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An Unexpected Turn

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PostBD Two strangers are sent from the Volturi with one mission,to change the course of the Cullen family & especially of two members of it.Rose & Emmett have their only chance to make their dream come true,have a child,no matter the risks.cannon pairs Emmett and Rosalie is the main pairing.

Rosalie and Emmett are my faaar favorite couple as i can see true love, sacrifice and care in them. I like them but the fact that Rose can't have a child is killing me so I thought very much of it and I think i found a realistic enough explanation for her to have a child : )

Please read and review my work as i put much effort and love in it, I want to know what you think.

HUGE THANKS to my AWESOME beta and friend Marla1 for her simply brilliant help.

2. Chapter 2 Family Matter

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Chapter two

Family Matter

I was left speechless, dumbfounded, I kept staring at Caspar with my eyes wide open in shock, I was more than glad I didn't need to breath as I was sure I would be chocking now. After a few moments I realized that everyone in the room had fallen silent and I could only look at Emmett who was also shocked, still looking at Caspar and then I looked at Carlisle, hoping he could speak, I wasn't sure my voice was still in its place.

‘Please explain yourself, this is a very sensitive topic for my family and especially for my daughter.' Carlisle said sternly as he glanced at my petrified eyes, I didn't dare to feel hope, nor to believe in that vampire's words, wanting a child was a wound that had been bleeding for decades now, I wouldn't stand getting hope and then falling again. Caspar nodded seriously, he looked at Carlisle and spoke.

‘OK, let me explain everything from the beginning,' The vampire said and all of us nodded, Emmett's arm snaked around me and I leaned against him, seeking protection. ‘The Volturi decided to have new ways of enlarging the vampire covens. You, for example are one of the largest covens in our world, but because of the treaties you were forced to agree to, every time you have to bite and turn someone, a war is ready to start, a war that wouldn't expose and destroy only you but many if not all of our kind. The humans have improved in both technology and brain and this is not helping us hide, having wars with dogs make things even more complicated, especially when the humans are so close.' Caspar started and all of us remained silent, seeing the point of why the Volturi needed to change things, however I couldn't understand how he'd change my barren status as to carry a child on my own.

‘Like some of you, Amelia and I have gifts,' Caspar went on and I turned my head towards Amelia, feeling her eyes on me. ‘Amelia is a tracker but I have a gift that only few more have it in the face of the earth.' Caspar said and my eyes traveled on him again. I saw Edward widening his eyes in surprise and I knew he learnt what that gift was about, I was more than eager to know.

‘I can focus on vampires and change them...' Caspar said and all of us looked at him confused.

‘Change them into what?' Emmett asked first, impatient already.

‘Into humans,' Caspar said and I gasped as I almost felt my self losing it. ‘I can focus on vampires and change them into humans for as long as I'm close to them, this can be days, weeks, months or even years. If you have met Jane, you can see how my power works but as not to make the others suffer. I actually awake their bodies, make their hearts beat, their skin and bodies being normal and ready to produce new beings. The Volturi sent Amelia and I as she could track you down and I could change you, I can change all of you or just a few, if you want to of course. The Volturi wants the vampires to increase as new packs of wolves have been found in Asia, Europe and America, this progress may be slow and risky but the children that can be born will be parts of families who will have to change them into vampires and there won't be traitors among coven members as they'll be related with each other. Covens like yours can't be increased with the wolves and the treaty you have accomplished and as the traditional way is out of the question, you can have vampires from the inside out, as the treaty speaks of humans not being bitten by you, you can be displaying your children as vampire ones till the day of their turn. The treaty won't be broken and you'll be more when the wolves will remain at the same numbers.' Caspar said and everyone nodded in agreement. I could feel my head spinning, this was so much information, I could be a mother, I could fulfill my existence's dream, I could give Emmett a child, I could be a mother, I didn't like the idea of turning my own child in something I wish I wasn't but the thought of having a child was way bigger than the one of turning it in my head right now.

‘What do you mean by this progress being risky? And what will happen if we don't accept your offer?' Carlisle asked and I looked at him like he had grown a second head, who cared about the risks when I could have a child with Emmett? Caspar glanced at Amelia, me and then Emmett and then returned his eyes on Carlisle as Amelia stood up and spoke for her mate.

‘You can imagine that turning all of you would make you weak in possible attacks from other vampires so the best would be to have some of you changed. But even like that, the ones who will be turned will constantly be a temptation to the ones who remained vampires. The bodies of the ones who are turned will be back on their human status so their blood will be as noticeable. And even after that task, the child or children that will be born will be humans for years till the time they reach a suitable age for them to be turned by you.' Amelia said and everyone looked worried at each other, most of the people stopping on me and Jasper.

