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Prized Possesion

Jane has always been misundersood as the stoic vampire. Seemingly feeling no pain. But she's felt her share of pain, and she's finally ready to stop pretending. JANE ONE-SHOT CHALLENGE

My attempt at the Jane One-Shot Challenge. -olji

1. Chapter 1

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A prized possession. That’s what I am, what I live to be.

A vampire with an unusual power. An extremely rare power.

But that power gets tiring. Killing and murdering is tiring.

But that’s my job, what I’m sentenced to do for the rest of my existence.

I remember the fateful night. The night I was transformed from a free human, sentenced to die a painful death, to a blood-thirst immortal. I would have rathered the fate of human life. It was quicker, easier to deal with.

That event, our trial and execution is forever burned into my memory. Haunting my every move.

The towns people, gathered in the court room as they awaited my brother’s and my demise. The verdict of our witch craft. Their faces only showed the justice they wanted. Even if we were only orphans.

The judge stood before me, a menacing look on his face. A look of no mercy and no remorse.

“Alec and Jane. You stand before us, accused of witchcraft and murder,” the judge began.

I nearly lunged at him, all his accusations were ridiculous. My life was ridiculous. The townspeople stiffened and were ready for attack. I was foolish, thinking I could kill them all.

Only Alec held me back. He seemed to always control me. One look into his eyes and I knew we could make through it together.

I faced the judge. All my anger and lust for them to die had been replaced by a blazing determination.

I had to mature quickly. It was the only way Alec and I could have made it. Someone had to lead us. Someone had to help.

He stared straight into my eyes, his burning with the lust for our executions, mine burning with the desire to live. " You have been sentenced to execution.” The crowd roared in satisfaction as we were tied together and brought out onto the street.

Obviously, the judge knew this was coming. Stakes were piled and lit in the town square. The fire cackled menacingly. It lit up the night sky merrily, as if awaiting our downfall.

It danced before my brother and I happily. I nearly bursted with anger, anger at the townspeople, anger at my parents, anger at this fire. The fire was a symbol of my failure. My failure to save my brother and I. My failure to keep us safe. I didn't want failure.

I looked at him one last time before we were tossed in. I knew this was it. We were going to die.

He looked at me. And a sense of devotion so strong and deep washed over me. I could never forget his face. He was twisted with horror. Not at his death, but at mine. I was going first.

I gritted my teeth as sweat began to pour. The heat was rising and my adrenaline was pounding.

A man, our executioner, with a black mask looked at me. He seemed to understand. His eyes were dark, black even, with sympathy. And yet he growled and pushed me into the flames.

I screamed. The fire was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The years of torture in the orphanage were nothing compared to this.

I cried and screamed as the flames licked my limbs. Charring them, destroying ever piece of me.

I faintly heard something. T

he sound of people screaming. Over my own and my brother’s. There was something there.

I fought against the blackness that threatened to overcome me, prayed to see my brother, and prayed that these creatures saved us. However, I wished with every ounce of my body to have the people put through the pain I was experiencing.

With sheer will, I stayed alive. Alive, but barely. I

t wasn’t until an arm yanked me from the flames I was finally able to breath.

My lungs hurt, burned with every breath as I stared into red, hungry eyes. This was a different hungry. A blood-thirsty hungry.

Alec lay by my side, he was nearly destroyed.

I began to cry, silent tears running down my charred face.

The stone white, dangerous creature stopped. He called a name, too soft for me to hear and I was being hovered by two of them.

I heard him laugh and say, “Oh Marcus, won’t she just be my little prize? Quick, she’ll be gone soon. Save her, save her.”

And he bit me.

It was like the flames all over again. And I wished that all the people that ever caused my brother and my pain were to die. And have them feel my pain.

I looked to Alec. My vision was blurry. And yet I could still make out his form, writhing in the same torture. I

let out the scream I had been holding in. I let it rip through me, and it healed me.

I was able to release my pain.

I wanted to die that day. I wanted to be left alone, and to be able to find my brother in heaven. A place I knew we both deserved.

And yet, I am where I started. Once again fighting for freedom against my own injustice.

My injustice this time is different.

I am showered with praises at my kills. My power. My power that was meant for good, for protection, is now used for the death and destruction of rising powers.

I am a prisoner, yet a prized possession of my master. A man I owe my life to, and yet whom I wish were dead with every piece of my body.

A man that is foolish enough to think I share that devotion.

And yet, whenever he asks something of me, I always reply obediently. I am always the first to be done. The first to kill.

I know what my victims want. They don’t want an eternity in prison, they want to be free.

But some day, some day in eternity, my brother and I shall be free. Just like humans.

And I shall no longer be a prized possession.