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Pretty Emmett

Just a usual day in the Cullen household. But Alice discovers something about Emmett that's not so usual...

Alice's POV

1. Mascara

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I wiggled my toes, looking at my nail polish for the hundredth time. It was so pretty! I sighed in ecstasy. Rosalie needed to open a nail salon; she’d make so much money!

“Alice? Earth to Alice? Are you even in this universe?” a voice suddenly said, breaking into my incredibly deep, philosophical thoughts.

“No, Jasper, she’s gone,” another voice said, feigning regret. “But I bet we can make it through without her.”

“Oh, what?” I exclaimed, jumping slightly and looking Edward in the face. “I’m here! And you know you could never do without me!”

“Oh, yes,” Edward said, trying to put on a very serious face, “where would all our source of amusements be?”

I beamed for a second, then repealed my smiles, then went back to them, confused.

“Was that a compliment?” I whispered to Jasper.

Edward smirked and returned to his book, obviously having heard what I said. Stupid vampires and their super-hearing abilities. I looked to Jasper, who had quickly gone back to watching TV, then back at my toenails. I cocked my head one way, then the other, trying to see how they looked from different angles, different lights. The red turned almost a maroon one way, and a very dark pink the other. However, I quickly realized that if I bent my toes back, they appeared to have a bit of purple in it. I smiled subconsciously.

“Alice, what is so amusing?” Jasper finally asked me. I jumped again, returning for the second time from my reverie, and looked at Jasper, a slightly quizzical expression on my face.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“You can’t keep that smile off your face, and you keep zoning out? What important things are going on in your head?” he asked, sounding genuinely curious.

I shook my head. “Nothing much,” I said, shrugging.

Jasper rolled his eyes and turned back to the TV. I began to study the shades of my polish without light when Emmett came shooting down the stairs.

“I heard football!” he bellowed, jumping in between Edward and I on the couch. I scooted over slightly so I would not get squashed.

“Ow, Emmett, be careful!” I complained, curling my legs in under me and moving to the other end of the couch.

“Oh, I’m sorry little delicate Alice,” Emmett said, “did you break a nail?”

I stuck my tongue out at him and began to shoot out an insult at him, but I suddenly broke off, staring at his eyes.

“Emmett!” I gasped. “I’m so jealous!”

The sudden change of mood threw him off slightly. “Wait, what?” he asked.

I pointed to his eyelashes. “Your eyelashes! I never noticed how dark and thick they were! That’s so unfair! I usually have to use...”

Suddenly, I stopped, peering at his eyelashes a little harder. A slow, but huge, smile came over my face.

“Emmett!” I gasped again. “Are you wearing mascara?”

Emmett suddenly threw his hands up over his eyes.

“Of course not!” he exclaimed defensively. “That’s ridiculous!”

I started laughing. “You’re wearing mascara! Aw, little Emmie, did you want to look prettier?”

“Shut up, Alice,” he said, shoving me into the arm of the couch. I burst into peals of laughter.

“I want to see!” Jasper exclaimed, rushing over and looking closely into Emmett’s face.

“Oh, me too!” Edward exclaimed, poking at Emmett’s eyelashes playfully. “It works with your complexion, Emmett. It truly does.”

“Shut up, Edward,” Emmett snapped, elbowing Edward. Edward laughed.

Suddenly, Rosalie came rushing downstairs. I looked up at her, and she was glaring at me, furious.

“Alice,” she said warningly. “Did you take my mascara again? I told you not to!”

Jasper, Edward and I burst into laughter again.

“I didn’t, Rose! I promise!” I said innocently, trying hard not to erupt into giggles. “But look how pretty Emmett looks today!”

Furious, and slightly embarrassed, Emmett jumped up and darted past Rosalie and up the stairs, Rosalie quickly following him, bombarding him with pleads to see it.

I laughed again, glancing nonchalantly at my toenails, and I froze.

My nail polish had chipped.

Upset, I ran my finger over the wreckage that used to be my pristinely coated toenail, but I quickly lightened up when I realized that I must have gotten it chipped when Emmett shoved me. I shrugged and decided to ask Rosalie for her to patch it up.

Getting my nail chipped was definitely worth the entertainment.