‘If you accept to have this chance, Caspar and I will stay here with you for the period of time that the pregnancies will need to be completed and a few more weeks after it when the mothers will need to breastfeed and nourish the newborns, then we'll leave and the moment Caspar is away and his powers away from you, the people turned will return in their previous status.' Amelia said slowly so everyone could realize what she was saying, now I could see the "risky" part of the whole thing.

‘And what if we deny?' Carlisle repeated the question and we looked at the two vampires.

‘Well, the Volturi will be informed of your denial and you'll be added in a new list of the ones who didn't accept to change the course of our future and also make treaties with the wolves.' Caspar said this time and the last word that left his mouth was more a spat than a coherent word. Carlisle frowned and looked at me and Esme, the two members of his family who would want to accept the offer the most.

‘Who else has accepted this offer?' Carlisle asked and Caspar shared a worried glance with Amelia before he spoke.

‘The Volturi asked of the rest of the vampires with my gift to reach all the continents and find the covens with the most members, the rest of the covens are two or three members large, you're the largest coven after the Volturi. You're the first we reach and find, so you'll probably be the first to try this change. The rest of the covens are hard to find as they're smaller and migrate faster because of their choice of diet, in spite of yours.' Caspar said and he looked at Carlisle and the rest of us with awe in his eyes for our tries to drink animal in spite of human blood. Carlisle on the other hand had frowned.

‘So we'll be the first lab rats to the Volturi's ideas of expansion of the species. You want me to risk my coven's, my family's serenity so the Volturi can show our example if this plan is succeeded after years, when the first by blood vampire will be finally a fact. What will the Volturi said if one of us loose control and bite the poor child when it's a toddler or even a baby? Will we have to kill it or if we're lucky to have it turned forever at the age of two or three, what if this child has powers that can destroy? Will the Volturi show up and kill the child?' Carlisle said sternly and Caspar sighed before he spoke.

‘Members of your family are wishing to be humans and have children, this isn't just an offer, this is a chance, Dr. Carlisle, for your daughters to have what they wished for. I know the risks are many and great but you're the coven with the most members and that says a lot of you as a family and especially you as a leader of it. The Volturi may have you as an example but you'll have something even greater, children and grandchildren, some of your family member might even love their vampire lives after all this is over.' Caspar said and I guessed he knew all this by Aro and his powers when he had touched Edward a few years back when my brother had that suicide mission in Italy. Aro had probably seen me through Edward's mind, Edward had thought of me and what I wanted in life so Aro had seen it, like with the desires of the rest of the family I was sure. Carlisle was still frowned but he glanced at me and only then I realized my eyes had to be pleading of us at least to consider the proposal as Carlisle's face softened when our eyes locked.

‘You have as much time as you need to think over it, you can give us an answer after you talk with your family.' Amelia said quietly and we all nodded. Esme offered to give them a room and the two vampires nodded in thanks and followed her.

‘I want us all in the dinning room.' Carlisle said and all of us nodded, Esme would come downstairs when the guests would be settled. The entire family moved in the dinning room, the place we used less in the house but was necessary for awkward times like this or when Bella asked from all of us to vote for her change from human to vampire.

Carlisle moved at the head of the table, a chair on his right was left empty for Esme, I sat on his left with Emmett by my side, Alice and Jasper sat next to my husband, opposite us, Edward, Bella and Nessie sat and waited for our father to speak. When Esme came inside the room after a few moments and took her seat by her husband, Carlisle spoke, addressing me at first.

‘I know you want a child more than anything in this world, and if we count on getting added on that list, the Volturi will have the chance to be stepping in our lives all the time, wanting to see what we do and how we raise Nessie.' Carlisle started and we all nodded. ‘But having Caspar turning you and Emmett into humans will cause many problems in here.' Carlisle went on and I knew the rest of the family wouldn't be able to resist if we weren't careful. ‘I don't want half of the family to endure for years so the other half can have children or having us in the Volturi's eye. I don't care what they want from us as long as all my family is safe, if not satisfied.' Carlisle said and I knew he was right, after all this time I spoke as I took Emmett's hand in mine, he squeezed my hand reassuringly.

‘Having a child was always the dream of both my vampire and human existence and I think you understand how much it means to me so if we can't be around you,' I started and looked at Emmett who nodded his head, ‘we could move out, not leave you but being distant so everyone and most of all the child can be safe.' I said and Carlisle shook his head.

‘No Rose, I want you and Emmett here, if we decide to do it, I want us all together in this, you can't just take a human child and leave on your own, I know you'd keep your thirst as it will be your child but I want you with the rest of us. Having a child shouldn't mean your banning from the family, besides, you'll be more than fragile being a human after so long and pregnant, you'll need me.' Carlisle said and I smiled at him as he reassured mine and Em's presence in our family.

