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Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Thanks to eternitys_charm for the crazy good banner! Bella Swan is your average teenage girl with a boyfriend named Jacob and a semi perfect life. But what if that perfect life she's come to love is all an illusion and she's just afraid to admit the truth? Edward is gorgeous popular and rich and he's the object of Bella's hate and the only one who see's the real her. When tragedy strikes will Bellla finally see the light and just admit she really loves Edward? Love has consequences but for her it's better then living a lie. Spoiler!Go to my bio to see a sneak peek on the sequel to this story! (All human! Rated teen for some strong language and mature themes.) Thanks to all my faithful reviewers! Next Chapter will soon be up!


4. Disappointing moments.

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The next three days went by in a blur, no Bella, no meaning. I woke up Friday morning with a jolt to my heart, like today would be different from the rest. I tried to act casual, laidback, and it proved harder than I thought it would. She seemed miles away when I saw her, her furrowed brow and saddened eye. I stared at her from my locker hoping, wishing that she would notice me. She was like an impossible code to crack, though I pretended I knew, I really only guessed what she was thinking. I guessed that she did like me; she was just too scared or intractable to admit it. Her inflexibility is actually one of her most appealing characteristics, not like her sister Rosalie who is about as a deep as a kiddie pool. Aside from the intriguing personality, I don’t think she knows how beautiful she really is. Her pale ivory skin, her full scarlet lips, her flowing brown hair, the crooked smile she makes when she’s trying to be nice, the pink color her cheeks turn when she blushes, often, and her large brown doe eyes that are always troubled and disconnected. Everyone in a while I’ll catch her staring out of a window blankly daydreaming. What I would give to spend one moment in her dreams…

“You’re staring at Bella Swan again!” Emmett yelled from behind me as we walked to first period.

“Yeah, thanks for letting me and half the school know!” I grumbled angrily.

“They all know Edward, that secret wouldn’t elude anyone. You may not realize it but people notice you.” He joked.

“Ha! Don’t make me laugh Emmett! No one notices me, that’s the reason why Bella’s never liked me and she’s the only person I want to be noticed by.”

“We’re going to go out with her today Edward, so she’ll have to see you!”

“Emmett I don’t want to force her to like me! I want her to get to know me and then fall madly in love with me.” I said smiling as she walked by into the classroom, staring at her feet avoiding my eyes.

“Dude she’s never going to fall in love with you, just give it up!” He snorted.

“When have I ever been known to give up?” I said smiling and backing into the classroom. Emmett threw his hands in the air saying, “just give it up, it’s hopeless”, over and over again as we parted ways.

I was laughing to myself as I sat down next to her, something I didn’t usual do. She gazed up at me then nervously looked down at her paper and began to doodle. She normally would’ve said something mean and cold to me by now so her awkward embarrassment took me by surprise.

“Why are you so scared right now? I whispered in her ear.

“Im not. Why are you sitting here?” Bang, there’s the cruel hardness I was accustomed to.

“Because I thought maybe you were lonely sitting here at this table by yourself.” She looked at me wide eyed in amazement and shock.

“Who do you think you are?” She barely refrained from yelling.

“I think I’m the guy who stood up for you when you even can’t stand up for yourself. The one who would do that for you over and over again if you’d only let me.” I said quietly without taking my eyes off hers.

“Don’t try to act coy about this Ed-ward!” She said uncovering my attempted slyness. “What do you know?”

“I know that you need help if you’re actually thinking about staying with the guy, however, I know that you don’t….”

“…I also know that this is the longest conversation I’ve had with you in two years and I hate that it’s about you being hit by some psycho aggressive maniac who doesn’t know one bit about who you are and how much you’re capable of.” I said still locked in her gaze.

“What am I capable of then, Edward?” She finally asked quietly.

“Give me a chance, and I can show you.” I breathed silently.

At about this point both she and I were paralyzed physically. My heart though, was racing uncontrollably; our lips were so close together one movement could make them touch. I listened to her heavy uneven breathing as I waited for her answer; I could have been in that instant for eternity. She was the first one to tear her gaze away from mine.

“No.” She said more coldly then ever before. I could feel ice daggers push deep into my heart and chill the blood mid flow. She ground her teeth roughly for a couple of sets of heartbeats before glaring at me crossly through the draped hair around her face.

“What?” She scowled harshly. I hunched back into my chair and crossed my arms in irritation. I guess I was going to have to fight even harder.

Jacobs Point of View

My phone vibrated loudly during 1st period and I had to cough angrily to mask the sound. I excused myself to the restroom to call back the unknown number. It was Mike Newton, the only other kid who hated Edward as much as I did.

“What’s up Mike?” I said coolly through the phone.

“Hey Jake I just got some info I think you need to know!” He was talking quietly and I figured he was still in spy mode.

“What it is?” I asked curiously.

“I heard Emmett talking to Edward just a second ago and I heard him saying something about him going out with Bella…” My face turned beet red and the room started to pulse around me.

“WHAT!? Where are they going?!?!” I screamed into the little phone.

“They said something about dinner!” Mike Newton squeaked, probably fearing I was going to jump through the line and strangle him. I clicked the phone shut and nearly crushed in my large hands. It seemed so stupid to get such a small phone when I could defeat it with my pinky. I always knew Bella was a cheater! I always knew she would do something like this! No wonder she was on his side! My head began to swim with thoughts of him and her together, I tried to suppress it but it was too much. I needed a drink… better yet I needed to hit something. I vowed never to do that again-to never lay another hand on her for as long as I lived! She could never leave me though. I was nothing without her smile, her taste, smell, touch… nothing with out her…

“Damnit!” I growled furiously at the wall. I punched the tiles until my hand throbbed and bled profusely. I knew exactly what needed to be done without question. Edward Cullen was going to pay-- and so was Bella.