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Only one will survive

The Cullen's are gone. Cadyna is alone again but imprisoned. The fate of the vampire, human and werewolf world rests on her shoulders. Only one will survive, they will be the unlucky one. The fourth story in the cross-breed series. Sequel to Cross-Breed, Hunting For Love and Alone (in the order)

I know, i'm so evil. I left everyone on a total cliffie at the end of the last story. But, i think i'm entitled considering that only two people reviewed. they reviewed more then once but still, two people! That really is pathetic! I need more reviews to fuel my creativity. If i don't on this story i will stop on a cliffie and not update any more.

28. Deny

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A few days later Jo was turned and we were settling down. The citizens of Forks were returning to the town and my family were focusing on building a new house. Nessie, Jo, Holly and I were sitting in a large oak nearby. The guys who were still here were building. I still had no idea what to do about Alec and Embry.

"How big did Esme she want the house?" asked Emmett.

"Bigger then the last one! We have new occupants to find space for" it was true. The Cullen coven was getting even bigger. Now there was Jo, Holly, me, Jasper, Alice, Nessie, Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Jacob, Rafe, Gabriel, Natasha, Alec and Embry. Alec wasn't aware that Embry had imprinted on me but he knew something was going on.

"I can't believe we have to put up with two shape shifters and four werewolves! I am going to buy some air freshener!" complained Rosalie.

"So...I really don't know what to do," I told Holly, Jo and Nessie.

"Well, I know from experience that an imprint is the best thing for you. Whatever you need, they'll be. But if you don't love him..." she left it hanging.

"I feel so left out! I am the only one who is single. I mean, we've got Nessie who's married and imprinted on, Holly with true love with Rafe and you with an imprint and a true love! I am so alone!" she said in mock distress.

"You can have one of mine," I offered.

"Great. My own second hand boy"

"No boys until you are 78!" called Jasper.

"Is that directed at me or her?" I asked.



"No fair!"

"Cadyna, you are not allowed a boyfriend till you are 110!" he called. Jo and Holly laughed.

"Okay, we've finished the basement" said Emmett "and you guys said you would decorate, so get down here" Holly climbed down slowly but the rest of us just jumped.

"What's the basement for again?"

"Locking the werewolves in on full moons" said Edward.

"Well, we'll make it look pretty, while you guys get on with building the rest of the house"

"I don't get why Edward and Bella need a room, they have their own house!" said Jacob.

"Yeah, but we might need a spare room so that's why we're building an extra room for us. If we are in our house, then guests can stay there. Seeing as Jasper has said no boys for the girls until 78 and 110. That way, even if they have boyfriends they can't get up to anything" said Edward.

"Yes. We will put a big thick padlock on the door and Jasper will have the only key," said Emmett.

"Fine" we headed into the basement and started decorating.

"Cady!" hissed a voice. I turned.

"Hey Embry"

"Can I talk to you?"

"Sure" we climbed out of the basement and up into the open air.

"No sneaking off with boys!" said Jasper.

"Sorry, emergency" said Embry. We headed into the woods.

"Have you thought anymore about it?"

"Yes but no I haven't reached a decision"

"Come on Cadyna! I love you!" he kissed me. I didn't fight him off or anything. I was made for him and him for me. How could I deny our imprint?