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Only one will survive

The Cullen's are gone. Cadyna is alone again but imprisoned. The fate of the vampire, human and werewolf world rests on her shoulders. Only one will survive, they will be the unlucky one. The fourth story in the cross-breed series. Sequel to Cross-Breed, Hunting For Love and Alone (in the order)

I know, i'm so evil. I left everyone on a total cliffie at the end of the last story. But, i think i'm entitled considering that only two people reviewed. they reviewed more then once but still, two people! That really is pathetic! I need more reviews to fuel my creativity. If i don't on this story i will stop on a cliffie and not update any more.

1. Blood

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I reclined in my throne. The vampire world was mine! Not that the vampire’s knew that yet. But the Volturi had switched hands and now I was in control. Aro and Marcus were dead. Jane, Felix and Alec were locked in the dungeon. It was a pity, they were such skilled fighters, but I had to destroy their little resistance. The others had been slightly easier. Especially since, I had Heidi and Demetri on my side. I clicked my fingers and my servant stumbled forward, nearly spilling the goblet of blood.

“Be careful you clumsy girl!” I said. She nodded. Ah, so beautiful, so young and innocent. Her black hair spilled over her pale neck like ink. I could see her faint blue vein throbbing beneath her skin. She held her tray out to me and I picked up the golden goblet. I sipped and contemplated. The Cullen’s were dead, their house destroyed with no chance of survival. I had the half-breed enslaved and a powerful army. She was still standing next to me. Last time she had left before I ordered her to, I had punished her. It appeared she was a quick learner.

“You can leave,” I told her. She backed away, not looking away for a minute. A very fast learner. Shame I was even faster. She stopped and stood perfectly still. She’d obviously miss interpreted my instruction.

“When I said you can go, I mean you can leave the room” she was a bit startled.

“Put the tray on the table and go,” I said. She nodded and did so before backing out of the room. Then she tripped. Her arms flew out to stop herself, collided with the table and knocked off the jug. The red liquid inside was tossed from the ornate jug and landed on the startled girl. Her pale skin was instantly stained red and the perfume of the blood was irresistible. I got up and was at her side.

“I’m sorry sir. I’m so clumsy,” she said, not looking at me as she got to her feet. Then she looked at me. My eyes were black but this blood wasn’t fresh and flowing. It wasn’t what I craved. I was staring at her jugular.

“Sir?” her voice broke my focus and I looked at her. Her eyes weren‘t fearful. This half-breed didn’t fear me, even with her skin covered in blood.

“Go” I told her and she scurried off. Maybe she wasn’t as calm as she appeared.

****Cadyna’s point of view****

I was so glad to get away. His red eyes crept me out. They seemed to see right into my head. I headed to my room. I had been surprised at the quality of the room when I had first been brought here. When the Cullen’s house had been blown up, I had been propelled out of the window. I survived but the house was on fire and there was no way the others could have survived. Then Demetri found me. I don’t know if he had orders to bring me back or if he wanted me back for some other reason but he took me to Italy. Caius had killed Aro and Marcus by then. He had chained Felix in the dungeon with Jane and Alec. This also surprised me (not that Felix was locked up but that the other two were). Unless they had also found out and had been caught, there was no reason for them to be locked up. I went to my little bathroom and took off my bloodstained white dress. I swapped it for a slightly looser black silk dress. Yuck. I hated the smell of congealed blood. Fresh blood was fine, but when you were covered in old sticky blood, it was horrible. I washed my hair quickly and left my room. I went to the storage room and found some of the bottled blood. It wasn’t ideal but it would have to do for my purpose. Caius refused to let me go and hunt, he said if I wanted blood, I would just have to do it the old-fashioned way. In other words, from one of his human prisoners. I carried the bottled blood down to the dungeon, being careful not to be spotted. If Heidi or any of the others caught me, I would be locked up too. I entered the dungeon.

“Hello Felix”