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A truly lovely day

Valentines Day with Alice and Jasper. =]

A little late. Whoops. Anyways, enjoy! =]

1. I wish I had some chocolate right now.

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I truly loved Valentine’s Day.

Edward never could understand why Jasper and I regarded it with such high admiration, and even Emmet and Rose considered it merely a day to once again show their exuberant love.

But for Jasper and I, Valentine’s Day was the time when our worlds, already intertwined, became indisputably tangled into one eternity.

It really began while we were still nomads, yet nomads with a destination. We were running across desolate plains as usual. His golden brown hair was disheveled by the wind, as if our father was affectionately ruffling his hair for a job well done. Not that we had our father yet – Carlisle was still 833 miles away.

For me, days passed by seamlessly. The sun was out, and we shined. The sun went down, and we glowed in the light of the moon. That was the only time I could tell, and it was the only time I needed.

“Alice, this is the most open place we’ve been,” Jasper said, his face peacefully turned up to the sun-filled sky. He cracked one eye open and glanced at me. “Wouldn’t you agree, ma’am?” I had to laugh at that southern drawl, still extremely evident.

“Of course,” And although I really only said it to agree with him, I had to admit the truth of it. The wide prairie we’d been traveling through for the past two days was wide and endless, with no human’s nearby. The prairie dogs that burrowed in the ground were captivating to watch, and Jasper’s skin sparkled with such beauty that I couldn’t bear it if we had to hide on a sunny day.

“Really, Alice,” He said, wrapping an arm around my waist and using one finger to tilt my face up to the expanse of blue.

“Yes, it is,” I said simply. Standing on my toes, I turned my face into his for a kiss. His marble lips were pleasantly warmed by the sun, and his body pressed into each curve of mine.

“I truly hate to say this,” He said once I had released him, “But we need to find a town soon. By tomorrow, actually,”

I raised one perfect eyebrow. “Why?”

He fidgeted. His nearly gold eyes glanced back up at the sky. “I just need to. And I’m sure you’d love to shop, or something. I can get you money.”

“Shopping?” I hadn’t been shopping for awhile…I’d only gone twice since Jasper and I finally met in Philadelphia. “Alright, then,”

Jasper smiled widely. “Could you try and hide the future from yourself? Please?”

“Well why would you want that?” I asked, confused.

He sighed, the sound like music to my ears. “Just try, please?” His lips were in the slightest pout, making his already good-looks irresistible.

“Okay…except I can see that we’ll be busy soon. Would you mind if I tried to see what we’d be busy doing?” I said slyly.

“Why waste the time?” Jasper asked, and his sweet lips returned to mine.


Once we reached a town the next day, Jasper took a deep breath, steadying himself for human interactions. The sky was covered in clouds, and the weather forecast was cloudy until midday two days later.

“You go on into that boutique, alright?” He told me, his eyes holding a mischievous glint.

I sighed happily. “Sure thing, Jazz,”

Somehow he had acquired some money, and handed a few bills to me.

Kissing him delicately on his scarred cheek, I headed into the small store he had pointed out, which was the largest in Tuskeego, Iowa. After looking around for a moment, I was surprised to find that, although the miniscule size, the store was full to the brim with the latest fashions. It even had some large sums on the price tags. What can I say; the money makes it seem even better.

I took my time, trying on nearly each piece of clothing in the store at a human pace. I could only take so long, though, so I paid for my things and carried the three bags outside.

I sat on a bench on the side of the dusty road and watched the human’s mill about.

Something was different about today, something that caused the human’s to laugh and giggle and hold hands and kiss more than I had recalled they did.

Jasper sat down beside me with a plastic bag in one hand. The appearance of him was so sudden, I literally was looking next to me, glanced away, and when I looked back there he was, his fair hair rippling in the light breeze.

“How was your shopping?” He asked politely.

“It was fun; I have to go more often,” I chattered. I continued to tell him about each article of clothing and why (or why not) I had chosen to buy it.

Jasper just sat patiently and listened with interest, nodding and frowning at all the right times. When I told him about a particularly nasty green skirt I had tried, he merely laughed and said “I’m sure it looked mighty fine on you, honey,”

My voice died after awhile, and we sat together peacefully. The day began to fade into night; reds and oranges swirled in the horizon.

Jasper pulled something out of his plastic bag; a large red heart and a tiny black box. He handed the red heart to me, mumbling something about not being able to eat chocolate, so he gave the ones nestled inside to a passing child.

I laughed. “Thank you, Jasper. To what do I owe this lovely heart-shaped box?”

He looked at me like I was crazy. “Darlin’, it’s Valentine’s Day. Will you be mine?”

I smiled widely. “Of course!” I clutched the heart to my chest, hugging it tightly. Who knew that such a trifle, human thing could mean so much? It was simple, probably cheap, and pointless – yet I loved it.

Jasper cleared his throat. “I also wanted to ask you something,” He stood up from the bench, and kneeled before me.

I gasped, my hands fluttering to my mouth.

“Will you do me the honor of marryin’ me?” It didn’t get any better than hearing those words in that southern twang I adored.

I couldn’t help the squeal that escaped me. I jumped up and grabbed Jasper’s hands, which held the tiny black box open, a silver band adorned with a single diamond resting inside.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, YES!” The box and ring slipped to the ground. His hands wove around me, clasping me to him as I locked my lips with his.

It was a good thing that there were no more humans wandering the streets.

When we went back to running, and the sun came out again, we weren’t the only things that threw sparkles. The elegant ring encircled my finger, cascading shimmers all around us.

Love really is in the air on Valentine’s Day.

Jasper said so.