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An Unexpected Turn

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PostBD Two strangers are sent from the Volturi with one mission,to change the course of the Cullen family & especially of two members of it.Rose & Emmett have their only chance to make their dream come true,have a child,no matter the risks.cannon pairs Emmett and Rosalie is the main pairing.

Rosalie and Emmett are my faaar favorite couple as i can see true love, sacrifice and care in them. I like them but the fact that Rose can't have a child is killing me so I thought very much of it and I think i found a realistic enough explanation for her to have a child : )

Please read and review my work as i put much effort and love in it, I want to know what you think.

HUGE THANKS to my AWESOME beta and friend Marla1 for her simply brilliant help.

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

The Turn

We all moved up the stairs and entered mine and Emmett’s bedroom, the bed we usually used for other things than sleep was against a wall, so Carlisle moved it a foot away, Caspar moved behind the headboard and Amelia gestured for me and Emmett to lay down on the mattress. We both obliged and then Amelia gestured for Carlisle and Edward to go close to Emmett’s’ side and for Esme and Bella to move closer to me. I knew the four of them would hold me and my husband from tossing and falling during the transformation, I gulped as I knew the pain would be way strong and very close.

‘I want you to hold them down so my hand keeps touch with their chests.’ Caspar said calmly and Edward, Bella, Carlisle and Esme nodded in unison. I felt a slight shiver at the thought of my vampire sister and mother holding me down as I will be out of any control. Alice moved at the end of the bed and closed her eyes, probably focusing on what will happen, Jasper stood away from all of us, probably fearing the moment Emmett and I will be back on our human status with our hearts beating and our bodies full of blood. Bella looked at Nessie and asked her to leave but the young girl protested.

‘I want to stay,’ she said sternly and Bella sighed but nodded after a glance she shared with Edward, I looked at Nessie and she smiled at me reassuringly, I knew she’d want to be here like I was always there for her.

I took a deep breath mostly out of need for a distraction and not for the physical propose of it. Caspar leaned over the headboard and his hands touched at the same time the left side of mine and Emmett’s chests. I didn’t feel awkward of having a man almost cupping my breast as my mind was full of fear and worry of what would follow.

Caspar closed his eyes and nodded his head, I felt my mother and sister’s hands trapping my arms and legs. I felt even more worried so I decided to follow Emmett’s example and close my eyes, I tried to relax as I felt the equally cold hands of the two women above me holding me against the mattress.

Then I heard a loud, heart-breaking scream and I knew it was me. Fire, pure lava started surging from the point Caspar’s hand was touching my chest and surged through every vibe of my being as I felt an excruciating pain starting from my heart as I realized it had started beating after so many years. I could hear voices, commanding each other to hold on but I couldn’t focus as the pain made me scream and toss against my bounds. I could feel my veins caring fire and pain, my skin hurt like it was ripped inch by inch and for a second I thought I was dying for real this time.

My heart kept beating fast, and in every single beat I could feel another wave of pain surging through me and making me scream out loud. I could feel my insides burning as one by one, my organs probably came into life again. I could feel my head like exploding as my brain started taking hot blood inside it and my ears pounded hard in a way I thought they’d bleed and being torn from my scull. I screamed again and again but after some time – I don’t know how long- I was unable to make a single noise as my throat was hurting like being ripped too. For a split second, I forgot why all this was happening to me, for a split second, I felt sorry for all the deers and does I had killed for their blood. For a split second, I regretted taking this decision. But after that second, I went numb, the screaming stopped for real, the voices around me came to a stop as well and I felt my world turning black as unconsciousness took over my tortured body after decades of being awake all the time.

I could feel warm all over my body and something was very bright but my closed eyelids didn’t allow me to see what it was, I could feel a hard, cold hand caressing my arm, stopping on my hand and lifting it, two cold lips kissed my flesh and I opened my eyes with a groan very unlike my grace as I realized a headache was smashing my head. I hadn’t felt any human pain in so long that I knew the pain wasn’t that bad but I could feel it times bigger after so long without it. I looked at my right and saw Esme beaming at me, I smiled at her and then lifted my free hand to look at it in the sunlight.

