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Jane, and her truth.(one shot)

Take a peek into Jane's past life... And future.

for a challenge. i was writing this before i knew about fanfic, and i thought why not use it for a challenge? and this is before i knew alec and jane were brother and sister, thank you for reading!

1. ALL.

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Italy, a wonderful city. Beautiful, too. I must be their biggest disappointment.

My mother and father had both left me only at the age of 1, and I had been carried form foster home to foster home, then finally ran away. But life was horrible, sitting alone on the streets. My only true love, Daniel, had left me in the streets of Rome exactly one year ago for a young lady in a dazzling white dress. I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I held the knife up to my throat, my memories piercing me like darts.I pressed harder, shedding just a little blood. A little blood won't cut it. I thought. So I pressed it closer. Much closer.The pain was getting worse now. I was going to make the final stab. I positioned above my heart, and swung then swung the knife back, only to be stopped by a man with a gleaming dark mustache. His face was powdery and pale, with glowing red eyes, wearing a gray cloak.

"Come with me, darling." he said, His voice was velvety and smooth, as if it were luring me to follow him.

My eyes turned over into a daze and I drifted off with him.

"So, you like that castle up in the hills?" he said, his voice soothing my nerves.

I couldn't speak. It's as if some power was over whelming me, causing my senses to fail.

He smiled and dragged me to a sewage pipe.

"Jump in, my dear." he said, smiling with beautiful white teeth.

I wobbled over and fell in the dark tunnels of the pipe.

We walked through long, damp passage ways, and hallways lit with crystal chandeliers, some taller than me. I was sure I was streaking blood all over the floors. The pain began to get worse.Soon we were walking into a long room, and the world started to fade out. The pain was horrendous, and the blood dripping down my chest was starting to make me feel sick.

There were three men, all in giant golden thrones and cloaks in the front of the room. He stared at me with a smile on his face, his milky red eyes dancing like fire.

The pain was getting worse. The blood was flowing faster.The view of them started to erase into blackness. I knew it was over now.

I closed my eyes, but continued feeling the dragging sensation, until every sound and sense had faded away.

I knew I was dead. It was all over.

The most astounding pain had awoken me. It was felt like fire was rippling through my body, and more blood was being flushed away, quickly.

But the pain stopped, and I began to feel hushed voices over me.

"She's perfect," one hissed.

"Her blood is so..."

"Marcus, control yourself. This girl has an extraordinary talent; I can hear it echoing through her thoughts. And the only thing stopping her is..."

"A vampire?"

"Yes, my dear brother."

The voices droned out again as the pain seared through me. I fell into a dark sleep, the fire still burning up inside me.

• • •

I awoke what seemed like only a little amount of time. The fire pain was gone. But my throat quenched for something, but I didn't know what. I could smell something sweet before me, the richest of chocolates and the creaminess of cakes.

I opened my eyes. The man with powdery white skin was standing in front of me, holding a man, handcuffed and blindfolded.The boy seemed familiar, I just didn't know who.

Then it clicked.


Now I know what the thirst was. Human blood. This is what that Marcus character had been talking to the other man about. I had a crazy thought billowing in my head. I'm a vampire.

I could feel the speed of no animal or human could accomplish, and the strength of a thousand men.

I couldn't bear the thirst, so I jumped on Daniel and bit his neck, sucking him bone-dry.

I'm a monster, I told myself.

The man smiled out me and reached out his hand.

"I'm Aro Volturi" he said, his teeth gleaming as if sunlight were shining upon each of them.

This is my future, I thought.

This is it.


Ever since that day, the day I had become a vampire, my life completely changed.

The Volturi was my family. My home I had never received, and Aro was my father I had never had. I followed him around and followed every order he gave me, starry eyed and anxious.

And ever since I had tasted the blood of Daniel Boque, my thirst had changed forever, too.

Aro had changed my life. But I knew it was time. Time to rebel. Against the laws that kept me strained here. I would join another coven, begin a new life. Aro was keeping me from real life. I was just a soldier to him, with no affection or care involved. Just a few humans every week, like mice to a snake.

We had taken down many massive covens, using my powers, and other powers of the Volturi coven.

We had torn up many vampires, young ad old, and then would celebrate by drinking fresh human blood and sitting around the fire where our vampire rivals had burned.

But we never got anything. Me, Alec, Heidi, or any of the coven. Except they accepted it gratefully.I could take down the Volturi Guard, using my gift, and my strength and speed.

Tonight. I was lurking in the shadows of one of the many dungeons, waiting for Aro to arrive. He finally walked in.

"Ah, Jane. Hello. What would you-"he said, stopping because of the pain I was sending.

"Jane! Stop it... Right... N-"

"No! You’ve ruined my life, Aro. I will not let that go!"

"Alright t-t-hen" he sputtered.

He fastened his arms around my shoulders, biting down on my neck and ripping a shred of delicate pale skin off.

"Aro, no!" I screamed.

He threw me across the room, causing me to slam into a hard brick wall.I got up, trying to pounce on him, but missed.

He tore another shred off me. And another, and another. It reminded me of the day I was going to kill myself, the day I had become a vampire. All the pain. All the hate.

I could feel myself, in pieces laid around the room. Aro was beginning to stack me in a fire pit.

I could smell fire, and it was close to me. And then I could sense the smell of someone, but I couldn't tell who it was. It was a rich smell, even for a vampire. The burning smell vanished, and I could hear someone being knocked against the wall.


I gathered myself together, leaping up and thrusting my cloak around my naked body.

Alec was hunching over what looked like a pile of snow, but I could tell it wasn't the tiny white flakes that fell from the sky, it was Aro.

Alec was taking out a lighter, and soon the little pile of white was burning into a pile of black ash.

I rested my head on his shoulder, whispering thank you.He looked at me in an expression I hadn't seen him use, in well, forever.

It was happy and forgiving, glorious and wonderful.

"I love you, Jane." he said smiling and kissing me on the lips.

It was an amazing kiss, so tender and moist.

"I-I-I love you too." I had never spoken those words to him ever. We really haven't talked much at all.

He (and I) seemed to be realizing love for the first time.The pile was completely burned now, and what was left of Aro was only dusty black ash.

We decided to leave, to leave forever. To start our own coven.He kissed me again, letting my cloak drop to the floor. I couldn't let go of him. He was so perfect, so beautiful.

I loved Alec.

And I would forever.

EPILOUGE (50 years later)

"Mae, come down. We want to see you!" I yelled upstairs, holding my dear Alec's hand.

We had moved to a cottage down in California. It was beautiful and had just enough room for all of us. There was a little lake in the back, and a forest, great for hunting. Our house fit our vegetarian life style perfectly.We were a perfect coven. Me, Alec, our 13-year old daughter named Jessica, our 15 year old named Jack, and Mae, who was celebrating her 50th birthday being 16. There were other members, like Frank and Melanie, but they roamed throughout the forest, living in a house just a mile away.

Our life turned out to be perfection. A perfect family, a perfect house, and a perfect husband.

"The Cullens will be here any minute!" I said to Mae.

She walked down, blonde hair shimmering and falling in ringlets down her back. She was wearing a navy blue dress, tied with a snow white ribbon below her chest. She was standing in 3 inch white high heels, causing her to look a few inches taller.

"You look stunning honey!" said Alec, probably trying to find a way to cover her more.

"You look beautiful, Mae." I said, smiling.

We stood there, looking in the mirror, joined now by Jack and Jessica. One happy family, which started only as wish, and a wink of hope.

For a girl that was left abandoned, and a boy who had betrayed his master for a young girl, we were pretty lucky.

It would be like this, one big happy family.