‘Emmett, you think you can do all this?' Carlisle asked and I looked at Emmett, he looked at me as well and brought or joint hands close to his cold lips, kissing the back of my hand and knuckles before he spoke.

‘Rosalie is my Angel, anything that makes her happy makes me happy too, having a child with my angel would complete my life and Rosy's serenity. I want to be a father and not to waste this chance.' Emmett said and I swore that if my heart could flatter it'd definitely would as I felt that my love for Emmett grew even more, if that was even possible. Carlisle nodded and Esme smiled at us. My parents shared a look and Esme shook her head negatively, Carlisle nodded and then addressed Alice and Jasper.

‘Jasper, I know it's hard for you but you think you can resist your thirst with the two of them and then one human child in here?' Carlisle asked and I leaned so I could look at my "twin", uncertain if my brother would make it and not attack me, Emmett or the child, my head span only at the mention of my child in here.

‘I'm sure I can handle it, for Rosalie, Emmett and the family, I will make it, I didn't bite Bella, even if I got close but I can make it this time. I won't hurt anyone.' Jasper said and I felt like crying, I knew how hard it was for Jasper, I have been in his shoes and I knew how hard it was to be starving for something, have this something right in front of you and not being able to take a bite, a small, precious bite. Carlisle looked at Alice and she smiled her pixie smile.

‘Of course I can make it, Bella smelled very good once, and if Rosy and Em's child smells as beautiful as her mother is, it'll be hard, but I'll make it.' Alice said and I smiled at her as Emmett shook her with his elbow and she answered with a playful slap on his arm. Carlisle looked at Bella and Edward, suddenly I felt worried, I was the only one who voted against Bella's turn into a Vampire and I had been rude at her for a long time but I hoped she could vote for me and my child as I helped her with hers when Edward wanted to have an abortion than losing his loved one. Edward seemed to read my mind as he looked at me with a sharp look but spoke.

‘I think Rose deserves to have the child. She was more than great helping Nessie while Bella was adjusting so I think we can all make it, almost twenty years till the child can be turned isn't a lot for our kind.' Edward said and I smiled at my brother, he smiled his crooked smile back, we may loved to spat at each other but deep down we were very much alike and that brought all those arguments over the decades. Bella was the next who spoke.

‘I agree with Edward, I think Rosalie and Emmett should have their child, they deserve it, Rose proved herself a very capable mother prototype when I was a newborn so I think she will be simply great with her own child,' Bella said and I felt like crying once again in that same day, my hard exterior of the snob sister had cracked for good and the only thing I wanted was to hug my siblings and thank them for their support. Next was Esme and I felt like knowing the answer already from the person who had a child once but lost it and then adopted not one or two but six and gave them all the love her dead heart could bear.

‘I just want Rosalie and Emmett to be happy, if that means that a small angel should be running around here, then I agree on their decision on having the baby.' Esme said and I smiled at her again, mumbling a thank you that could easily be chocked by my emotions. Carlisle looked at me and Emmett and spoke softly.

‘From my children, you, Rose were the one who never really liked that kind of life, I know the desire for a child never fainted in your heart and Nessie's arrival only made your wound wider. I understand how much you want this child so I won't object, since everyone is pro it, I agree too, but I want you to think very carefully of it. You once said it yourself, if something ends badly the entire Family will be implicated.' Carlisle told me and I knew he used the exact words I had once spoke to Bella when I had met her. I nodded my head but didn't spoke as the risks one by one jumped in my mind. I felt Em's hand squeezing mine even more and glanced at him, he smiled at me reassuringly.

‘I can't see having some other choice than accepting, having those two vampires in the family for as long as needed, having the child and not being added in any list of the Volturi.' Carlisle said and my dead heart almost jumped at the mention of having the child. ‘It's still afternoon so we have till a few more hours to make sure this is everyone's decision, I want you all to think things over, being in lists is the less we can endure when the possibility of biting each other is on the line. When everyone is ready, we'll page the couple and agree on their offer.' Carlisle said and I almost chuckled as I knew he'd given another chance on everyone to make sure this is what should happen from now on. Emmett and I were the first to stand up and head for our bedroom. I needed a little time only with him, wanting him to kiss and caress me, to reassure me everything would be fine and none would change his mind.

We reached our bedroom in a matter of seconds and as soon as the door was closed behind us I was enveloped in my husband's arms as Emmett started whispering sweet nothings close to my ear. I needed him more than ever as love, fear, worry, need, care, joy and pain were surging through my dead - for now- veins. I didn't want to put anyone in risk, let alone my own child but to got there, we needed to overcome this task and I knew, I knew we could make it.

