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What happened before Jane turned was turned into a vampire? Why does she have so much hatred? Jane's story begins in Europe during the 'Witch Hunts'. How is it that she and Alec met Aro? This is Jane's story of life before the Volturi. Written for the Jane One-Shot Challenge


1. Witches

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Jane's Story

"Wow, it is freezing out here!" I thought to myself as I stepped outside our cottage. It's almost May for goodness sake! I am sooo tired of cutting wood for our fire. I don't know why Alec can't just do it. He's so much faster than me. He had to go to the village to sell one of our lambs and buy us some new equipment for tending the garden. He still thinks for some reason it's safer for him to go to town, like he gets along with the townspeople. Everything was so much easier when Momma was around... If she would have listened to what we said, and let us go to town with her...

I remembered that night with perfect clarity. The townspeople didn't really care for us. My mom had my brother and me out of wedlock. I guess as soon as our father found out we were on the way he left. I didn't mind being a bastard child though. I preferred it really. Momma was always kind, and we didn't have two sets of rules to follow like many of the other children. Momma always cared for us. She taught us to love the earth, and thank the gods and goddesses for all of our blessings. For the most part we kept to ourselves. We had almost everything we needed here. We grew our own vegetables, tended to our sheep, chickens, and our one cow, and enjoyed our quiet life.

Nobody ever talked to Momma when she went to town. She just told them what she wanted and they sold it to her, never looking her in the eye. I had heard that some of the townsfolk thought she was a witch. Momma did have a way of getting whatever she wanted. Mostly though, people just avoided her. One night she was walking home after selling some milk when she came across two men standing on our dirt road. They reeked of liquor. They attacked my Momma. She was almost home... Alec and I heard her screaming. We ran to her as fast as our feet would take us. We were only ten then, and our short legs just wouldn't move fast enough. We came upon the threesome. They were raping my mother. She was sobbing. One of the men had put his shirt over her face. We were screaming at the men to stop, but they simply ignored us. Alec ran to the men and began hitting them with everything ounce of strength he had. I ran up and tried and tried to pull them off. The man struck me across the face, and knocked me to the ground. He knocked me unconscious. The next thing I remember was Alec screaming. He sounded possessed. I put my hand on the back of my head as I sat up. I was bleeding. My head hit a rock when I fell. I looked to my mother in time to see one of the men slit her throat. I shrieked as my Momma's lifeless body fell to the ground. One of the men spoke, "Good riddance filth witch..." That was enough. Rage overtook me. I wasn't exactly sure what had happened. I was concentrating on how much I wanted them to suffer. The next thing I knew the two men were lying on the ground and screaming in agony. I didn't understand why. Alec took this momentary pause to run to the house. He grabbed our shotgun and shot them both in the head. That night Alec and I dug a hole in the earth and returned our mother to the goddess. We began to dig another hole, but opted for the cave opening in the ground behind our house. The men who did this to our mother did not deserve to be returned to the earth. We packed everything we could carry on our two sheep, took our seeds, and two chickens, and left our home. We walked forever it seemed. We walked for nine days until we found an old abandoned cottage in the woods. We fixed it up and kept to ourselves. God I hate remembering...

We had been living in peace for four years now. We rarely went to town. It had to be complete necessity before we would go. Alec seemed to have a hold over people like my mother did. If they started trouble with him he could look at them, and blind their feelings and thoughts for a moment. It came in quite handy, but also made people fear us. We were already outcasts. We were two children, living alone in the forest with nobody to read the ‘bible' to them. Their religion was an outrage. The only one we answered to was the mother Earth. We heard that Pagan's across the country were being burned as witches. What person in their right mind would burn another? Unlike their religion, ours taught us to be kind to one another and respect that which the earth has given you. We did not fatten ourselves with unneeded food and drink. Mead was meant for celebration, not daily consumption.

