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An Unexpected Turn

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PostBD Two strangers are sent from the Volturi with one mission,to change the course of the Cullen family & especially of two members of it.Rose & Emmett have their only chance to make their dream come true,have a child,no matter the risks.cannon pairs Emmett and Rosalie is the main pairing.

Rosalie and Emmett are my faaar favorite couple as i can see true love, sacrifice and care in them. I like them but the fact that Rose can't have a child is killing me so I thought very much of it and I think i found a realistic enough explanation for her to have a child : )

Please read and review my work as i put much effort and love in it, I want to know what you think.

HUGE THANKS to my AWESOME beta and friend Marla1 for her simply brilliant help.

1. Chapter 1 Possible Intruders

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An Unexpected Turn

Chapter One

Possible Intruders

The day was shinny and I was more than happy to be “in college”, days like this made me shine, hot and thirsty so hunting with Emmet instead of going in Forks’ high school was simply great. I was running fast trying to catch that darn deer that escaped once already. My hair was up to a ponytail and waved behind me as I was heading for the animal, I could hear Emmett’s footsteps somewhere to my right heading for the same target, we tried to rush as it was getting closer to the borderline for La Push, we would soon need to stop so we tried to get over with it. Emmett was the one who leapt and finally got the animal, he snapped its head quickly, ending its torture and smiled at me as I came to a stop a couple of seconds later. He grinned at me and gestured me to have the first bite.

‘Thank you, love.’ I said smiling and he grinned.

‘Anything for you, Angel,’ he said still grinning, I fell onto my knees, kissed his lips hungrily and then bit the deer’s neck, angling my head in a way so Emmett can also bite it. In a few moments we were done and smiled at each other satisfied, the black circles under our eyes disappearing by the second. I never liked seeing my eyes nor seeing Emmett’s get black, so hunting regularly was vital for us. Emmett smiled at me as he stood up and gave me his hand so I could stand up too, not that I needed it but he knew I loved him being romantic and attentive.

‘Come on Angel, we should head back,’ Emmett told me and I smiled and placed my arms around his waist, raising to my toes to reach his lips with mine, I kissed him slowly and soon I had access to his mouth, still sweet and warm by the deer’s blood.

‘Can we have a walk by the river first?’ I asked with a smile and he grinned and nodded.

‘Your wish is my command, princess.’ He said smiling and put his large arm around the small of my waist like I did with my smaller arm around his waist. I leaned my head against his shoulder and he kissed the top of my head, taking in the scent of my hair, I was feeling a little disturbed from the smell that was coming from the other side of the line, probably some of those dogs that had passed here awhile ago, Emmett was probably sensing the same smell so we hurried as we couldn’t stand it for long, it was enough for us when that animal Jacob was coming into our family’s property to see Nessie.

The river was beautiful, our sharpen senses were aware of everything, the mudded ground, the fresh grass, the clear water, some birds’ above us chirping and flapping around. It was something humans imagined as heaven.

‘I wish we didn’t need to leave Forks so soon,’ I said sighing and Emmett nodded next to me, he sat on a rock and patted his lap, gesturing for me to sit somewhere I wouldn’t get my clothes dirty. I moved close to him and sat on his lap, one of my arms snaking around his shoulders, the other playing with his large hand, he hugged me protectively with his famous bear hugs he knew I loved.

‘It has to be done that way, Rosy, but it’s in two years, we have some time,’ he said close to my ear and I nodded. For humans two years would be far away, for us time is like the water near us, slipping in front of us unnoticed.

‘I know, just sometimes, I’m tired of migrating,’ I said softly and Emmett smiled sympathetically, his hand reached my hair and loosen the small knot keeping my hair up, it fell on my back and around my shoulders and Emmett started brushing his large hand on it, letting the small curls run between his fingers.

‘My angel, as long as we’re together, I promise you I’ll do anything to make you happy.’ He said softly, usually in front of the rest of the family, we’d be hugged or kissing but when we were together I loved how quiet and relaxed we were. I was vain enough to want the rest of the family seeing how nice I and my husband get along but when it’s the two of us I feel the need to be loved by Emmett. I smiled and kissed his cheek and then his lips, our skin being equally cold so the change never bothered us.

‘My teddy bear,’ I pointed out as I run my hand through his newly cut hair, I loved his curls but he had decided to change it and I didn’t object. He laughed loudly and pecked my lips again. We knew we should return soon back in the house as I had promised to Alice to help her with her Porsche, my sister had the amazing gift of seeing the future but she was always in trouble with her “baby girl” or she thought she was. She adored the darn car and wanted it to be perfect. I had promised her a few months back that I’d be checking her car once in a month and now it was this time, sometimes I wish I could have just shut my mouth. I sighed and stood up, I stretched my hand to Emmett and he took it and stood up as he placed me closer to him.

‘Time to check Alice’s car once again?’ he asked grinning and I growled good naturally. I loved playing with mechanic and our cars so I may moan and groan but I loved checking the cars every once in awhile.

We didn’t rush to the trip back home, we ran but never rushed as we knew nothing new could be happening. We were both mistaken when we saw from afar Esme and Carlisle watching out of the front door, usually if they just wanted to enjoy the sun they’d be in their bedroom’s balcony, surveying the forest. Both Emmett and I moved faster as we knew our parents waiting in the front door was never a good sign so we reached them in a matter of seconds. Esme sighed in relief when she saw us and Carlisle smiled obviously relaxed as well.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked first and Esme spoke.

‘Alice had a vision,’ my mother said and all of us got inside the house, we moved to the living room, where Alice was sat on the couch with Jasper right next to her, looking at his wife with concern. Edward, Bella and Rennesme close, the girl ran to me and I hugged her close to me. I moved close to my sister as Emmett moved right behind me and Carlisle moved close to Alice.

