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Only one will survive

The Cullen's are gone. Cadyna is alone again but imprisoned. The fate of the vampire, human and werewolf world rests on her shoulders. Only one will survive, they will be the unlucky one. The fourth story in the cross-breed series. Sequel to Cross-Breed, Hunting For Love and Alone (in the order)

I know, i'm so evil. I left everyone on a total cliffie at the end of the last story. But, i think i'm entitled considering that only two people reviewed. they reviewed more then once but still, two people! That really is pathetic! I need more reviews to fuel my creativity. If i don't on this story i will stop on a cliffie and not update any more.

11. Hunting with Jasper

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Jasper and I started our hunt. It really was a vicious circle. I was weak, so I needed to hunt. The harder I hunted the weaker I became. After falling over for the sixth time, Jasper told me to stop.

“I know you need to hunt. How about I go catch you something?”

“I can hunt for myself” he raised an eyebrow in disbelief and gestured for me to continue. I took one-step and plummeted into the snow again.

“That’s it. You’re going to sit here while I go get you a deer” I think I’d gone into shock. Since when did Jasper care about me? He placed a reindeer at my feet. I gave him my curious look. Then I drained the deer. I felt my strength flowing back through my veins.

“I feel better already!”

“But I think you could do with getting something else. Just to be safe,” he said. I nodded.

“I think I can catch it myself this time,” I told him.


“Jasper, why are you being…nice?”

“I’ve been thinking about what you said. You were right. It’s not your fault that Alice had another relationship. I just always took it for granted that I was her only one. But now that there’s a chance Alice isn’t alive, well I’m going to do my best to keep you safe. I guess I finally realized that you are part of my family”

“And all it took was having your house blown up” I teased. But secretly my mind was reeling. He grinned.

“C’mon then. Let’s go get something to eat” we chased after deer for a few hours until we got bored and went back home. I cocked my head, listening.

“Edward and Carlisle are back. They’ve found Emmett!”

“That’s great! Oh, I forgot to tell you. We found Leah. She’s very sick but she’s alive. Massive blood loss”

“That’s what you meant when you said keep those two away! Nessie and Leah!”

“Exactly. We didn’t want you to attack either of them,” we charged through the door.

“Emmett!” I yelled in delight. Emmett was great.

“Hey Cady. How are you?” Edward was staring at me, as was Carlisle.

“Are you staring at me because I’m alive, or because I have scars all over my neck, or because I was out hunting with Jasper?”

“Sort of all three”

“I’m not in the mood to tell that story again. Here” I just thought the story for Edward. He could tell Carlisle.

“I didn’t think that would be possible. Your skin is as hard as ours is. And I didn’t think you’d have any blood”

“Well I do. And apparently, it’s very sweet” I said.

“What’s all this?” Emmett asked, confused.

“Edward can tell you. I’m going for a walk,” I told them.

“I think Carlisle needs to check you over first,” reminded a woman who I hadn’t seen before. She had dark brown hair and a Spanish accent.

“I’m Carmen,” she said to me “Carlisle, can you please check her over before she leaves. We found her passed out in the snow, completely buried. And she hadn’t hunted in about a month. And Demetri had been draining her blood” Carlisle raised an eyebrow at me.

“Long story” I told him.

When Carlisle had finished checking me over I was finally able to go for a walk. I don’t know why I wanted to go trudging through the snow. I just had a sense that if I did, something would happen. I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad yet but it would happen. I walked across the bleak white landscape. Then I saw it. A figure standing about ten feet away. I approached it slowly, cautiously. Then I shifted. I walked closer and closer. The figure raised their head and turned. They leapt at me and bit me. I growled and snapped. I managed to propel them into a tree before I phased back and waited in my crouch. They turned eyes wide and mad.