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truth from my heart

a collection of poems on peoples thoughts and feelings through out all of twilight. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

ok, so chapter one is about what bella was thinking right before her jump from the cliff in new moon, chapter two is on edwars feelings toward renesmee in breaking dawn!

2. darkness takes over

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I can never forgive you

For you do not deserve forgiveness

Do not deserve its light

From the shallow dark of wrong\

To the heavens of truth

Its coming, yet I don’t run?

I was standing out on the sea shore

Watching it come closer

I knew it was coming, yet I don’t run

For you cannot run from the inevitable

Because is there is one thing certain in this world

And that is death

So I do not run, as it will happen someday

Its not as if I will be sad about my own death

It shall be painless

Unlike the cruelty of life

Were pain stands by every emotion

Every second of everyday

Someone is suffering

So I’m taking the easy way out

To stop my suffering

To stop the darkness, I step into the light

Life is dark, death is light

Only because just one has misery

So I step into the light, away from the now forgotten darkness

To start a new day after this painful dawn