I continued my recollections as I cut our wood for the fire. Where was Alec? It was starting to get dark. He should have been back by now... Just then a strange man entered the clearing. He was beautiful. He was pale white, with long flowing black hair. I could tell he wasn't from our little town. His garments were too exquisite. I stood quite still, axe in my hand, as he approached.

"Hello there, Jane. How are you this fine day?"

How in the world did he know my name?! "I am fine thank you. Is there something I can help you with?"

"My name is Aro. I was a friend of your mother. I told her that if something were to ever happen, then I would care for you and your brother. It has taken me quite some time to find you."

"My mother is dead, and she never spoke of you. I believe you are greatly mistaken. Alec and I are quite capable of taking care of ourselves. The last thing we need is someone from town coming to teach us of their false god. I am sorry if I am rude, but no thank you."

"I believe you are the one who is mistaken young one. Your brother is in great danger. The people of the church have taken him. He sits now in a jail cell awaiting his so-called ‘trial'. They will be here for you soon. You and your brother's talents are fantastic. I think you could be of great use to my kind."

"My brother and I belong to NO ONE! We have seen the ways of men and the lives they live. We want no part of it!" Rage was quickly building. God, I don't want this to happen again...

"Your power is trying to make itself known as we speak. Your brother's power is equally impressive. I can offer you a home. I can offer you solace. I can offer you the care, comfort, and friendship. These are all things you have hoped for. Things you long for, but it shall be your choice. I canteach you to use these abilities and control them. Or, you can stay here, wait for your brother to be tried as a witch, and wait for the townspeople to come for you too. Time is short. You are much younger than I had hoped, but it will have to do. I leave the choice to you."

"Take me to my brother."

"As you wish."

Before I knew what was happening I had been swept up. We were moving faster than any horse could possibly go. What magik was this? We stopped a moment later, standing in front of a small opening in a wall. There were bars covering the space.

"Alec! Alec! Are you in there? Alec!"

"Jane! Jane, is that you?"

My brother's lovely face came into view. "Jane, I'm sorry. I was trying to sell the lamb. I began arguing with the merchant about the price when a group of men approached us. They hit me and placed a sack over my head. They hit me again, and the next thing I know I'm sitting here. They keep talking about what I can do. They have asked me about it a thousand times. They said only their ‘devil' would grant such a gift. They want me to claim their God. I won't do it Jane! Because I won't they say they are going to burn me at the stake! Jane, I'm so scared!"

"Don't worry; I'll get you out of here somehow..." Just then I heard Aro hiss. I turned around and he was gone. Instead there stood three officers.

They smiled at me in anticipation as they spoke. "We have been looking for you all night missy! We know about the ‘gift' Satan has given you. We intend to return you to him first thing tomorrow!" I was hit in the back of the head and everything went dark...

I opened my eyes, it was morning. Everything looked fuzzy. I heard someone speak as I sat up. Alec looked at me with despair.

"Jane, they're coming for us. We only have a few moments. Who was that man you were with last night? What did he want?"

"His name was Aro. He said he had made a deal with our mother. He was supposed to take us and look after us after we were ‘old enough'. He said he would give us a home and teach us to use these ‘abilities', as he called them. I don't know Alec; I get a strange sense from him. He is not like everyone else we know. It doesn't really matter now though I suppose. We will be dead soon."

Just then the guard stepped inside our cell. "It's time to meet your maker little witches. May God have mercy on your soul." He threw a black sack over both of our heads and led us outside. I stumbled down the steps. They took no care in hurting us. I felt them walk us through a pile of branches. The sticks cut my legs as I walked through them. They tied my arms around a tree. What is going on here! Why would the Goddess allow this to happen! Where was Aro? Didn't he say he promised our mother he would protect us?

I heard a man speak through the darkness. "Alec and Jane, you have been called Witch. Several townspeople have spoken against you and your dark powers. Deny your Pagan God and assume the Lord Jesus and you will be forgiven. If you do not do this, then we will burn you, just as Satan will burn you in hell!"

