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Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Thanks to eternitys_charm for the crazy good banner! Bella Swan is your average teenage girl with a boyfriend named Jacob and a semi perfect life. But what if that perfect life she's come to love is all an illusion and she's just afraid to admit the truth? Edward is gorgeous popular and rich and he's the object of Bella's hate and the only one who see's the real her. When tragedy strikes will Bellla finally see the light and just admit she really loves Edward? Love has consequences but for her it's better then living a lie. Spoiler!Go to my bio to see a sneak peek on the sequel to this story! (All human! Rated teen for some strong language and mature themes.) Thanks to all my faithful reviewers! Next Chapter will soon be up!


13. Abel and November

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1994   Review this Chapter


I couldn’t help but worry about the funny face Edward made when I said the babies were due any day now. Was he worried? Scared? Or maybe he was second guessing… I didn’t know and quite frankly I didn’t want to think about it too much because one strand of stress could potentially send me flying into early labor. That’s the last thing we need, only today Edward was going to check on the house and wouldn’t it just be swell if I had to come back home to this little cramped house with my dad and siblings. So far my pregnancy hasn’t gone better, Carlisle keeps saying it’s going almost too well for twins! How lucky am I? Actually im not very lucky at all because in three weeks Edward is going to have to move to the base a couple miles away for a few months. Alice and Rose are more then excited to help me take care of the baby during the summer but it’s not the same as having their father hold them, their father feed them and their father love them. I wish he would’ve picked a better career choice, Sears isn’t that bad.

The good thing about him going away is that we’ve become closer then ever, he’s here almost every day and the really weird thing is that my dad actually looks forward to when he comes over. I guess it’s the whole Army vet thing they share now that makes them enjoy time together. I get to spend endless nights in his arms and even if im tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot, he’s still so patient and kind. My Edward and my babies just laying under the bright light of the moon, waiting for morning to come so we can spend another endless day together. Heaven in my eyes.

Rose and Alice are gone for the day, my dad had one of his many golfing trips and I’m trying to force myself to watch some of the horrific shows about giving birth. The day is long when no one is there to entertain you, no one there to kiss you, no one there to badger you about baby names and how much weight you’ve gained. But they day is short when your spending time with two of the most important people in your life, taking care of them, feeding them and waiting for the day when you can finally see them and hold them. The little lives inside of me are more then just physically apart of me; they’re also part of my soul, my heart and my fight for life.

After about fifteen minutes of watching people squeeze bowling balls out of themselves I finally give in because my stomach starts to growl. It might seem weird to eat after watching that but that is also one thing I don’t and can’t care about. I search through the refrigerator to find something edible until I see a lonely apple waiting for me at the bottom of the shelves. I bite my lip debating whether or not I should go for it until little hands presses against my stomach as if they were saying “Im hungry mommy, feed me!” I buckle under the pressure and reach down to grab the shiny, red apple against its white, colorless tray.

Suddenly a pain jerks my stomach and I feel something warm running down my leg. I freeze and stand there wondering if what I just felt was real. Did my water just break?

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” I say to myself as my limbs start to come back to my body and I search for my cell phone. If only Edward would’ve stared for only fifteen more minutes! A whole birthing scene passes before I find the phone and im about to pass out, I dial for my dad and rush to pick up the hospital bag I keep in the living room.

“Dad! Dad! Dad! My water just broke! I need you here NOW!”

“I’m coming Bells don’t worry ill be there in a second!” I almost laugh at my dad’s frantic point until I see the blood that I’ve trailed behind me.

“No!” I scream as Rose and Alice walk through the door.

“Holy shit Bella we need to get you to the hospital now!” Amazingly it’s not Rosalie who yelled that, it was Alice! They guide me to the car and before I know it im at the hospital doors and the nurses are sitting me in a rusty wheel chair.

“Alright mommy, its time.” The nurse says to me a little too happily as she wheels me into the maternity ward.

“No it’s not fucking time! Im only eight months!” I cream to the nurse and she smiles. Her smiling is so irritating that I explode and all the frustration that I was keeping in to stop me from going into labor starts comes out.

“It’ll be fine.” She assures me and pats me on the shoulder lightly.

“No it won’t be fine! Do you see this shit?!” I point to the wherever my legs are trying to show her the blood. She just looks at it and smiles again.

“First baby huh?” She says and then starts to talk to a nearby doctor.

“Hi Bella, im Dr. Morgan and I’ll be delivering your babies! As you know you’re going to have to have a c-section to take out the little ones since you’re so big.” Just then another contraction rocked my stomach and I jerked forward holding my stomach until it’s done.

