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Pride of the Pack

16 year old Alicia is having to move with her pack to Rainy City, a.k.a. Forks. With her mother playing matchmaker for her, her father critisizing her, Alicia's life is less than perfect. But can a certain werewolf see through her mask, and can Alicia eventually love him back? Thanks a load to Eternity's_Charm for the amazing banner!

This story has no Cullen's, or Renesmee. Things are already way to complicateed in Alicia's life to throw in the Cullen's!

8. Chapter 8 Shudder

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I decided to worry about my soaking sheets later and go down to get some breakfast. I dragged myself into the kitchen and saw my parents there talking and eating toast.

“Good morning, Alicia,” my father said in his usual husky voice.

“Good morning,” I replied. I popped some toast into the toaster and waited for it to be crisp. “So… Jake called.” I started.

“Did he?” my mother inquired. “You know, you never did tell me about your date last night.” My silent wishes that she had forgotten were now crushed.

“He invited me to First Beach for a bonfire tonight. It’s in La Push.” I declared while carefully trying to get my toast out of the toaster with a knife.

“Well that sounds interesting, what will you be doing?” questions my father.

“I don’t know, he didn’t really go into much detail,” I said while finally getting my toast and buttering it.

“Well, I’m sure you will have a wonderful time, and when you are home you can tell me about tonight and last night.” my mother insisted while glaring at my father and me. Like she was daring us to say anything else for this conversation.

We ate the rest of our breakfast in an eerie silence.


I was deciding whether to go with my red sweatshirt, or blue jacket when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said breathlessly.

“Alicia?” Oh my God, it was Jake again. I did a mental squeal. “I’m glad I caught you, the water is warm enough to go swimming in, and so I just wanted you to know so you could bring a swim-suit.” I gulped. Swimming?

“Well, uh, Jake. The thing is I don’t exactly, quite know how to exactly- swim?” it came out sounding like a question.

“No problem, I’ll see you later.” Jake said cheerily as he hung up the phone. I gave a big sigh and flopped down on my minuscule bed.

Great now I would have to go out, find a swimsuit and- in a stroke of genius I remembered an old bikini that I had gotten as another failed attempt to learning how to swim. I fished it out of my cluttered closet and tried it on. It luckily still fit, but it was a little snug. The purple Hawaiian flower print contrasted deeply against my tan skin.

I walked over to the bathroom and shut the door. I turned around and tried to see my backside reflection, as if to see what other people would see. I sighed; I would never look near as beautiful as models on a catwalk. I loud knock interrupted my disapproval of my body.

Oh Alicia?" asked a sinister voice that I would know anywhere. Zac, I gulped. "I know you are in there Alicia, your mother let me in. She said you were upstairs, then she and your father went out to spend the day in town. I have some news that you might like to know." he paused his monologue. "It's about your lover boy Jacob," he taunted. Despite my better judgment I unlocked the door and let him in.

"What do you want?" I asked warily. I didn't even notice him slyly shut the door behind him.

"Like I said before sweetheart, I have something you're probably going to want to know about your Jacob." What could he possibly know? Because of my hard thinking about whether to trust him, I didn't even notice him undressing me with his eyes.

"What do you know about Jacob?" Zac gives me an evil smile. He starts to walk toward me. I take one step back for every step he takes toward me; I feel the hard tile wall behind me. Zac gets closer to me, I am being cornered. My heart pumps with pure fear in my chest.

“Hmmmm let me think. I know one thing for positive about Jacob.” He drawls out.

“What?” I stammer a word barely able to escape my lips.

Zac’s greasy face comes to mere inches away from mine. He whispers in my ear. “I know that Jacob is going to be very, very mad at me.” He chuckles, I whimper.

It all happened with super speed; Zac’s filthy lips were pressed up against mine. I realized what was going on and I tried to pull away. He grabs the back of my head and uses that maneuver to keep my lips pressed to him.

He pulls away for a second to breathe, and clamps a dirty hand over my mouth. “I’ve wanted this for a while, Alicia.” He hisses. His lips are against mine once more. Jacob’s beautiful face flashes in my head and I lift my rigid arms up and start to hit him.

Zac doesn’t even notice. He mistakes it for a sign of passion and tries to work his grimy tongue into my mouth. I try to scream, but it comes out as a muffled moan.

Zac makes a growl type moan, mistaking my plea for help as a moan of passion. I continue with digging my nails into his firm back.

Tears escape my eyes as I think of Jacob’s face, and then, quick as a race car, Zac’s lips are gone. A couple of sobs flee from my infected moth. I cautiously open my eyes.

Jake’s face is actually in front of mine. My tears make his handsome face blur, he gives me hug.

“Hold on a second, would you?” he poses. I am forced to leave Jacob’s warm embrace. It is then that I notice Zac’s form on the floor. He is slowly picking himself up, rubbing the back of his head tenderly. Jacob throws him to his feet by the collar of his shirt. Jake’s large hand makes contact with Zac’s nose with a sickening bang.

Zac groans, Jake responds by hissing at him to ‘leave’.When Jacob turns around to face me I fling myself into his arms. I start to weep into his chest, and he rubs my quivering back soothingly. After a good five minutes of bawling I notice something.

“J-Jake?” I ask. “Why are you shaking?”

I can see he’s trying to calm down, but it’s not working. “Because I would like to know what’s stopping me from going after that monster of a person.” He explains.

“Because you are a wonderful person, unlike Zac.” I defend.

Jacob sighs, the trembling has subsided. He takes my tear covered face and holds my face with his warm hands. “Did he hurt you Alicia?” he questions.

“I’ll be okay,” I answer.

“You didn’t exactly answer my question.” He looks down and notices I am in a bikini. “Did you have to be wearing that?” He exasperates.

“Let’s just go to the beach,” I reply.

“You still want to go?” he looks unsure.

“Of course,” I respond. He leads me out of the bathroom and I go into my closet. I slip on a holey pair of jeans under my swimsuit bottoms and an old sweatshirt with whales on it over my top. Then I slip on some flip flops, it was unusually warm out today.

I smile up at Jake; he hasn’t taken his eyes me for a second. “You ready to learn how to swim?” he hesitantly asks.

“You know it,” I reply, trying to keep a cheery mood in the air. I dash down the stairs, Jake practically about to fall on top of me.

He makes a move to go out the door but I stopped him. I go into the kitchen and open the freezer.

“I saw these in here last night. We were going to have them at the pack meeting, but forgot. There should be enough for everyone.” I explain as I haul ten boxes of ice-pops out of the frigid freezer.

Jake gives a sincere smile. “How did you know how much I love these?” he jokes. He grabs about six of them and says “We better hurry, don’t want these to melt. Emily’s got a cooler there, to store them in.” he must have noticed my confused expression. “Emily is Sam’s fiancé.” He clarifies.

We head out the door and get into Jake’s truck. I climb into the passenger and shut the door Jacob had opened for me.

As we head to the beach, I shudder remember Zac, and what he did. I pretend it is just the cold ice-pops resting on my lap, which is making me shudder.

Jake would be so hurt to find out how much this really had affected me.