It didn’t shine, it didn’t feel cold and I felt my polished nails digging in my flesh when I curled my hand into a fist. I smiled as I could feel the sunlight warm me and caress my face. I looked back at Esme and she smiled and kissed my warm hand again.

‘How do you feel, Rose?’ she asked and I tried to find a way to describe the relief and the joy that overpowered me, I couldn’t believe that actually worked, I couldn’t believe I was a human.

‘I feel, good.’ I answered and I realized my voice was sore, probably because of my screams. ‘How long have I been out?’ I asked my mother and she smiled at me.

‘Almost two days, sweetheart, Caspar said that your bodies needed time to adjust and sleep was the best way for your systems to recover properly.’ Esme said and I nodded as I looked at Emmett, he was peacefully asleep and I could only smile when I noticed the light blush his cheekbones had, I reached for his hand and I gasped when I felt his equally warm flesh against mine. Breathing was something that worked perfectly with me so I kept breathing, not having another choice as every time I tried not to, my lugs complained. With my hand joint with Emmett’s, I moved our hands so I could feel my heartbeat with the back of my hand. I felt hot tears of joy when I caught the beating against my limb, Esme was left silent, letting me adjust to my status.

‘Carlisle has been checking on you for the last days, he and Edward moved down town so they could buy human food for you and Emmett.’ Esme said after a while and I smiled and nodded. I could feel my stomach complaining and groaning and I smiled like an idiot at that simple need of my system. ‘Bella will cook for you, she’ll be cooking for you till we can learn a few recipes for you two.’ Esme went on and I smiled and nodded.

‘How are the rest? How is Jasper?’ I asked and Esme smiled reassuringly at me and let my hand as to touch my face, I leaned against her cold touch as I needed her comfort.

‘Everyone is fine, Jasper and Alice have gone hunting from yesterday so Jasper won’t be tempted and Bella has been keeping Nessie from sneaking on you for the last hours, your niece has been more than eager to see you and Emmett.’ Esme said and I smiled and nodded my head again. I could hear Edward’s car pulling over even without my vampire senses and I felt my stomach complaining once again. Esme chuckled and stood up by her spot on the bed, she kissed my forehead and promised me to return with breakfast for both me and Emmett.

When the door was closed I looked back at Emmett and more tears filled my eyes without me even wanting something like that. I couldn’t control my emotions anymore, I was full of joy, pain, happiness, worry, need, care, confusion and hope.

I moved closer to Emmett and my entire body ached after so much pain and two days of stillness. I rested my head against my husband’s shoulder and I placed my hand against his heart, I felt my own heart flattering when I sensed Emmett’s heart thudding beneath my hand, his warm body was very comforting and my tired body relaxed against him, even after two days of sleep, I could feel exhaustion. I was ready to let sleep overtake me again but Emmett’s arm snaked around my back and waist and my eyes popped open as I raised my head and looked at him with a bright smile, he was looking at me with a small, tired grin on his face.

‘You’re so hot,’ he croaked and I laughed and leaned closer so we could kiss. His lips were smooth and warm against mine. I hadn’t get used to it but I wouldn’t complain as the sensation was blissful, the last person I had kissed as human was Royce some hours before my end but I shook my head and pushed that darn thought away from my mind as I enjoyed my true husband’s kisses. After a few seconds of simply enjoying each other we had to part for air and I smiled almost goofily at the simple need of it.

‘I love you,’ Emmett said quietly and I smiled at him as I rested my head against his chest.

‘I love you even more, Emmett, you’re the best thing that happened to me.’ I said in the same tone and I felt his warm hand caressing my golden locks. The last time I had felt Emmett’s body warm was the day I saved him, that was the first and last chance I had to feel his heart beating, I guess I was luckier than him as he had never seen me in my human status before.

‘My Angel,’ Emmett simply said and I smiled as I heard my favorite nickname, he was the only one who called me that and I simply loved it. After a few more minutes the door opened slowly and Esme with a huge tray of food and a smiling Carlisle showed up. I felt my stomach groaning again as the smell of the fresh eggs, bacon and bread filled the room, both Emmett and I sat up close to each other. Esme sat on her previous spot and moved the tray close to us, Emmett moved it before us and we dug in. Carlisle first examined me and then Emmett and he smiled as he saw us eating our food with need. I couldn’t believe I was actually enjoying eating human food when I was feeling sick every time I had to pretend I eat at school just so we wouldn’t draw attention.

