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Musical Love

Edward and Bella go to Juliard where they meet. But what happens when tragedy strikes one of the characters.???!!!!!


Hope you like it!
This is all cannon characters- except one
Alternative universe
Out of character.
Its pretty darn spankin cool.

1. Chapter 1: Juliard!

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Hokay Dokay. This is like the introduction. First chapters will all be borring. I hope you like it thought. If you do then review! Bella POV + + + + + - You can do this Bella, you’ll be great! My mother said to me. We were both standing outside of Juilliard School of Music trying to calm me down. This was the biggest and greatest day of my life. I had worked so hard to get into this school for singing that I was going psycho. It was the best 19th birthday present I could ever get when I was accepted. It was also the saddest day so far because for the first time I was leaving my mother. Renee was my best friend for as long as I could remember and I would miss her dearly. My father;Charlie who was the head of police in New York City had set up an apartment for me across the street where I would be staying. Juilliard was beautiful and I could not believe that I was actually going to live here. This was totally my vibe and I could tell that this would be great. Charlie couldn’t afford room and board- and I was on a full scholarship here; so you can guess how very grateful I am for having a good voice. I was majoring in Voice because after my many attempts of musical theater and 4 different times of breaking my arm and collar bone- I gave up. I guess I could say I had a pretty good voice, I mean I am on full scholarship but I don’t think I'm that great. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that people actually wanted to hear my singing. It had started out as a fun hobby and when I was 10 my grandmother died. After my cousin dropped out of singing I was asked to sing at the funeral. I had never sung in front of anyone in my life, and when i got up there and sang a song that i wrote when i was mourning - my whole family was floored. I was very happy to say the least. I was always reminded how great I am at singing. Maybe i'm not all that tuned into my own self at all when it comes to my voice. After 30 minutes of standing outside with my mother crying and saying goodbye she had to leave. She had a flight in 30 minutes back to Jacksonville so I had to say goodbye. I picked up my bags, said a prayer to an unknown God because obviously I wasn't at all religious. I finally got the courage and went inside the building ready for my new adventure. That's when I saw him. _____________________________________________________ + + + + Edwards POV - Alice, Jasper and I had gone on a long hunting trip for the past week and all of the sudden it was time to get back to school. I rushed home to get my bags packed and ready. Emmett was home with Rosalie when I got home and when I walked through the door I heard another headboard break. Eww that was the third one in the past two weeks. “Edward, Get out!” I heard Rosalie say upstairs and Emmett chuckled. I had to say goodbye to everybody before I left. It was probably going to be the weirdest experience in my over 80 years of life. Of course on the outside I was still 17, but I could pull of a college student. I had spent many a night talking to Carlisle in his office about my self control in this new college setting and different techniques if anything happened. I was overly grateful that Alice danced so she would be coming with me, and Jasper could do almost everything so he had signed up for singing even though I had never heard him. I myself played piano religiously and was accepted into Juilliard without any hesitation. Alice and Jasper were accepted but not on full scholarship and were so glad that I was not going to be alone. I would never admit it to them but I was very grateful. I just knew I would not be able to handle being by myself. Alice was absolutely thrilled to go to New York with all of the fashion. She was SO Obsessive Compulsive about shopping. We were to be running the way from Forks to New York State and when we got closer to the city we were to call a cab to look normal. I was actually really excited because after all of these years of going through high school a million times and moving we finally were able to go to college. I was glad that Esme could stay in her dream home and not have to move anymore. She was thrilled! We all gathered our stuff and after a short trip to the hospital to say goodbye to Carlisle who was in the emergency room taking care of patients and Esme who was reading to the sick children we left. It was about a day long run and we ended up getting there at 3 o'clock that day only 4 hours after we left. Alice was thinking about a million things, obviously anxious and Jasper was thinking about singing in front of everyone. It was really odd because I had never thought once that he was at all musically inclined. We were to be staying at an upscale apartment building right next to the school. I don’t think I can handle staying with some lame humans for the next 3 years or more. I cringed just thinking about how those humans would smell and tempt me. It was a good thing that we were not staying with the humans. ”Edward, I can sense your stressed and excited and scared all at the same time, will you be OK you little baby?” Jasper joked punching me in the arm lightly and Alice gave him one of those ‘Shut the hell up right now because i'm going to kill you for ruining Edwards excitement’ looks. I gave him a cheesy grin, happy that Alice was so forceful. She was small, but she could SO kick your little pixie is STRONG! We all headed to the school ready for our new adventure. That's when I saw her + + + +