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"You Did This To Me" Bella and Edwards Argument

Instead of instantly forgiving Edward and the hole disapearing I felt that Edward should see what he had done to Bella when he left, the full effect. This is Edward finding out how much pain he caused Bella in the long months he was gone.

-All Stephanie Meyers characters. I am going to post the argument but please, if you have a chance could you review the story so far. Thankyou vair much, love Katie

1. Chapter 1

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“Unless, I’m too late.” His black eyes showed a single flash of the deep sadness it appeared he felt. This was wrong Edward didn’t love me anymore. Edward had left me. He didn’t want this, us. He wanted his vampire distractions alone, he wanted life without me. After months of these excruciating thoughts saturating my heart body and soul. It would be hard to believe it wasn’t true.

Me and Edward walked by the river to his house in the moonlight, it was as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn’t broke my heart into a thousand tiny pieces and scattered them everywhere he went, everywhere he went without me. As if he hadn’t shattered my soul and left in forks on the very edge of suicide and madness. “Bella, when I left you-” that’s right he left. He ran away and didn’t look back, not even bothering to check I had committed suicide, the thought behind many of my steps these past long, lonely months. How could he do this to someone he loved?

Edward could tell I was a thousand miles away, his cool hand let go of mine and cupped my chin and directed my average human face, towards his beautiful, glorious immortal face, demanding my attention. “Bella” he began again “when I left” that was all it took. When he spoke those words, his marble hands hadn’t been touching me and without the contact, my charade began to fall apart. Painful memories ripped through me “I don’t want you to come Bella” the terrible lonely feelings. The rejection, the pain, everything came tumbling down on me, refusing to be ignored or pushed aside any longer. The hole in my chest burned, searing revenge ripping me apart, screaming to be noticed, refusing to acknowledge that he was back, without his touch for one minute the hole had burst back into life.

I gasped, trying desperately to get one last mouthful of air before my lungs disappeared. He turned to look at me, panic and despair tainting his perfect features. I would have fallen flat on my back, if he hadn’t have caught me. His cold arms held me tightly, but I was to far gone now, he would have to wait for this anguish I was drowning in to dull before I could hear his explanation. If he would stay, I looked pathetic, weak and human-all the reasons he left. I wouldn’t blame him for leaving me now. My weak legs couldn’t support me, my delicate frame couldn’t hold me, I went limp in his arms the only part of me that could move was my arms. Wrapped around my torso, desperately trying to hold myself together.

“Bella? Bella!” his perfect voice appeared far away from me now, he felt far away from me. “Carlise! Help, it’s Bella there’s something wrong” his voice didn’t raise above normal volume, but was filled with pain and desperation, we were far away from the house, the urgency in his voice must have alerted all of them. Carlise soon joined us, as I gasped for air and jerked in Edwards arms trying to dilute the pain. Edward gently took my arms from around my torso and inspected for any physical damage that could have provoked me to suddenly begin writhing in pain on the floor. The pain was in my chest, in my heart, my long dormant empty shell of a heart. He had caused it, he had created this.

“What happened?” Carlisle’s calm voice helped me as I slowly woke up, and the pain ebbed away and my ragged breathing started to calm. “We were just talking, then she fell, and she couldn’t breath. And there’s something wrong with her chest” Edward’s words were rushed and panicky.

Edwards touch helped me recover in record time. “I’m fine” I murmured, they both looked at me with worried eyes. A wave of calm washed through me and filled my every pore, “Jasper” I mumbled knowingly realising why it had been stopped so early why the hole didn’t rip me apart.

They were all there, staring at me, Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie And Esme. Looking worried and confused, they looked even more breathtakingly beautiful in the moonlight. People taking my breath away was not a good idea now. I jumped out of Edwards arms, looking down to my feet embarrassed at my episode. No one should have to see that, “I’m sorry, it happens sometimes. A lot actually, but I’m fine really.”

“What happened to you?” Edward looked at me pain highlighting his face, I reached out my hand to smooth out the worry lines on the cool plains of his face. “I will explain everything to you” and I was going to, the whole truth, the voices, the hole. I would tell him how much he had hurt me, to try and prevent him ever doing it again. I would not survive a second time, I was a stronger person now, but I was not that strong.