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Jane One Shot! Jane's mother was wrongly accused and her brother violently paralyzed, with all the pain she suffered from her human life, she accepted the vampire life with gratitude. For her salvation and her brother.


1. Jane

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I was sitting on the great, stone, wall surrounding Volterra in the dead of another night remembering the harsh, cold life I knew of when I was a little girl, something ages since. Thinking of the comfort my brother Alec has brought me, through this horrible burden. Yet, though I did not choose this life, I am content, because as long as I have him I am whole.

My mother had one hand intertwined in mine and the other in my brother’s, a memory that soothes the painful sting of being a monster. A vampire. We walked in a lonely field just outside of our little European town with nothing but a basket full of bread and apples, ready for an afternoon picnic. The wind was blowing in a light breeze and shifted with every movement of our bodies, quietly whistling a faint cry. From over the hill we heard the sharp yells of the town people, angry and wild. The crowd grew closer waving their hands violently shouting-



“Burn her!”

My mother cried in horror, falling to her knees in loud sobs. My brother pushed me behind her and shouted, we were only thirteen at the time, but my brother had a mouth full for them! Their eyes bulged in shock and their mouth hung open in surprise. Then they grew even more livid with fury and started to scream-

“Kill them all!”

“Demon children!”

“Lord help us!”

My mother looked up from her hands and let out a painful shriek of pain and fear.

“Please no! Not them!”

She looked at me and kissed my forehead asking for forgiveness. Everything was happening so fast that I couldn’t even say a word, I couldn’t even say goodbye. They dragged her from her feet and a big brawny man slung her over his shoulder as she cried and cried for him to release her. My brother broke out in sobs of agonizing torture and then became enraged. His eyes grew bright and his hand clutched into a hard, heavy fist. I was still as bones when he started to punch and kick and I heard him shout,

“Let her go you mongrels! LET HER GO!”

The tall burly man got of hold of his neck and squeezed until he turned blue and then threw him so viciously that his back hit one lonely rock as I heard a gruesome crack echo through the air. My dear brother laid there limp and disoriented, his eyes searching for something he couldn’t find. Even when the same man picked him up and followed the angry mob dragging my mother, his eyes still didn’t focus. He didn’t even make a sound. My heart felt like it was being crushed by a thousand pounds of rocks as I stood motionless in the field. A woman looked at me and made a sympathetic yet accusing face.

“What shall we do with her?”

“We burn her too!” A man yelled from the swarm.

They dragged me into a cell with my brother and he breathed harshly and silently. I prayed that he would get up or move just a tiny finger, but to no avail. He grew whiter and whiter by the hour and I knew that he was dying fast, the only reason he didn’t cry out in suffering was because his back had broken and made him like a head on a stick. His eyes searched for me constantly and I held his hand in comfort, even though he couldn’t feel my touch. I sobbed until my lungs collapsed and my tears ran dry and then writhed in my pain as I heard my mother being dragged out of her cell. I could not think of one human that felt this horrid and this helpless with all my might and after a day, my pain consumed me into a black pit of despair.

It was a silent cold night when I heard the soundless footsteps walking toward our chamber door. My brother was the weakest of all and wasn’t going to last another day. I heard the lock twist and turn and looked around at my dark nightmarish cell; this would be the last memory I would have of life before my executioner would open the door and deliver my fate. I squeezed my eyes tight, my brothers hand even tighter, and one last tear dropped onto the cold hard floor. I felt a shivering hand the texture and temperature of the ground touch my skin and I jumped in dread. Who was this mysterious hand touching me as if I were an angel? Soothing my skin with his marble fingertips? I looked up at the heavenly figure and noticed his glowing red eyes, looking straight into me. He closed his eyes and smiled happily as a flicker of hope danced inside my empty chest. Was he here to save me and my brother? Or was he just a masochistic demon from the same enemies that killed my mother?

“Jane, my name is Aro and I’ve been watching and waiting for you, love….”He smiled and then looked down at my brother impatiently. A man named Felix came in after him and picked up my brother carefully, I whimpered softly.

“What’s the matter Jane? We are here to save you. How would you like to live the life of a goddess with your brother at your side?”

“You’re going to help my brother?” I asked relieved but worried.

“Jane you’re brother will be stronger then ever!” He said joyfully. I smiled and he took my hand and led me into a carriage in front of the dungeon. I looked up at him suspiciously yet gratefully and the carriage marched on.

We were entering Volterra when he started to explain what was happening. At first I was shocked in horror and disgust, but then cried in happiness and joy. Anything for Alec, I thought. When it was all over I looked into my crimson colored irises and then into my brother’s. He smiled back into mine and as we walked hand in hand behind Aro thankfully.

Three years later I was sitting on the great wall, remembering those excruciatingly painful hours of darkness, when all I had was that pain and the love for my brother. I smiled at the rising sun and leaped from my post gracefully, on my way to meet my brother and my other half, Alec.