‘You seem perfectly fine, tired but good, and as I can see your appetite is good so I’m not worried.’ He said as he embraced his wife and they smiled at us. That moment Nessie stormed inside the room and jumped on the bed, hugging me first and then Emmett.

‘I’m so happy you’re finally up, you look nice,’ she said excitedly and both Emmett and I laughed as she stared at our human skin color. Nessie looked at her grandparents and grinned. ‘We should let them alone, you know, I’m eager to have my cousin.’ She said and both Carlisle and Esme laughed, I chuckled but Emmett swallowed his bite of bread and spoke.

‘Actually that’s a very good idea.’ He said grinning at me, all of us laughed and Bella showed up and scolded at her child. For a moment I was taken aback at how drastically things had changed, now I was the human – even for a limited time- and Bella was the vampire. Now I could become the meal. I tried to push this thought away from my mind as nothing could destroy my happiness, hot, sensual nights with Emmett was all it took for us to have our child. I smiled at that and heard Edward groaning from outside the room a few seconds before he showed up and looked at us with his crooked smile.

‘Stop thinking so much,’ he ordered me and I just smiled at my annoying brother as I thought of what I would want Emmett to do to me when everyone would be out of the room. Edward groaned as I expected and I laughed as our parents, my husband, sister and niece probably got what was happening inside Edward’s head right now.

‘OK, seriously, you should have some more rest,’ Carlisle said and everyone nodded, Emmett being the one who nodded most eagerly, I noticed. Nessie seemed disappointed but hugged me tightly.

‘Do whatever it takes to have the baby,’ she said close to my ear and I laughed and nodded. Everyone moved out of the bedroom and the moment the door was closed the tray was almost thrown on the floor and I was flat on my back with Emmett kissing my cheeks, lips and collarbone with care and love, I responded in his touch immediately even if I felt slightly uncomfortable, the last time I was a human with my body working and my heart pouting having someone equally human touching me intimately was the time I had been raped by Royce and his friends. I hated myself for this memory popping in my head in a day like this and I tried to push it aside but I was too late as Emmett understood my slight but very obvious to him change in me and he looked at me.

‘We can go as slow as you want, beauty.’ Emmett told me and I stared in his brown, human eyes. I could see only love, care and passion for me in his eyes and that made me feel sure and protected. I knew he’d never hurt me, I knew he’d always be there so I relaxed, knowing that now destiny was finally smiling back at me. I didn’t care if I would be a vampire after all this was over as far as I could have my child with Emmett.

I was a beautiful, immortal woman and I had the most gorgeous man by my side, but I wasn’t able to have the only thing I always wanted: a child. Now, I was finally given the chance to make my dream come true and I wouldn’t let that dead, miserable excuse of a man to haunt my life down anymore. I smiled up at Emmett as his eyes looked at me with the same care and love I was accustomed with and I kissed his lips.

‘You’re my everything, Emmett. I don’t know what I do to deserve you but I love you so much.’ I knew, to others, I would have sounded corny or even fake but I knew that Emmett understood. He smiled at me and kissed my cheek lovingly taking his time to brush his lips against my skin, I shivered in need as I felt his hot breath against my heated skin, sensations so blissful and yet so far in time forgotten.

‘You’re my angel, Rosalie, you’re my everything, the reason I exist.’ Emmett said softly and I kissed him again, needing to show him how much I loved him. Many people think we just want to show off with our weddings and honeymoons, but for us, this repeat is a way to show to each other that no matter how long time passes over us, we have eyes only for each other, our existence has a reason only when we’re together.

‘Make love to me, Emmett, please my love.’ I said softly and he leaned and kissed my neck again, biting on my now sensitive and smooth skin, leaving a mark as to remember our first time together as humans.

‘With pleasure, Angel.’ He only said before we lost ourselves in our love and passion.