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Jane One-Shot Challenge

For the Jane One-Shot challenge thing, if I'm not too late. Jane's first day as a vampire.


1. Chapter 1

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It feels like the time I burnt myself tending the fireplace. Except this time it is all over my body, coursing through my veins. I am not aware of time passing, just the pain.

And then it is over. I open my eyes. Everything is sharper. I can see strands of cobweb in the corner, the grooves in the wood of the ceiling. I look down at my hands, now the color of fresh milk.

“Jane.” It’s the man from the market, the one with paper skin in the black traveling cloak. The face I saw before my world was set on fire. He tells me everything- the vampires, the Volturi, and most important, my power. “So what do you say?” Aro asks. “Will you join the guard?”

I am eager to agree, when it dawns on me. Alec. What has happened to Alec? If they had changed him, he should have been here too. “No,” I say slowly, “I’m sorry.”

He looks at me, confused. He was certain I would join.

I dash towards the door but Aro grabs my arm. “Ah.” He says. He opens his mouth, to convince me to stay I suppose, but I throw him backwards. He thuds against the stone wall. I flee, as fast as I can, until I reach a ladder. I climb it up and out onto the streets. The wind is brisk and the nightgown they have put me in is thin, but I am not cold at all. I walk, following the scent of burnt wood until I find the square. The stakes are still there, piles of ash at their base. I kneel down, where my brother must have died. I want to sob, but no tears come out. I scoop some of Alec’s ashes into my locket, and turn down the road. I realize I have nowhere to go, except the guard. My throat burns with thirst. I find the fountain and drink, but it makes me retch and gag. A delicious scent wafts by, like a cake, hot from the oven and drizzled in honey. Hungrily, I follow it. It leads me to the village witch-hunter, out on an evening walk. He killed Alec. He wanted to kill me too. In a second I am on his back. I sink my teeth into his neck, and a sugary sweet liquid fills my mouth, extinguishing my burning throat. I gulp it down greedily, drinking and drinking. I hear his heart straining, it’s beats irregular. I stare at the man, the murderer. He deserves a worse fate. I remember my talents that Aro mentioned. I concentrate, and steer all my hatred towards him. He screams in agony, and writhes on the ground. I push harder, until I hear his heart flutter and stop. I hear a distant clatter, and creak. With all the racket the witch-finder was making, someone ought to have heard. I take one last glance at the filthy puddle of blood and walk away.

I walk until I reach the edge of the city, where the trees begin. I enter the forest. I climb and spring from tree to tree, perching daintily on a branch. I spy a pool of water and jump down. I dip my toes in and scrub the dirt from my bare feet. I think how much easier this would be if I had some soap, when I catch sight of my reflection. I cry out. My eyes are crimson, and blood smears my mouth and chin. Dark circles surround my eyes. My hair is messy with a few twigs tangled here and there. I sigh. I am a monster. I curl up in a ball next to the pool, though I cannot sleep, I squeeze my eyes shut and wait for morning.

A few hours later, I hear twigs snap behind me. A husky voice calls my name. “Jane? Ja-ane!” It is vaguely familiar, but I curl up tighter, and try to stay still. Maybe they will overlook me. But there is not much place to hide by the pool and the person finds me easily. “Janey!”

Only one person calls me that. I look up to see a mirror image of my own face, minus the dirt, hovering above me. “Alec?” I say in wonder.

He laughs. “My crazy, impulsive little sister.”

“Only by a minute!” I protest.

He laughs again. Angrily I lash out with my mind and he drops to the ground in pain. Suddenly my vision is gone and I can no longer hear his moans. I stop torturing, and call for him to save me, but I can’t hear my voice. Suddenly my senses flow back to me.

He smirks. “You’re not the only one who’s special.” He flips me onto his back.

“What are you doing?” I shriek.

“Making sure you don’t run away again.” He replies. “Come on, I’ll explain everything on the way home.”