‘Can you see anything else?’ Carlisle asked and Alice closed her eyes and tried to focus again, after a couple of moments she opened her eyes and looked at everyone, stopping momentary on me and Emmett.

‘No, they move as fast as a vampire could but they’re approaching, that’s what I can catch, I’m almost sure they want and search for us.’ Alice said and I looked confused at Edward.

‘A couple of vampires are approaching,’ he said out loud so both Emmett and I could understand what the rest knew already. I nodded my head and placed a hand on my sister’s shoulder. Carlisle stood up and spoke to all of us.

‘Maybe they need help, or maybe they want to learn something from us, they may even want to join the family, our coven is famous enough in our circles. If they come for trouble, well, we’re eight and they’re two…’ Carlisle said and I caught Bella bringing Nessie closer to her, protecting the young girl. Emmett and Edward nodded in agreement.

‘I could go and check if they’re close.’ Emmett said and I snapped my head towards him.

‘No,’ I said abruptly and he smiled at me his charming smile, I didn’t buy it, his safety was more important than anything to me, he may was the “protector” sibling but being a widow was last in my existence’s achievements.

‘Rosalie is right, Emmett, maybe it’s too dangerous, it’s better to have them close when we’ll all be together.’ Carlisle said and I nodded to my father’s words, Emmett just shrugged and blew me a kiss.

‘What if they’re coming for Nessie again?’ Bella asked and everyone looked at her and my niece. Alice closed her eyes and tried to focus for a few moments.

‘I don’t think they come to cause trouble.’ She pointed out with her eyes still closed.

‘But even if they do, they won’t touch a hair from Nessie’s head.’ I said firmly and Bella looked at me, her golden eyes thanking me, I almost smiled at her and nodded, she knew none of us and especially I, Edward and herself wouldn’t let the child unprotected. I felt a wave of calmness rush through me and I noticed everyone relaxing as well.

‘Thanks Jasper,’

‘No problem.’


Emmett and I rushed to our bedroom so we could change, everyone waited for the strangers to arrive, after a quick shower we shared; we changed into fresh clothes and moved back to join the family. Alice kept her connection as the vampires approached and Carlisle made sure that either Edward or Emmett would attack. It was normal for the family to be wary, the last years we had been in involved in a fight with Victoria and her team and we faced problems with the Volturi, we don’t want any other intruder for the next decades, we had had enough.

‘I think one of them is a tracker, they move very methodically and they already have moved inside our borders.’ Alice informed everyone and we all tensed up, no matter what the strangers wanted, we’d soon find out. ‘I think it’s a male and a female vampire, they move faster,’ Alice said and we knew they had probably got mine and Emmett’s senses as we strutted around the forest since the dawn.

Edward and Emmett were close to the front glass wall, scanning the area in front of the house, none of them spoke but they exchanged a few glances and I just knew they were planning something thanks to Edward’s gift, I have get used to my brother and husband’s stubbornness but I hoped they wouldn’t do anything stupid, Carlisle was right once again and they should follow his orders.

‘Carlisle, they’re here.’ Edward said and all of us stood up, Carlisle moved close to his sons and looked outside, all of us followed with Bella, me and Rennesme being the last ones, both Bella and I put Nessie right behind us, protecting her on instinct. Carlisle looked at all of us calmly.

‘I want you to be kind, don’t rush into conclusions.’ He said and all of us nodded even if half of us were ready to fight once again. Carlisle and Esme moved in the front door and opened it. We waited and soon a couple of vampires were approaching. There were a female and a male indeed, the male vampire was tall but thin and seemingly tired, he had short brown hair and bright green eyes, the female by his side was a brunette as well with very long brown hair and black eyes. Their clothes were alike and I guessed they had some kind of formal dress code as the leather that hugged their bodies seemed expensive and well made just for them.

They approached the house and we all waited for them, Carlisle were the first who smiled and Esme followed, the rest of us just waited with sober expressions. I wasn’t sure but I felt like those two weren’t a trouble indeed, if they wanted to attack I guess they would have already.

‘Hello, I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen,’ Carlisle said when the couple was close to us, the male moved a step further than the female vampire. The two men shook hands and the vampire spoke.

‘Hello, I’m Caspar and this is Amelia, my partner.’ Caspar said and the woman called Amelia smiled timidly and nodded her head toward us.

‘This is my wife, Esme, and our family, Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper and Rennesme.’ Carlisle said as he pointed each of us, we had decided that the safest thing we had to do was to demonstrate Nessie as one of Carlisle and Emse’s adoptive children so we wouldn’t draw attention to us. The couple of the vampires nodded their head and then Amelia spoke.

‘We know about all of you, we’re here for a reason.’ She said and got straight to the point. We all nodded and sobered even more. Carlisle gestured for them to get inside and we all made room for them to enter the house, we drove them to the living room and they sat down after Carlisle asked them to. We all sat around in pairs and waited for them to talk.

‘We’re sent by the Volturi, we have an offer for you.’ Caspar said slowly and he finished his words as he looked at me and Emmett. We all tensed up when the Volturi was mentioned but we all wanted to know what an offer Marcus, Aro and Caius could have for our coven.

‘We’re listening,’ Carlisle said so Caspar would elaborate. He looked at his mate and then straight at me and my husband, his intense gaze made me feel uncomfortable but the words that escaped his mouth sent me in utter shock and disbelief.

‘We’re your only chance on having a child.’ Caspar said simply, addressing me but letting everyone know the reason of the couple’s arrival.