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Pride of the Pack

16 year old Alicia is having to move with her pack to Rainy City, a.k.a. Forks. With her mother playing matchmaker for her, her father critisizing her, Alicia's life is less than perfect. But can a certain werewolf see through her mask, and can Alicia eventually love him back? Thanks a load to Eternity's_Charm for the amazing banner!

This story has no Cullen's, or Renesmee. Things are already way to complicateed in Alicia's life to throw in the Cullen's!

1. Chapter 1 Stunned and Confused

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I couldn’t believe it, we were moving again. To some idiotic town called Forks, none the less. Mom said it would be better for the pack, and to not hassle my father about it. Please, give me a break. He may be my Dad, but he was also the Alpha of the pack.

He was so disappointed in me, that I was a girl. It didn’t matter that I tried harder than any other guy in the pack. He still wished I was a boy. It didn’t help that all the other boys in the pack around my age teased me about it. Although, I like to think he was proud when I came home one afternoon with bruised knuckles saying I punched one in the face.

“Alicia?” my Mom said from the kitchen of the new house.

“Yes Mother?” I replied grim.

“Come talk with me,” she said patting the chair next to her. I sat down hesitantly; this conversation would probably only mean one thing: her trying to set me up with boys from the pack. “Everyone will be coming over tomorrow for the pack meeting,”

“Oh joy!” I retorted with an eye roll.

“Alicia, this is serious, how many times will we have to go over this? You’re 16 now, and you should be looking for a mate-“At this I interrupted groaning and lowering my head to the worn kitchen table. “Now, now Alicia.” My Mother said hesitantly. “Any of the boys would be glad to have you, you are a beauty.” She said with a small smile. At this I could not take anymore, I stood up with fury in my eyes.

“No!” I snapped at her. The only reason they would want me is because Dad is Alpha, so then they could be the next Alpha. Do you know how much I hate that? Do you know how much I want someone to actually like me for me? Do you?” I felt my chest rising up and down from anger. I could feel ripples of hatred rolling through me. She obviously hadn’t been expecting this.

“Go to your room Alicia. If you feel you have to phase, do it outside, please.” She said this with a firm voice.

I took the stairs two at a time, glad to get away from her. When I got to the room I would now call as my own, I sighed and looked around. Small room, small bed, small closet, small desk, big window. Perfect for me to leap through. I looked at myself in a mirror hanging lopsided on the wall. I was around 5”7, with long light brown hair. I had a pale complexion, well no- not pale, I guess more beige. My eyes were as if a kindergartener had mixed a green and brown together while finger painting. I had normal lips, I guess a little on the puffy side, they were usually always chapped, and occasionally I would find scabs on them when I would wake up in the morning. Then, it was if someone had sprinkled freckles across my face like a baker would do with flour on a pizza.

It was then that I got mad, really mad. Mad that I wasn’t as pretty as my Mom, who could be a model. Why did I have to be plain? Why couldn’t I be beautiful? None of the boys in the pack found my beautiful; I hated it. I could feel the hairs on my neck rise up. I quickly grabbed a sports bra, and some athletic shorts and strapped them to my ankle with a piece of twine. I then stripped down and took a deep breath, I opened the window and leapt out into the night.

When I landed I exploded into a wolf. I let my senses overtake me. I needed to run. I sprinted into the woods surrounding our house. It felt lovely to run. I could feel the knots of stress go away with every bound I took. I had probably been running a mile or so, when I heard it.

A deep, angry growl. It was soon accompanied with other snarls. These sounds were not ones from my pack, though I could tell they were like us, werewolves. They felt newer, stranger…scarier. I felt scared at what was growling at me, and let me tell you, I am no wussy. I whimpered, and shrank away. Out of the trees in front of me came four wolves. A black one quickly came at me.

We tumbled around for a bit, until I gained the upper hand and pounced on it, not letting it come up. I could see the shock in its eyes. Please, don’t tell me that was the best they had. The other wolves started to get in a fighting stance, uh oh.

I was then accompanied by Tyler, Austin and Zac. Or as I liked to refer to them: Z.A.T. The other wolves could see that if Z.A.T. fought as well as me, they would easily be defeated. They turned and ran into the woods, but came back out again with shorts on. We quickly did the same, I could see Austin ogling me while I changed, hey just because I’m not pretty doesn’t mean I don’t have a good body. When we stepped out, I could see confusion register onto their faces. What, did they not have any females in their pack, or something? The tallest one stepped forward.

“I am Sam Uley, what are you doing here?”

Tyler answered “We didn’t know others were here, but I am not the Alpha. We can meet tomorrow and you can talk with Gabe, our leader.” He gave them my address and told them what time to meet us. We stalked off, wanting to give as little information about ourselves as possible. We left the four wolves stunned and confused.

I smiled with anticipation for tomorrow; it was going to be interesting.