"We have done nothing to you!" Alec said with fear in his voice. "We only wish to be left to our lives as we leave you to yours! If your God treats people in this way then we want nothing to do with him!"

"So be it. May your unclean souls burn in hell."

I heard the fire crackle at my feet. It was hot. The flames began to lick their way towards my brother and I. Panic hit me and I struggled relentlessly against the ropes that tied me. The flames had reached my feet, and lapped against my legs and knees. I heard a scream and thought it was my own. I hated these people. I began to understand that my brother and I would never be accepted. We would never be allowed to have a normal life. My mother had died because of their blind prejudice and now I would die too. The pain was overwhelming now. I could feel my skin burning away from my arms. The smell was putrid. Alec began screaming next to me. I was on the verge of losing my mind from the pain. Oh Goddess, HELP US!

The next thing I knew, my bindings had been cut. The sack was still over my face and I could not see. What in the world is going on? I was swept up and pulled away from the flames. The hands that held me hurt as they touched the burns on my arms and legs. I don't know if I can handle this pain!!! I felt as if I was still on fire. Goddess I hope Alec isn't in this much pain... Wait a minute, Alec! Where is Alec?! I began to struggle against the person who held me. I was sat lightly on the ground. When my savior removed the sack from my head I was nearly blinded. In front of me stood Aro, only he... he was... sparkling. I jerked away from him, afraid of what he was. He could not be a typical person. Something in his face scared me. He didn't look understanding and calm as he did in our clearing. Now he looked... evil.

Alec was still tied to the post in the center of the town. The townspeople stood there in shock. No one seemed to know what to make of this ‘shining' person, including me. I saw the preacher who had condemned us move towards Alec. He held a torch in his hand and tried to light the fire further up the stack. You will not hurt my brother anymore!!! Fury overtook every cell in my body. I no longer felt the pain in my body. I could not move, but I let the anger flow through my body. My soul was dripping with hatred. Just then the man dropped to the ground. I made him feel what I felt, what my brother was still feeling. Without taking my eyes away from my demon I spoke to Aro, "Save my brother, NOW!"

Aro sauntered forward. Did he not realize my brother was in pain and DYING!! As he reached Alec I saw him turn to the preacher and a strange smile spread across his face. He looked... amused. I blinked as he got closer to Alec. When my eyes opened Alec was standing next to me, his hood and bindings removed. "How did you just move so quickly? It is unnatural! What are you?"

"I will explain soon young one." Five other sparkling men walked into the town's center. Aro turned towards a lovely man with short black hair and a dark, yet opaque, complexion. "Eleazar, are you sure of their gifts? I would hate to turn them while they're so young. If they do not have the abilities I require then we can be done."

"I am certain. They will be quite useful. Why not ask the boy to use his gifts to assist us in our ‘clean-up'," Eleazar replied.

"Fantastic idea my friend, Alec, do you wish for us to remove all of these people from the world? We can kill each of them for you so that no one else will have to live with their prejudice. They will not be able to hurt another person. Is this what you wish?"

Alec was still shaken from our experience. He took a moment to glance around at all of the people who had come to see the ‘Witches' burned. "Yes, I want them dead. All of them."

"Then I need you to blind them; to calm their senses. Can you do this for me?"

Alec's voice spoke with the wrath and rage we both felt, "Absolutely."

A moment later the townspeople were screaming; though they could not hear their own screams. They bumped into one another and fell to the ground; though they could not feel the bruises. Some of them even walked into the fire that was meant for us; though they could not smell their flesh burn.

Aro looked at us like a proud father. "You are both utterly remarkable. Now, I must ask you both to leave with my brother Caius. He is going to help you... finish up. When you awake the world will belong to you. You will be God and Goddess. Humans will no longer be able to harm you. Any human who displeases you will suffer your wrath. Would you like this?"

We answered in unison, "yes."

"Then go. We will rid you of these leeches. When I return to you, you will be my children. You will do my bidding. In return, you will have the world..."