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Only one will survive

The Cullen's are gone. Cadyna is alone again but imprisoned. The fate of the vampire, human and werewolf world rests on her shoulders. Only one will survive, they will be the unlucky one. The fourth story in the cross-breed series. Sequel to Cross-Breed, Hunting For Love and Alone (in the order)

I know, i'm so evil. I left everyone on a total cliffie at the end of the last story. But, i think i'm entitled considering that only two people reviewed. they reviewed more then once but still, two people! That really is pathetic! I need more reviews to fuel my creativity. If i don't on this story i will stop on a cliffie and not update any more.

12. Chapter 12

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“Cadyna! I’m so sorry! I thought you were a wolf…and I was thirsty”

“Never mind that,” I said, wincing slightly as I felt the venom sting. I’d had worse, I’d live.

“How did you survive the explosion?” I asked her.

“I managed to pull a great big metal table in front of me. It shielded me from the blast. Got very hot though” she laughed “how did you survive”

“I was blown through the window by the initial force. The flames didn’t touch me” I sighed.


“I wish I could say the same for the others. Alice, Esme and Jacob are still missing. Emmett was but he’s been found now”

“What about Edward?”

“He’s fine. So’s Nessie” I said before she could ask.

“What about the other wolves?”

“I’ve discovered that I can do what the alpha’s can do, communicate, but I can do it with all of them. And it seems that the wolves can too. Seth was talking with Sam and Quil the other day”

“Wow. Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose”

“So anyway, Leah, Seth, Embry, Quil, Sam, Paul and Jared are alive. Collin, Brady, Ryan, Lewis and Nathan are imprisoned with Sue and Billy. I’m not sure if they’re still alive”

“That means there are four missing wolves, including Jacob,” she said.

“Well at least we found you. Edward and Carlisle just got back from searching. Jasper, Rosalie and I are going soon”

“Should you really be going?” she said, looking at the crisscross of scars on my neck and shoulders.

“No. but it’s not going to stop me,” I told her. She laughed again. We reached the house and the moment Edward saw Bella he ran straight up to her and kissed her.

“I’ve been so worried,” he said while kissing her.

“Ewww. Get a room!” said Nessie. Edward laughed but didn’t move. I noticed something then. Rosalie, Emmett, Edward and Bella had a look of fierce determination on their faces. So did Carlisle, Nessie and Jasper but it was different. They seemed more desperate. More determined. It probably had something to do with the fact they hadn’t found their mates. I never had a mate so I couldn’t be expected to understand.

“I’m going to bed. I’m exhausted,” I said. Nessie followed me up the stairs. I placed my head on my pillow and was out.

I was woken in the middle of the night by arguing downstairs. I stumbled sleepily down the stairs.

“You’re one of them! Get out!”

“I swear I’m not! Please believe me” I came into the living room. Alec was standing by the front door.

“Alec” I whispered. He spun around and saw me. Then I noticed that Jasper, Edward and Emmett were crouched, waiting to attack him.

“What are you doing? He’s here to help us!”

“He’s one of them. And he’s out and about” Jasper snarled.

“That’s because he escaped!” I yelled, “C’mon, he was locked up. He’s on our side”

“You have to believe me! I have to tell you something!”

“What? And make it fast”

“It’s Caius. He’s going to take over the entire vampire world. He has an army, we have to fight!” We were all frozen.

“He’s right” Rosalie said, “We have to fight. We have to die to live”

“But we can’t hope to beat Caius and his army” said Carlisle.

“So we build our own army,” Edward said.

“All the vampires we know. The wolves” Bella muttered.

“Even that won’t be enough. We need everyone” they stared at me.

“Vampires, shape shifters, half-breeds, werewolves. We need everyone if we want to win”