‘We will have a baby,' I said in matter of fact tone and only then I let the full joy hit me, I couldn't believe Emmett and I were going to have child, if vampires slept I would be positive I was dreaming, but no, I would be able to sleep only after my turn. It seemed impossible but I laughed and hugged my husband tighter as I felt Emmett grin against my head. I reached his lips with mine and we kissed for awhile, or longer, I wasn't sure how long we were standing there, just kissing and caressing each other. Emmet always wanted to make me happy and now that little word couldn't even describe how I felt.

We were interrupted by a knock on the door. We separated just for a bit and answered the door. It was Jasper and Alice and I smiled at my siblings as they came inside. Alice smiled at me but Jasper seemed more sober and for a flit moment I thought he changed his mind. From all the family, Jazz was the one I was most worried about. He once had attacked Bella and I knew he was trying so hard not to attack other people.

‘Emmett can I talk to you for a moment?' Alice asked and Emmett nodded and unwrapped his arms from around me, I immediately missed the touch but I knew Alice was taking Emmett away so my "twin" could talk to me in private. Emmett understood that too so he was even more eager to leave the two Hales alone. He kissed my forehead and followed our sister out of the room, leaving Jasper and me alone. I smiled at my "twin" and he smiled back at me as we both moved and sat on the edge of the bed. I loved Alice and Edward and I was more than fine with Bella by now but with Jasper I always felt like I had something unique, apart of our alike features which were similar enough for humans to think of us as twins, Jasper and I had the most tragic stories. Alice had probably been thought hell as well but she was fortunate enough not to remember a single thing, Jasper and I didn't only get through our nightmares but remembered them like all those horrifying things happening to us had took place yesterday. Plus, Jasper was the only brother I got along since Edward and I were usually on rough edges. Jasper smiled at me and I returned the smile.

‘I know you're worried about me, but I promise you, Rose, I will try my best not to harm any of you.' Jasper said and I smiled at him as I sighed. I knew he truly meant it and he was worried about himself as well. I patted his hands which were resting on his lap and he grasped my hand.

‘I know Jasper, you and I have been though a lot and you were the one who helped me keeping my surname. We're very much like twins and I know you'd never harm me, Em or the-child.' I said reassuringly and I couldn't stop the smile on my face at the mention of the child, I felt as if it was already there, inside my womb and I smiled even wider at the thought of it soon enough being there for real. Jasper smiled and hugged me with one arm.

‘I'm sure you'll be second best in Em's heart when the child will arrive.' Jasper said teasingly and I elbowed him but chuckled with him.

‘Emmett and myself will be second in my heart when my child is here.' I said and we both knew I meant that, Jasper smiled and nodded, he stood up and I did the same, I loved those small times I had with my siblings and my "twin" was far my favorite male sibling, the other one was just irritating to no end, I thought with a small smile.

‘Come on, lets go downstairs, we should talk to the couple now before someone changes his mind.' Jasper said and I nodded. When we got out of the room Emmett and Alice were laughing and slapping each other, elbowing and trying to kick each other in the middle of the corridor, I didn't even ask the reason of all this as I saw them laughing, I chuckled myself at the sight of my tiny sister fighting with my huge husband.

We all moved downstairs were Carlisle was sat with Esme and the couple of the vampires. The four seemed to get better than before, when we moved in the living room the four stood up and Edward with Nessie and Bella behind them showed up as well.

‘Are we ready?' Carlisle asked and Emmett tighten his grip on me, both my husband and I nodded and Caspar moved close to us.

‘I want you to know that the progress of the turn into your human status will be as excruciating as your transformation from humans into vampire was. The difference is that this time things will be more rapid, you'll need only a few hours for your change and not a few days. That's why your family will have to be there to keep you as you'll probably be out of control during the transformation.' Caspar said and for some odd reason I felt like expecting this. The awakening of my body after so many decades of being dead couldn't be less than torturing, I guess. Both Emmett and I nodded once more and Amelia spoke.

‘We'd asked you to go hunting so your bodies can be strong but as I tracked your smell this morning, I guess you're ready for the change.' She said and Caspar nodded, like we did, suddenly I felt grateful to that deer, I couldn't wait for my and Em's change.

‘Then we can start.' Caspar said and Carlisle led him and the rest of us into Emmett and mine bedroom, I looked at Emmett as he squeezed my hand and he grinned at me.

‘Ready Angel?' he asked me and I smiled even if pain was the first thing our child needed us to feel as to come into the world.

‘More than ever, my love.' I answered firmly as all of us moved up the stairs.

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