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Only one will survive

The Cullen's are gone. Cadyna is alone again but imprisoned. The fate of the vampire, human and werewolf world rests on her shoulders. Only one will survive, they will be the unlucky one. The fourth story in the cross-breed series. Sequel to Cross-Breed, Hunting For Love and Alone (in the order)

I know, i'm so evil. I left everyone on a total cliffie at the end of the last story. But, i think i'm entitled considering that only two people reviewed. they reviewed more then once but still, two people! That really is pathetic! I need more reviews to fuel my creativity. If i don't on this story i will stop on a cliffie and not update any more.

23. Red sky at dawn

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We stood in a uniform line on the beach. The werewolves and shape shifters at front (including me). The humans in the centre of the vampires with the vampire half breeds. I realized that there was something different about Jasper and the rest of the Cullen’s, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The early light, as it struggled to rise, reflected off the ocean and onto us. Edward’s eyes were crimson. They had feasted on human blood last night. Jasper edged up beside me.

“Cadyna, it’s not what you think. We hunted animals last night and then we each had a sachet of donated blood. We would never give up our beliefs,” he said, and then he moved back into the lines. I raised my muzzle to the sky.Embry. Relax buddy. She’ll be fine. Someone thought. I had a guess that it was Jacob. He was worried, because he was the only one whose imprint was actually fighting. The others had gone to a cave in the mountains. I wondered why Embry was worried; he didn’t have an imprint that I knew about. Maybe he had someone that he liked in the surrounding crowd.

Focus Sam thought at me. I rolled my eyes and thought a snide remark that made Quil perform a wolfish laugh.

After this is over, if we’re still alive, we’re going to search for the other three, Callum, Tom and Harry. I’m sure they’re somewhere thought Seth.

“There here” said Edward. I looked over to the north, the direction he was gazing. There was a hill there and I couldn’t yet see the dark cloaks of the Volturi, but I could feel them. It was like death, ice clinging to my skin and biting my bones. Then I saw them.

“Oh my God” whispered Stephenie. Gasps ran through the crowd at the sight. Not the sheer mass of vampires, though that was terrifying enough, it was what marched before them. Animals. My sight honed in on them. There were dogs, foaming at the mouth like rabids. Their eyes were blood red and their fangs were silver in the early morning light.

“It’s my father. He created these monsters!” said Nahuel.

“I thought they killed him,” said Jada. Bella shook her head

“No, they controlled him, used his experiments for there own ends”

“Not all of that army are newborns. Some are mature, which means this has been going on for a while”

“A fine assembly. But my friends, this doesn’t have to end in bloodshed” called Demetri. I couldn’t stop a growl from escaping my lips.

“Join us and you can survive. Don’t you see, Aro and Marcus have blinded us? They claimed to be protecting us but they were containing us! We could be so much more, we could rule” Now all the wolves were snarling.

“And all would be welcome, including you” he said. We raised out muzzles defiantly. He shook his head slowly at our obvious decision.

“So be it,” he said. The sun finally broke over the horizon, a vivid red. It’s tendrils of colour spread over the sky, staining it the same bloody crimson. Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky at dawn, shepherds morn. It was time. Soon the beach would be stained the same colour as the sky. I knew in my heart then, we were going to die. But I didn’t care.