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Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Thanks to eternitys_charm for the crazy good banner! Bella Swan is your average teenage girl with a boyfriend named Jacob and a semi perfect life. But what if that perfect life she's come to love is all an illusion and she's just afraid to admit the truth? Edward is gorgeous popular and rich and he's the object of Bella's hate and the only one who see's the real her. When tragedy strikes will Bellla finally see the light and just admit she really loves Edward? Love has consequences but for her it's better then living a lie. Spoiler!Go to my bio to see a sneak peek on the sequel to this story! (All human! Rated teen for some strong language and mature themes.) Thanks to all my faithful reviewers! Next Chapter will soon be up!


11. Almost.

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I am now six months pregnant and bigger then I ever imagined. Is their really only two kids in me? Edward is like a gift from god though, he rubs my feet when im tired, makes me breakfast when I ask, takes me to all my doctor appointments on time and best of all he loves me. I’ve never felt anything like this too, it’s almost like I don’t have a choice. Yet, if I did have a choice I would choose him over and over again. He’s my best friend, the love of my life, the father of my babies and my fiancé.

Wow fiancé! That sure is a big word to wrap your head around isn’t it? It seems like he gives up so much everyday just to take care of me that it almost makes up for all the back aches, swollen feet and impending child birth. Almost. When his dad found out about the pregnancy he was actually quite ecstatic (especially his mom) but they decided to enforce some tough love on him. He had to get a job and start thinking about an apartment and our future. I didn’t mind because I knew he could do it but I still thanked him as much as possible for all the sacrifices he was making.

When Jacob found out I was pregnant some people told me he laughed hysterically for a week straight while other people said he’s been crying ever since. Whatever it was I didn’t care, he needed help. His alcoholism has gotten worse and he doesn’t even bother going to school. He threw his whole life down the drain in a matter of one night and I almost feel bad for him. Almost.

“Edward!” I called from my room while he and my dad talked real-estate down stairs. I heard loud stomping coming up the stairs and then my door swung open in a gush of air.

“What? What is it? Are you okay?” His face was panicked and flushed and I giggled.

“Oh I just wanted to see how fast you could get up here!” I laughed and he smiled and plopped down beside me on the bed.

“You are so lucky you’re pregnant woman or you would be washing dishes for me right now!” He joked and I made a serious no-nonsense face.

“Yeah and if you weren’t so cute you would be mowing the lawn for me right now!”

“Well you know we’re going to have to do that soon when we get our own place. I need to hurry up and choose something before these two monsters come.”

“Monsters? Definitely! Can you believe we’re having twins?”

“Yeah I know you’re so fat!” He teased and then grabbed my belly and started kissing it softly until he laid his ear on it.

“What is that? You want a Porsche waiting for you when you get out? Well of course! Do you here that babe? Our babies have really good taste in cars!”

“What do you think they’re going to be?” I asked. We decided not to see what they were until they were born and the waiting was killing me. My curiosity was almost too much to bear!

“I say two boys!” He said with pride beaming out of his eyes.

“I say two girls!” I yelled excited.

“I don’t know. Hello? Who’s in there?” He asked pretending to knock on my stomach.

“Oh my god I love you!” I breathed as he continued to baby talk to the soft skin of my abdomen.

“I love you too and I love our babies.”

“Stop talking to them like that…you’re going to freak them out!” I finally said after some goo-goo’s and ga-ga’s.

“Okay babe, but look serious talk now- What do you think about me joining the army?” I stared blankly at him as the tears started. How could he do this to me? What was he thinking? With everything going on right now how could he even consider leaving me?

“I’m eighteen so I’ll start basic training soon and be shipped off after the babies are born and we elope. I won’t go far just out of state and I’ll be back in a couple of months to work at the base a couple miles off.”

“No no no no NO! You can’t! What if you get killed?” I sniffed the snot coming from my nose and wiped my face.

“I won’t get killed Bella, I probably wont even see any action! Plus I can take care of myself. It just seems like smart and easy way to take care of you and the rascals. Do you really want me to work at Sears for the rest of my life?”

“Why do you want to leave me?” I whimpered through broken sobs. It seemed like my happy future had been blown to bits in a matter of seconds and there was nothing I could do about it. My life seemed to be almost in perfect order and going so accordingly. Almost. I wondered about all the things I did wrong-me going back to Jacob that one time, playing so hard to get before that, when I didn’t notice his new haircut, when I made him go to the store in the middle of the night because I craved something chocolate. All the bed memories came swarming back to me and I sighed.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“For whatever it is that I did!”

“Babe you didn’t do anything. I just want you to be as comfortable as possible.” I remembered all times I said I hated him for his family’s wealth and laughed. Oh the irony! Now money was our only problem.

“Look Bells, I can even tell you how much I truly and unconditionally love you. You’re something so much better then I deserve and I want to take care of you and my children until the day I die. Trust me Bella. Just trust me, that won’t be anytime soon, I promise. Please just let me do this for you and the kids.” My whole world was crumbling but I saw the determination in his eyes. I tried to speak but the lump in my throat restricted my words, so I just nodded and smiled.

“I love you Bella.” He said just as he always did.

“I love you too Edward.” I said just like I always would. He curled me into a ball in his arms with my stomach bulging out of my shirt and I rubbed it still crying.

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you
Tomorrow I'll miss you
Remember I'll always be true
And then while I'm away
I'll write home every day
And I'll send all my loving to you

I'll pretend that I'm kissing
The lips I am missing
And hope that your dreams will come true
And then while I'm away
I'll write home every day
And I'll send all my loving to you

All my loving I will send to you
All my loving, darling I'll be true

His voice was like wind chimes or a rivers murmur that was so soft it could melt your boots right off. I closed my eyes and thought of all the happiness in my hands. What I would give to spend the rest of my life with this man. But oh! the torture of letting him go! It burned me like a hot flame and chilled me like a cold night with nothing I could do or say about it. My chest felt concave and bruised when he left that day, like someone had ripped the heart right out of my chest. I took an oath to fully enjoy the last months of being pregnant no matter what because in reality, these could be the last month I would have with him.