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Pride of the Pack

16 year old Alicia is having to move with her pack to Rainy City, a.k.a. Forks. With her mother playing matchmaker for her, her father critisizing her, Alicia's life is less than perfect. But can a certain werewolf see through her mask, and can Alicia eventually love him back? Thanks a load to Eternity's_Charm for the amazing banner!

This story has no Cullen's, or Renesmee. Things are already way to complicateed in Alicia's life to throw in the Cullen's!

2. Chapter 2 I'm not okay, but I will be

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As the four of us walked back home I felt Zac’s arm snake around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I tried to resist, but he was stronger than me.

“You always manage to find yourself trouble, Alicia.” He said with one of his deadly smiles.

I grimaced at him, “I was handling myself fine before you buffoons showed up, get your stinky arm off of me!” I could see the anger flash in his eyes, with one quick motion he had me up against a tree. I could see Tyler and Austin looking guilty behind Zac’s terrifying face.

“I can put my hands wherever I want on you!” he shook my weak frame violently. I bit my lip, he would not- no could not see my pain. I slowly lifted my eyes up to him, glaring, as if daring him to try something on me. He squinted his eyes slightly and smirked, accepting my challenge. His arm, deadly as a cobra, wound its way to my backside. He started to feel around and I cringed.

“C’mon Zac,” Austin said timidly “just leave her alone.”

Zac glared at him, “Fine…” he said with a warning in his voice. A warning to me, as to not try something like that on him again. He and the others walked away, while a single tear trailed down my face. I quickly swiped it away. I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry, even if it was just a single tear.

I could not be weak, just as I could not show pain; I would hide behind my mask, letting no emotions through. I felt the metamorphosis happen, it was getting late and I could get home faster by wolf. I made my way back to the mole-hill of a house.

As I cautiously walked through the back door, I heard my father’s gruff voice. “Alicia, go put some clothes on. Then we will talk.”

I gulped, and did as he asked. “Yes Father?” I questioned as I glided down the stairs.

“Where were you this evening?”

I replied quickly, “I went for a run, and then heard some growling. There is another pack here, Father. A black male attacked me, but I quickly had him pinned, don’t worry. Then Zac, Tyler and Austin showed up. We talked swiftly, and told them to meet us here tomorrow for the pack meeting so they could speak to you. Did I do well, Father?” I took a deep breath, and decided against telling him about what had happened afterwards, he probably wouldn’t believe me anyway.

I saw the ends of his mouth twitch up, if only for a second, but I still caught it. “You did fine, Alicia. Now go upstairs and take a shower, and get ready for bed.” I leaped up the stairs, wishing he had said I had done amazing.

I got into the bathroom and turned it up to full heat. I stripped down and stepped in. I winced at the scalding water, but not cooling it, enduring the pain. I grabbed a loofah and rubbed viciously at my skin, trying to take away the fell of Zac’s hands on me, of everything that had happened after the confrontation with the other pack.

In the back of my mind I also wanted to look good for the newcomers tomorrow, so they could see all we wanted was peace. We were a big pack, yes, but not a cruel one. I worked some shampoo into my unruly hair, enjoying the tranquility showers brought me.

Once, I felt clean, I stepped out and dried off with a used towel, I made a mental to do laundry. I quickly changed into my comfy sleeping bottoms and a tank top. I climbed into my bed and drifted to sleep, drifted to my confusing dreams.

I could feel I was standing on soft, plush grass. I opened my eyes and saw I was in the sky on a patch of grass, not caring for my insane fear of heights, instead I smiled and inhaled deeply; letting the fresh, cool air intoxicate my system. It was then that I realized I wasn’t alone.

The sun made him mostly a blur, but I could make out it was a male, tall, muscled, copper skinned man stood behind me. I squinted my eyes, if only I could see his face. He swiftly swept forward over to me, and took my shoulders in his arms. This was different then when Zac did it, for the stranger did it out of passion, not anger.

“Do you trust me Alicia?” the words spilled from his mouth like a waterfall glides down smooth rocks. If only I could really see him, I felt a strange connection to the stranger, but because this was a dream I could not do anything I wanted.

I tilted my head, as if to look deeply into his eyes. “With all my heart,” I let the words drift into the air, content to just being held by him.

It was then that an unseen force ripped his strong hands from me and made me slip over the edge of the patch of grass. My fear of heights came tumbling back to me and I screamed. The stranger made a move as if to save me, but he was too late.

I screamed with all my might, tumbling in the air a few moments more before catapulting into the ground.

I jolted from my dream with a start. Sweat had formed all along my brow. I started to breathe heavily.

My Mother came storming into the room and clutched my face with her hands. “Alicia, are you all right? We heard your scream.” We? I could see the shadow of my father in the doorway.

“I had a bad dream,” I said with an unsteady voice.

“What was it about?” my father asked, making his presence officially known.

I hesitated, “I don’t remember,” I lied. My mother gave me a kiss on the check and left, my father in tow. My lie was as far from reality as you could get. How could I forget the faceless, kind, stranger? I pushed him to a corner of my mind, letting a memory wash over me. The confusing dream, had made me forget another one of my nightmares, yet this one was real.

*****************************Flashback************************************** I had just sat down at our old kitchen table when I collapsed.

“Alicia!” my father roared.

I clutched at my sides, gasping at the pain.

“Gabe,” my mother hissed. “Do you-this looks to be the change. I remember it like this. Being ever so painful, oh Alicia!”

“Calm down Evelyn, she’ll be ok. Carry her to her room; it should be less painful than the floor. Why don’t you stay with her, you can relate to her. I’ll alert the others it has happened, give them a warning to Tyler, Zac and Austin.” He said this with sorrow, as if he didn’t want this to happen to me.

I always knew from an early age what my family was, what I would become. I never expected it to be this painful though. I yelped from the agony, could it get anymore painful? It then felt as if something inside me had just crawled out. I shrieked, I could feel this sensation go through my entire body.

“I know, I know Alicia. Don’t worry that will only happen one more time.” My Mother sympathized.

I had forgotten she was even there. Her words confused me and I cursed. The pain dulled as if only for a moment, then it hit me full force! I screamed-except wait, that didn’t sound like a scream. More like a howl. Oh my god, OH MY GOD! I had just become I wolf. All I really wanted was to be human again, I would do this again some other time.

I slowly calmed down, and sighed. I felt another sensation go over me, yet it wasn’t painful like the other time. I sighed another time and looked down, I WAS NAKED! There really is nothing less embarrassing than having your mother see you naked.

I grabbed a sheet from my bed and wrapped it around me.

“Alicia, are you okay?” my Mother’s tentative voice asked.

“No,” I replied. “But I will be.”

**************************End of Flashback***********************************

I would not let this silly dream get to me, it is just a dream. I told this to myself over and over. Eventually I believed myself and drifted into a dreamless sleep.