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Hate and Players

AU HUMAN What happens when Bella wan Hates Her Best Friends Relative? Photobucket


2. Chapter 2

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I finally got my breathe to a steady, constant rate.

He was gorgeous. His face was gorgeous, and almost angelic. His beautiful bronze tinted hair. I wanted to run my hands through his hair, over and over again.

His eyes were what would you say? Beautiful? Magnificent? Amazing? Completely breath taking? I can’t even measure the time I just stood there marveling at his beauty.

I felt like saying, “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just staring and drooling over how gorgeous you are.” And if I were to say that he would probably think I would end up stalking him or something.

His voice was amazing. I thought I would melt into a puddle, the first time I heard him. It was so beautiful. I kept replying his two words in my head. Oh… and his smile! It was beautiful. It was alluring, lovely, charming, delightful, and drop-dead gorgeous.

I snapped out of it finally. I extend my hand for him to shake and he did.

“Hello Edward,” I said. Then he leaned in closer to my face. My breathing started to become ragged.

“It’s very nice to meet you Bella” He whispered in my ear.

I let go of his hand. I took a small step back. “It’s, uh, err, umm, nice to me you too?” it sounded more like a question.

Emmett and Jasper where arguing about who would win a wrestling match at the moment.

“Jasper, look at me.” Emmett pointed to himself. “ Do you seriously think you could beat me?” He started laughing on the floor like a manic.

“It takes more than just strength to win a wrestling match, Em. There is also strategy and stamina.” Jasper snapped.

“Oh, yeah right Jazz!”

“You wanna go?”

“Heck yea!”

“Okay, okay go have your fun. Just take it out of Bells room and mine. Okay?” Alice asked. They literally flew out of the room. Alice then stepped in front of Rose and me.

“Now that is over with. Rose, Bella would you like to go shopping?” Alice asked directing it towards me in a pleading look. She knew I hated to shop when I wasn’t necessary.

“Yes!” Rose exclaimed. At the same time I yelled, “No!”

Alice looked up at me with her puppy dog pout. I was glad after the four years I had spent with Alice, I was immune to that. She was not going to get me to go shopping.

“No Alice! I will not go shopping today. I have everything I need anyway. So why do I have to go for no reason?” I said like I was whinnying. She then sighed in defeat.

She then grabbed Rose’s arm. “Fine Bella. We will be back before 4 p.m today. So that gives you 6 hours to do whatever.” She tugged on Rose and leaded her out. Leaving Edward and me alone.

It was strange for moment of silence we had. It was… different. As in not what you would expect two staggers to feel in the same room. I didn’t feel uncomfortable and I could tell he wasn’t either. At the same time I felt uneasy and nervous.

What is this boy doing to me?

Then out of nowhere he laughs. It a musical laugh, which fit his voice perfectly. I was actually considering that he could read my mind. He realized the confused look on my face and stop.

“Sorry. Its just, I never thought someone get so upset about shopping.” He started laugh again. That’s when I realized that it was my favorite sound.

“ Well, I’m glad you enjoy the thought of my torture. And you laughing just proves you haven’t ever been shopping with Alice for more then 3 hours. ” I said looking down.

I didn’t want to look at him. Because 1.) I would stop breathing. 2.) Actually talk back to him and make a fool out of myself. And 3.) I wouldn’t be able to stop looking into his eyes. So the only decision left is to not look at them at all.

I finally looked up at him. There he was standing, staring at me. He had an amused expression on his face. I finally came out of my daze. I started to walk out of the dorm, then he grabbed me wrist. He let go, and I waited for and explanation.

“I’m sorry. It was just the expression on your face when Alice said you would be going shopping, it was priceless.” He said with sincerity, followed by a chuckle.

“Whatever.” I said and left to get myself some food. I decided to go to this café right outside of the campus.

While eating breakfast I started to think about this mornings events.

Many major things happened this morning. I am officially here at Valley Boarding School. I have met the best-looking guy, ever. He happens to be my best friends cousin. He also finds it funny that I can’t stand shopping.

This morning was a good way to start my day off. Maybe…