmett of himself. And even though Rosalie hated him, he thought that maybe she sort of liked him too, but only because he reminded her of him.