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Remember Me

This is a story that i wrote fot the Jane one shot it is a mixture between poetry and story but mostly poetry i am actully writting this story but from a diffrent point of view and format later rated teen for language Third Place in the Jane one-shot Challenge! wooo winner!

rated teen for language

1. Chapter 1

Rating 5/5   Word Count 572   Review this Chapter

Remember Me

By: openbook

I watched with heavy heart

As my mother prepares to die

Accused of a crime that she did not commit

But it doesn’t matter

They say she is guilty.

I want to run.

I want to hide.

I want to cry.

But I can not.

I watch as our friend, neighbors

All like family stone my mother.

Abigail Williams throws too,

She turns as a rock she threw hits my mother.

A sweet smile on her face,

This is her fault,

Her and Betty’s,

They were the ones who accused my mother.

A fire swells in me

I want her dead

I want her to burn

My sister beside me cries into my shoulder

She is only twelve.

My mother stands on the platform along with the other convicted.

Her hair askew

Her face dirty

Her dress is wrinkled.

“Those before you today”

The council man said

“Have been, accused, tried, and found guilty of witch craft.”


Someone shouts


He continues

Ignoring me

“Our Father, which art in heaven. . . .”

One woman’s voice rings loud and clear.

No witch could say those words

Hope wells in my heart perhaps my mother will be let go.

Not so

A short drop and a sudden stop.

I close my eyes and imagine better days.

My first memory is off my mother

She holding me as she gathers herbs from her garden

Fever racking my small body.

I remember the warmth that flooded through me as she

helped my sickness.

I remember the night my sister was born

How my mother almost passed

I held her hand through the night

Telling her to not give up

A tear slides down my cheek.

Another fall

Another crack

I open my eyes

My mother is on the stand

She looks at us tears stained her face

‘I love you’

She mouthed


That was the answer but my throat wouldn’t work


The words ring load and clear


I will always be here

“Remember Me”

She falls

She dies

Abigail turns back towards us

And evil gleam in her eye

I glare at her

I want her to die

I want her to burn

I want her to feel

The suffering that she will always cause me

I grip my brother’s hand

The only thing that keeps me from lunging

But she falls

Twitching and screaming in pain.

Everyone turns fear in their eye

Her father rushes to her side

“Who is doing this to you?”


She raises a finger to you and our brother and your

sister, who is staring wide eyed

“Them Alec, Jane, and Sara Good.”

Shock replaces anger

“They are mad that you killed their mother

That you in accusing their mother as a witch

That that would make them bastards.”

“It is them who hurt me.”

It is not true

You with to say

But your throat is dry

And why would they believe you

Abigail Williams has convicted you

She has already accused one

Who was found guilty?

You know now that you will die

For no reason at all

Jane and her brother stood looking out the window at the humans in the street below. Their hands clasped like they had been so many years before.

“Remember me” their mother had said.

But they did not.