“Yeah! Yeah I know! Just give me some goddamn drugs already please!” I yelled. When they finally settle me into a bed, Alice and Rose rush to see if I was alright, by now the drugs have calmed me down.

“Did someone call Edward?” I whisper.

“Yeah he’s on his way right now.” Alice says as the morphine numbs everything.

“Okay well he can’t be in the room okay? I don’t want him to be there if something goes…ummm…wrong.”

“Nothing’s going to go wrong okay Bella! They’re going to slip you some drugs, cut you open and take them out of you just like usual! Don’t be so worried…” She said as I stared at the colorless walls and the fake flowers.

“Well I just don’t want him in here okay? Oh yeah and Alice…can you get some color in here please?” Alice smiled and nodded before exiting the room.

“Sure Bells.” She said and then a doctor came in ready to wheel me in the operating room.

The numbness you feel in your body when they’re cutting you open is a bit freighting to say the least. The only thing you feel is your body moving with the hands of the doctor as they pull to get your babies out of your uterus and even though you can’t feel anything below your waist- you know and some how can feel that you are empty. It’s only until you hear the first little cry that you’re whole again and for me the second cry I heard sent an unbelievable surge of joy through me. Why didn’t I want Edward here again?

“It’s a girl and a boy!” The nurse says as the cords are cut and they place the babies in my arms. I knew there was a girl somewhere in their! When I gazed upon my son he had the same big eyes and dark brown hair as me and my mother, his pale skin was a red flushed red and he cried like there was no tomorrow. The girl though was just like her father with light bronze hair scattered on her head, her face was the same shape as Edward and she was quiet as a lamb. Their personalities shone through immediately and I cried when the both gripped my hand as tight as they could.

“Okay momma! We got to clean them up now and take them to the nursery while you get sobered up.” The nurse who I had yelled at earlier said and I watched them as they slowly rolled away in their own little cribs.


“Bella? Bella?” Edward’s voice was soft and cautioned as he nudged me lightly on my hand.

“Edward?” I said a bit drowsy from the pain killers.

“Yeah it’s me love. How are you doing?” He asked.

“Im fine…How are the babies?”

“They’re sleeping right now. We have a girl!” I smiled and attempted to sit up.

“No, no, no don’t do that. You need to rest.”

“Oh alright…” I looked around to see a little vase of roses on my table side. “Where’s every one?”

“They’re all waiting for you outside. They can’t wait to see you and the babies.” He smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

“What are we going to name the girl?” I asked exhausted.

“Well I was thinking November Rose.” His face lit up as he looked towards the little bundle of pink.

“And the boy?”

“Abel Esias!” He lit up again as he stared at his son.

“That’s perfect.” I mumbled closing my eyes. When I opened them he had the same worried look he had at the house.

“What is it?” I asked, finally willing to take on the stress.

“I don’t know Bells I just-” Suddenly the door to the room crashed open and Rosalie stormed in.

“You jerk you better tell her now!” She barked and Edward turned back to me panicked. “Go ahead tell her NOW!” Rose insisted.

“What is it Edward?” I said now irritated. He sighed and looked down at my wedding band.

“They’re making me ship out.” He said and my stomach dropped to my toes.

“I thought you told me you weren’t getting shipped out!” I asked through tears. “That’s what you told me right! Why did you lie to me? Don’t you care?” He leaned forward to kiss me but I turned my face away from his. He stared at me sadly and then turned away.

“I didn’t know it was such a high possibility. They told me it wasn’t going to happen! Please don’t be mad I was going to tell you as soon as you were settled.” I clenched my teeth and tears fell to my pillow.

“How could you do this Edward? How could you do this to me? To us?! What am I going to do if you die? What am I going to do?!!” Rosalie slipped out and shut the door too guilty to watch what she unleashed. Edward just sat at the end of my bed with his head in his hands as I cried. I knew this was going to happen, even after trying to convince myself it wasn’t, I knew it was. Maybe I was to blame for leading myself on to thinking we could actually live happily ever after. I should be the first one to now that happily ever after is not always guaranteed.

“I love you Bella, I really do.” Edward whimpered as I grabbed his hand.

“I love you too Edward.” I sniffled and looked over to the babies sleeping. He followed my eyes and buried his head in his hands again. I couldn’t hear him but I knew he was crying.

“Its okay Edward we’ll get through this. I know it.” I found myself comforting him as we sat there holding each other and I cried a little for myself but mostly for my babies. How would they ever grow up without a father? How was I going to live without Edward? Death wasn’t certain yet something eerie told me it was coming. But just like before I began to convince myself- maybe everything will be alright.