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Pride of the Pack

16 year old Alicia is having to move with her pack to Rainy City, a.k.a. Forks. With her mother playing matchmaker for her, her father critisizing her, Alicia's life is less than perfect. But can a certain werewolf see through her mask, and can Alicia eventually love him back? Thanks a load to Eternity's_Charm for the amazing banner!

This story has no Cullen's, or Renesmee. Things are already way to complicateed in Alicia's life to throw in the Cullen's!

10. Chapter 10 Whispers

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“Alicia, Jake!” yelled Seth from down at the beach where he was trying to cram a whole hot-dog in his mouth.

“Hey Seth,” I smiled. Jacob and I had made it down from the car to the bonfire. I recognized some of the boys from the meeting, but some were new faces to me. There were a few people wrestling with the ocean’s ferocious waves.

“C’mon, let’s teach you how to swim.” Said Jake excitedly.

“Uh, okay,” I replied nervously.

Think Alicia, think. What could you possibly say or do to stall this horrendous act from occurring?

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed

. Jake took my shoulders in his hands and looked at me nervously.“Alicia, what’s wrong?” he questioned.

Great, just great. He’s asking what’s wrong, what am I supposed to say. For goodness sakes Alicia, you are a werewolf for crying out loud. How are you afraid of water? Just grin and bear it, as great old grandma May used to say. Oh, wait, Jakes looking at me like I’m a lunatic, ANSWER!!

!“Ummmm, nothing, let’s go.” I suggested and took his hand pulling him to the shore.

“But you screamed.” He insisted

. Why was he making this difficult?

It was a spider, no biggie.” I answered thinking of a quick answer.

Most girls hate spiders, right? I wouldn’t exactly know, I’ve been homeschooled most of my life and have grown up around guys. I’m not what someone would call, a typical girl.

“A spider huh?” he grinned that adorable smile I love. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go swimming

.”It’s now or never Alicia. “Um, you know. I think I will be perfectly fine just staying here on the beach. Just soaking’ up some rays. Typical beach beha-”

Jake interrupted me by rolling his eyes and wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Hey, what are you-”

He proceeded to scoop me up with his arm, throw me across his shoulder and run into the waves.

“This is not funny! Put me down! AARRGGHH!!” I screamed thumping my fists across his back. He was starting having difficulty restraining my flailing limbs, and dunked me down into the water.

I screamed as soon as I was airborne, only to get choked off as my body collided with the thumping waves.

Salty water filled my mouth and lungs. I tried opening my eyes, but was quickly stung. I pushed my arms upward but was having difficulty moving at all.

It was an odd feeling: feeling weightless, but at the same time being pushed down by an unseen force. It was if I was just stuck in a dark abyss, not feeling anything, but almost everything at the same time.

Time was inevitable underwater, and I began to feel the strain on my lungs, they were burning of seawater and lack of oxygen.

With perfect timing, I felt a burning arm encircle my waist that I knew to be Jakes. He brought me to the surface and I tried to fill my lungs with oxygen. I jerked my head back to get my hair off my face as soon as we broke the exterior. I coughed, trying to get all the nasty water out.

“I’m so sorry Alicia, Jake apologized.

“It’s okay Jake, “I replied, struggling to find the words.

“No, it’s not. I knew you couldn’t swim and I just threw you into the water.”

“But it’s all better now,” I contradicted looking him in the eye.

He smiled a little, but I could tell was still frustrated. So much had happened today with me and him, and I could tell all he wanted to do at the moment was to protect me from everything. Never wanting anything to hurt me. But that was inevitable, seeing as I was a werewolf (as was he) and trouble seemed to follow us as ducklings followed their mother.

Wanting to make him feel better I suggested: “Why don’t you help me float?”

He cradled me in his arms and smiled down at me. Turning slowly, letting the water churn around us. I craned my neck up, and he leaned down giving me a small kiss. I was dazed by his kiss that I didn’t register that he was letting go.

“No Jake,” I protested. “Don’t let go.” He wrapped his arms around me again.

Whispering his promise that he would never let go.


We had finished swimming and were all huddled around the fire, appreciating its warmth.

I was enjoying listening to Jake’s tribes’ legends. I looked up at him, and saw he was smiling down at me. I snuggled closer to him, glad for his warmth. He stretched his arm over me, enshrouding me in his warmth.

It must have been getting late, because my eyelids were slowly drooping down. Just as I was about to drift into unconsciousness something happened.

It was like bleach had filled my nose and was burning it. I was now wide awake and wondering.

The smell was so bad I hadn’t even registered Jake’s tense pose, or the way he seemed to be turning me away from the forest, and into him.

I scoffed, “What is that smell?” Jake looked at me and seemed to be confused, and then something registered on his face.

I looked around and realized the rest of the pack was looking edgy as well. Jake leaned his mouth into my ear, giving it a small kiss and whispered a word that chilled me to the bone.