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Bella's Birthday Redux

What if Bella reacted quicker to the paper cut at her party. Could be considered OOC Bella but still funny. One-shot


1. Bella's Birthday Redux

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Bella felt the world slow down. There’s a paper cut…shit. She heard a roar come from outside her bubble. Ducking from Edward who was flinging himself at her, she landed on the carpet next to the glass table that held her giant cake along with all the very glass plates. What was he thinking? If he hit me I’d have gone into that table. She watched as Emmett and Edward fought to hold Jasper back. Alice came to her side with a large towel and handed it to her without a word, before going back to her husband; she must be holding her breath.

Bella sat there, with her finger wrapped until the bleeding stopped, and Jasper calmed down. Great now he’s moping, she thought as Jasper hung his head. The others started talking to him with vampire speed. She could tell Edward was lecturing him by his hand gestures and this she would not allow.

Standing, Bella went to Rosalie and spoke to her quietly knowing the others could still hear her, “Could you smack Jasper in the head for me? I’d really rather not hurt my self again, but he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself.”

Rosalie just stared at her for a moment before smiling and doing what was asked. “See even the human doesn’t hold it against you.” She rolled her eyes. “Maybe you’ll be a Cullen yet.”

Bella’s eyes widened. That was different. She didn’t say anything but walked to Jasper. Standing directly in front of him, she stared into his black eyes, “Now, you!” she snapped for Rosalie to smack him again, “Please, my blood isn’t that spectacular to you. It’s not like I’m your singer. Don’t you realize that you were feeling Edward’s emotions? Naturally if I start bleeding he is going to go crazy over my delicious blood. Now, smack him again Rosalie.” She gesture to her new ally.

“I love you Jasper, you’re a brother to me just like Emmett. You have to stop thinking of me as Edward’s human and see me as Bella - damn-it! That’s what will keep this from happening again.” By the end of her lecture she was blushing bright red, and all the Cullen’s, even Jasper, were smiling.

“Well, I guess that solves it. I’m sorry Edward’s hu - I mean Bella,” Jasper laughed. His brother’s released him as his eyes turned the butterscotch color again. “I do see you as Bella. I just never even realized that I would react that way because of Edward’s emotions.”

Nodding she rounded onto Edward, “Alice would you do the honor’s of smacking him in the head for me?” she asked the pixie vampire, who nodded ecstatically and did so with gusto.

“Now you my lovely vampire don’t go get it into your head that I would be better off if you left me alone, because I know that’s how your mind works - you sick masochistic lion! I will not be better off without you. We tried that already, and it didn’t work. Now Jasper is sorry, and you’re sorry. I have paper cut, no broken bones, and no stitches - nothing dire. Now tell me everything is going to be ok and give me a kiss.” Bella didn’t blush this time but her thoughts raced, ‘what if he does leave me? I don’t think I’ll make it. She felt panic rush through her like a wild fire before she struggled to put it out.

Edward smiled down at her with his crooked grin. His topaz eyes were warm and untroubled, “Never, Bella.” He paused as if listening, “Jasper just told me you panicked for a minute. I’m not leaving. I promise, not ever. Like I said before, you are my life now.”

“Good,” she responded with a head nod before leaning up to kiss him on his soft, cold lips. Pulling away before she could dazzle her self she thought out loud, “What if we exposed Jasper to my blood over time? Like how Edward got used to my scent?”

Carlisle spoke for the first time, “Like desensitize him to the desire for your blood alone?” He thought for a moment, “That might work.” He looked to the others, “Everyone, want to try it? It might help so the next time Bella trips over her own feet,” He looked at her and smiled fondly leaving the sentence dangling.

Everyone nodded as Edward hugged Bella to his chest. “What a splendid idea, my heart.”

She shrugged, “If I can stand the needle, it’ll be worth it so you guys aren’t walking on egg shells around me.”